Omari Hardwick Workout Routine

Omari Hardwick is a star both on-screen and off-screen. He is an athlete right from a young age. Omari excelled in basketball, baseball, and football. Often known for being the star of the field.

A career-ending knee injury left his football career in shatters. So he found something that suits him. He never gave up and turned his focus to acting and currently has a very successful decade-long acting career.

Despite suffering from an injury, he never lost his passion for fitness. His acting roles need him to be in his top form.

A man of action, Omari brought his powerful will, focus and dedication that he has learned from his football days to his acting roles and that has helped him gain worldwide recognition.

An optimist and a dedicated worker through and through, Omari does not mess around with his workouts and gives it his all.

In this article, we will know more about the exercises and his routine which make him the man he is today. So let us now dive into and know more about Omari Hardwick.

Omari Hardwick’s Workout Principles

Omari Hardwick Workout
Omari Hardwick in an Instagram Photo (Omari Hardwick / Instagram)
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Being an actor, Hardwick is an exceptionally busy person. Despite that, he has to train for multiple roles and approaches each role with utmost dedication. Whenever he works out, be it running, lifting weights or yoga, he gives his all.

Omari Hardwick‘s workout principle revolves around changing up his routines and exercise sets.

This helps to bring in a state of ‘muscle confusion’ which leads to better muscle growth and helps him stay in top-notch shape for his roles.

Hardwick pushes his body to level up in terms of strength and physical condition.

He admits that his secret for long drawn workout sessions is drinking water, especially while working out.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and force of will to train like Omari Hardwick. Let his wide muscular frame, chiseled body and well-sculpted abs be a motivation for all of us to train like him.

Omari Hardwick’s Workout Schedule

Omari Hardwick Workout Plan
Omari Hardwick in an Instagram Photo (Omari Hardwick / Instagram)

Hardwick’s workout schedule depends on how busy he is, he trains at least 4 times a week or sometimes more. He combines a range of activities, switches up his activities to trick his body, thus providing stimuli to grow.

  • Meditation: regularly
  • Weight lifting: at least 2 times a week
  • Boxing: at least 2 times a week
  • Yoga: 2 times a week
  • Core workout: at least once a week

Omari Hardwick’s Workout Routine

Not a fan of having a monotonous workout schedule, Omari switches up his workouts to push himself to the absolute peak of his physical ability and strength.

He has intense discipline and dedication towards his workouts and the positive mindset of an achiever.

Now, let us see two of Omari Hardwick’s workout routines which he uses to maintain his physiques for demanding roles.

Omari Hardwick Workout Routine

Variation 1: Full-body workout


Sets x reps

Superset 1

Light stretching

Dumbbell bench press


Overhead tricep Dumbell extension




Superset 2

Bent-over barbell rows


Wide grip pulldowns




Superset 3

Barbell squat


Weighted lunges


Superset 4

Arnold press


Dumbbell front raises


Dumbell shrugs


Variation 2: Old school power workout


Sets x reps

Dumbbell incline bench press

3 ×15, 12, 10

Squeeze press

3 ×10, 8, 6

Alternating Bicep curls

3 ×10

Eccentric Focused Chain Dips

3 × 8

Short rest

ISO pull-up holds & Leg raise



Sled push

10 rounds

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HIIT workout

His workout routine also includes High-Intensity workouts (HIIT) like boxing, running and even yoga. HIIT especially helps in burning fat in a short amount of time and keeps his body in perfect shape.

HIIT helps in lowering insulin sensitivity, blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure, thus producing the same benefits as other forms of exercise with less amount of time.

Full body stretch

He admits to paying a lot of attention to his stretch routines and does Vinyasa yoga twice a week. It is great as it stretches out the muscles. He also swims, hikes and sprints to keep his joints and muscles healthy.

Without stretching the muscle, lose their flexibility and they shorten and become tight, thus resulting in restriction of muscle movement and activity.

Work the core

Hardwick does core-specific workouts along with isometric exercises which engage the abs and keep them ribbed.

The core is engaged in most exercises, as it’s important for stability, posture, and balance. A well-rounded training program is incomplete without including core exercises.

Confuse your muscles

Hardwick changes up his workout routine to confuse his muscles, which will provide growth stimuli and help burn more calories. Changing up your workout split is a necessity to avoid a plateau.

Drink water

Omari Hardwick confessed that one of his secrets is drinking a lot of water, especially during workouts. Drinking water during exercise helps prevent dehydration and provide stamina during your workout.

The American Council on Exercise recommended drinking 7 to 10 ounces of water during a 20 minutes workout schedule.


An important part of Hardwick’s success is the discipline and dedication that he carried over to his acting career from playing football.

When Hardwick’s start training, he completely dedicates himself to it and nothing from outside can disturb him.

His well-built body is a testament to his hard work and discipline.

Try everything

Hardwick is a very versatile person. Not only does he lift weights, but he also swims, sprints, does yoga, meditates and plays sports. You name it; he does it.

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Final Words

Omari Hardwick’s approach to working out is unique and simple. Despite having a very demanding schedule, he makes time for different exercises for his overall fitness. This type of workout program is suitable for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle along with people who want to develop their overall fitness both mental and physically.

If you follow this program, you can see a change in your overall physical capabilities and you will add some years to your life. Always remember to stay disciplined, stay motivated, and give it all you’ve got just like Omari Hardwick.