Nicole Richie’s Workout Routine

Nicole Richie is an American fashion designer, actress, TV celebrity, and successful author. She received fame at an early age with the tv reality show, the simple life. Lately, Nichole Richie was starred on fashion star. In her long career, she has successfully made millions of fans across the globe.

She’s radiant, lovely, and not to mention, has the perfect body shape. Nichole Richie got married in 2010, and is the mother of two kids. What’s amazing is how she has maintained her health and fitness while taking care of her professional and personal life.

If you have known Nichole Richie for a long time, you certainly know that she went through a lot of health issues back in 2006. Doctors suspected that she was the victim of eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

However, they were only assumptions and subsequent tests proved that Nichole Richie wasn’t suffering from any such disorder. Nevertheless, the current figure of Nichole Richie has been the result of her constant dedication to her health.

A lot of women envy her, more so because her slender sylphlike figure is just the same in her postpartum stage. If you too are willing to achieve an hourglass figure like Richie, you must follow her workout routine and training program. In this guide, we have covered everything about her workout, exercises and tips. Continue to read below to know more.

Nichole Richie’s Workout Overview

Nicole Richie Workout
Nicole Richie in an Instagram Photo (Nicole Richie / Instagram)
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Nichole Richie has been very particular when it comes to her exercise routine. Irrespective of whatever diet she follows, her workout regime has been roughly uniform. She does a lot of exercises.

She believes in mixing them so that she doesn’t get bored. Besides being a celebrity, she is a popular dancer. She attends dance classes regularly, and practices for a continuous one and half hours. With time, her interest in dance has grown and her body flexibility allows her to dance for unlimited hours.

As per reports, Nichole Richie attends her dance classes four days a week. After going through intense, tough dance sessions, she hydrates her body with nutritious drinks. Next, she runs on the treadmill or elliptical regularly for an hour. Besides that, she also indulges in weightlifting. She believes that the more muscles she would have, the faster will be the fat-burning process in her body.

Now that you have got a rough idea about Nichole Richie’s training routine, let’s go through her workout plan in detail.

Nicole Richie’s Workout Routine

We have enlisted some of the exercises that Nichole Richie performs regularly:

Walking Daily

She walks regularly. She’s a huge fan of outdoors and thinks that walking is the best way to keep her health in check.

Core Power Yoga

Yoga helps Richie to engage her full body and improve the connection between body and mind.

Weight Training

Intense training using the right equipment is the correct way to enhance body strength, says Nichole Richie. Also, it helps to tone your body into a perfect shape. For lower body toning, she does exercises like barbell squats and deadlifts, while for the upper body, she focuses on incline bench press and push ups.

Run on Treadmill

Running on treadmills is an efficient way of burning calories quickly. The other forms of exercise take time.  The faster and longer a person runs on a treadmill, the faster will they lose weight.

Elliptical Training

The elliptical trainer is amazing for beginners. It helps people get acquainted with cardio exercises. This type of training especially is good for conditioning your heart and lower torso.

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With increasing age, Nichole has understood how beneficial it’s to remain healthy and fit. However, being healthy doesn’t mean being slim. Besides exercising, her workout program also includes muscle training. Nichole has given a few tips for her fans who follow her weight loss regime and look forward to achieving the perfect sylphlike figure like her.

Mixing Exercises is the Key

Nichole specifically mentions that if people get bored of doing the same exercises every day, they must mix them up. Nichole does the same.

Regular Training

Nichole says, being regular and consistent is the key. Doing exercises one day and not doing it the other day wouldn’t help.

Simple Formula

Nichole doesn’t believe in doing intense exercises regularly. She believes that spending time outdoors is enough to remain fit.

Daily Dose of Cardio Exercises

Nichole Richie’s workout plan gives immense importance to cardio. She spends one hour regularly on cardio exercises.

The Bottom Line

Nichole knows that celebrities have the privilege to hire professional fitness trainers, who assist them in their fitness journey. However, that doesn’t mean, people who can’t afford to hire perianal trainers cannot maintain the perfect figure. Provided they constantly work on themselves and train their bodies with determination, they are sure to get evident results.

People must try to be their own personal trainers. First,set a definite fitness objective and then work towards achieving that. Make sure you have set realistic objectives. From the details given above, you can see how flexible Nichole Richie’s workout routine is. That’s why she has been able to follow it consistently. She advises her fans to do the same.

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Now, set a fitness routine that you must follow every day. She advises beginners to not follow intense workout sessions right from the start. Let your body get acquainted slowly and then proceed to include intense exercises.  If you don’t feel comfortable with the routine, make changes. The routine must comprise of exercises that are easy to be followed. Should you abide by your routine religiously, you can get the perfect figure like Nichole Richie.