Nina Dobrev Workout Routine

If you are an avid fan of The Vampire Diaries, you would have surely liked the character of Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev. Not only does she look elegant but also sports a fit and athletic physique. There are many of her fans who are curious to know the secret behind her toned and athletic physique. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place.

In this post, we will be throwing adequate light on Nina Dobrev’s workout routine that makes her physique look fit and appealing every single time.

Nina Dobrev Workout Routine

Nina Dobrev Workout
Nina Dobrev in an Instagram Photo (Nina Dobrev / Instagram)
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Nina Dobrev’s workout routine is pretty multi-faceted. It includes various exercising disciplines that work on different aspects of her physique. Whether it’s about losing off those extra inches or getting toned muscles, Nina Dobrev’s workout plan has exercises for everything. Now let’s have a more detailed insight into her exercise routine.


Just by looking at the slim physique of Nina Dobrev, one can have a clear idea that cardio must be a crucial part of her training program. Running happens to be her favorite form of cardio. She just loves to run. When she was shooting for The Vampire Diaries, she relied on running to keep herself in shape. Running helped her a lot in burning off excess calories.

Apart from running, Nina also performs some other forms of cardio at times. Those include swimming, playing any sport or cycling. These exercises not only help her in maintaining her shape but also provide her with a great recreational workout.


Nina Dobrev Yoga
Nina Dobrev in an Instagram Photo (Nina Dobrev / Instagram)

Nina Dobrev has always been an admirer of yoga. Performing yoga happens to be a crucial part of her workout routine. She has even claimed that she loves to attend yoga classes. Various breathing exercises and yoga poses allow her to focus on her breath along with working on her flexibility and mobility. Yoga also helps in improving her posture and working on her core strength.

Nina Dobrev swears by the effectiveness of Yoga in bringing drastic improvements to both her physical and mental health.


Nina Dobrev has always been passionate about her HIIT sessions. She claims that incorporating HIIT in her workout routine has changed everything for her. Her HIIT workouts are targeted towards challenging her limits and allowing her to push through them. Even though Nina Dobrev’s HIIT workouts are just 30 minutes long, they are intense enough to burn a lot of calories.

Nina Dobrev’s HIIT workout routine looks something like this:-

Nina Dobrev HIIT Workout




Running at 5.5-10 mph

1 Minute on

Walking at 2.5-3.3 mph

1 Minute off

Rinse and repeat the above two for 20 minutes


Stationary Bike

Resistance 5-10 and RPMs above 100

1 Minute on

Resistance 1-3 and RPM consistent 30-70

1 Minute off

Rinse and repeat the above two for 20 minutes

10 Minute or Less Options (any one of the following)

Burpee Circuit

Battling Ropes

Heavy Bag Drills (Punching and Kicking)

Bodyweight Circuit

Plank and Jump

Nina loves to try out new exercises in her training program which keeps her excited about her workouts. She doesn’t follow the same workout program time and again. This also helps in eliminating the element of boredom and monotony from her workout routine.

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Weight Training

Weight training acquires a prominent position in Nina Dobrev’s training routine. She claims that weight training has helped in attaining a lean and toned physique. Weight training has also provided her with the strength and muscle gains that give her an athletic look. Earlier she used to be skinny fat, but after incorporating weight training in her workout plan, there have been significant changes in her physique.

When it comes to her weight training sessions, Nina Dobrev prefers to go through full-body workouts. Full-body workouts assist in activating numerous muscle fibers. They are also an efficient way to train your entire body in a single session.

Here we present before you a full-body workout routine that has been inspired by Nina Dobrev’s workout plan.

Nina Dobrev Workout Plan


Sets x Reps


3 x (10-12)


2 x 15 (each leg)

Dumbbell Bench Press

3 x (10-12)

Pec-Deck Flys

3 x 12

Lat Pulldowns

3 x 12

Chest-Supported Dumbbell Rows

3 x 10

Arnold Shoulder press

3 x 10

Dumbbell Curls

3 x 10

Rope Pushdowns

3 x 12


3 x 15

Lying Leg Raises

3 x 10

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While following the above-mentioned workout routine, you are free to switch certain exercises with their alternatives. Just make sure to do strict reps and avoid sloppiness.

Final Words

If you also want to attain a slim and toned figure like hers, you can follow it to get the desired results. Just make sure to be consistent with Nina Dobrev’s workout routine and don’t attempt to overdo any part of it.