Omar Isuf Pull Up Program Spreadsheet

A wide and muscular back is one of the most noticeable muscle groups of an aesthetic physique. Numerous exercises tend to work on the back muscles. But the one exercise that lays the foundation for a big and strong back is the pull-ups. Pull-ups, if performed correctly with a full range of motion, are capable of providing you with a bigger and stronger back. The Omar Isuf Pull-Up Program that we are going to discuss in this post will take your back gains to the next level.

Pull-ups are undoubtedly one of the best compound movements for the posterior chain. If you get stronger at pull-ups, you would surely see some indirect strength carryovers to your deadlifts and squats. You just need to follow a well-structured workout program, like the one we are about to follow, that will improve your pull-up game in a matter of a few weeks. So without further ado, let’s get started with the Omar Isuf Pull-Up Program.

Omar Isuf Pull Up Program

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Omar Isuf Pull Up Program Principles

Before you get started with the Omar Isuf pull-up program, you need to go through the points mentioned below:-

  • You will start the Omar Isuf pull-up routine by figuring out your 1 RM. Your 1 RM in this case will not be your true 1 RM but a cleaner and comfortable 1 RM.
  • While following this training program, you will need three days. You can either go with Monday-Thursday-Saturday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.
  • While following the Omar Isuf pull-up program, you will be using RIR. RIR stands for ‘Reps In Reserve’. It further refers to the number of good and clean repetitions that you are left within a set. For instance, if you are capable of doing 12 bodyweight pull-ups, you would be stopping your set at the point from which you can do just 2 more clean reps. In this case, you would be stopping your set once you complete 10 bodyweight pull-ups. Using RIR facilitates this program to scale with your skill vs strict rep amounts.
  • You must also ensure that you start your workout with some kind of warm-up exercises. Before attempting your pull-ups, you must warm up your shoulder joints properly. Some basic shoulder mobility drills can serve you pretty well.

Omar Isuf Pull Up Program Spreadsheet



The excel sheet provided above will guide you well to go through the Omar Isuf pull-up program. You just have to put in your body weight and your 1 RMs for the lifts in the template provided. The spreadsheet will do the calculations for you. It will give you a comprehensive idea of how you need to progress with the program over the weeks.

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Omar Isuf’s pull-up routine makes use of both weighted and unweighted pull-ups. With the google sheet presented above, you can get a clear idea about the number of reps that you need to perform for each of them as you progress through the weeks. You can take a print-out of this spreadsheet and carry it to your training sessions to avoid any kind of confusion regarding the number of reps to be performed.

Final Words

You can be well assured that by the time you reach the end of Omar Isuf’s pull-up program, you will have a back that you can be proud of. Moreover, this program will also work towards upping the number of strict pull-ups that you can do in one go. The gains that you will get from this program would also provide a significant carryover to other upper body pulling exercises. Give this program a try, and the gains will surely surprise you.

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