Mike Rashid Workout Routine

Mike Rashid is one such fitness YouTuber whose videos are full of information and are backed by numerous years of training experience. He is a boxer, power bodybuilder, online fitness trainer/mentor, and businessman. His YouTube videos are filled with valuable information related to training, nutrition as well as boxing tips and techniques.

Most of Rashid’s followers and subscribers are fitness enthusiasts who aspire to build a physique just like Rashid’s. If you are still on this page, we are sure you must be one of them. So without further ado, lets dive straight into Mike Rashid’s workout routine.

Mike Rashid’s Workout Principles

Mike Rashid Workout

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Mike Rashid has always been a fanatic when it comes to working out. When he was a child, his father used to make him play outdoors and perform activities like wood chopping, running in the sand, swimming, and hiking. All these activities provided Mike Rashid’s physique with a strong foundation that further helped him to excel in boxing and powerbuilding.

Mike Rashid’s training program is not only focused on making him look ripped and muscular. Instead, it also works to improve his overall strength levels and functionality. Mike Rashid trains like an athlete and makes sure to train every aspect of his physique.

Mike Rashid’s Workout Schedule

Mike Rashid knows the requirements of his body well and structures his workout split accordingly. Usually, he trains each of his muscle groups once a week. His weekends are reserved for cardio and rest. The former helps in keeping his body functional whereas the latter provides the much-needed recuperation to his muscles.

Mike Rashid’s workout split looks like this:

  • Monday- Chest
  • Tuesday- Back
  • Wednesday- Shoulders
  • Thursday- Legs
  • Friday- Arms
  • Saturday- Cardio
  • Sunday- Rest

Mike Rashid Workout Routine

Mike Rashid’s workout plan is based on the concept of pushing through the limits. Mike is known for training his muscles past a point where most lifters tend to give up.

Rashid performs most of the exercises in his workout program in the high rep range. He claims that doing so not only helps in building bigger muscles but also targets the small stabilizer muscles. Moreover, it also aids in increasing the blood flow to the joints.

If you want to follow Mike Rashid’s workout routine, you should be ready to overtrain your muscles. When you overtrain a muscle group, you push that muscle past its limit. Owing to the adaptive nature of the human body, the muscles rebuild themselves and become bigger and stronger than before. We can assure you that training like Mike Rashid will surely reward your body with gains like never before.

Mike Rashid’s exercise routine also includes movements that work to improve his endurance, stamina, and agility. We will discuss them very soon.

By now if you have made up your mind to try out Mike Rashid’s workout routine, the following table will guide you through it.

Mike Rashid Workout Routine

Mike Rashid Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday- Chest

Barbell Bench Press

4 x (6-10)

Incline Bench Machine

4 x (8-12)

Incline Dumbbell Press

4 x (8-12)

Bodyweight Pushup


Tuesday- Back

Weighted Pull-Ups with Chains

4 x (8-10)

Seated Cable Rows with Ropes

4 x (8-12)

Plate loaded incline T-Bar Rows

4 x (8-12)

Seated Close-Grip Pulldowns

4 x (10-12)

Wednesday- Shoulders

Double Rep Barbell Clean

4 x 5

Barbell Upright Rows

4 x (8-10)

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

4 x 12

Bent-Over Reverse Flyes supersetted with Dumbbell Shrugs

3 x 15 – 3 x 20

Single-Arm Dumbbell Press


Thursday- Legs

Barbell Squat

5 x (6-12)

Single-Leg Press

4 x (10-12)

Hack Squats

4 x (8-10)

Dumbbell stiff-legged deadlifts

4 x 12

Seated Leg Extensions


Friday- Arms

Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls supersetted with Cable Tricep Extensions

4 x (10-12)

Seated Hanging Dumbbell Bicep Curls supersetted with Reverse Grip Single Arm Cable Extension

4 x (10-12)

Standing Cable Bicep Curls

4 x (10-12)

Overhead Cable Tricep Extensions

4 x (10-12)

Saturday- Cardio

Sunday – Rest

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Mike Rashid’s physique is not only limited to having big muscles. His physique also exhibits a great deal of conditioning and functionality. To work on those aspects, Mike follows the strategies mentioned below.

Mike Rashid's Workout

Incorporate bodyweight exercises

Even though Mike Rashid has a decent level of experience when it comes to training, he still incorporates bodyweight exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, and free squats in his workout routine. He claims that these exercises provide a great warm-up and stimulation to the major muscle groups and also help in making your physique more athletic.

Using lightweights

By looking at Rashid’s muscular physique, one can assume that he must only be training with heavier weights. But that’s not completely true. To establish a better mind-muscle connection and warm up the target muscles, Mike starts his training by lifting lighter weights.

For instance, before getting started with his shoulder workout, he lifts lighter weights and performs movements like lateral raises, front raises, rear flyes, etc. to fully prepare the shoulder joint for an intense workout.

Burn excess fat with HIIT

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a prominent part of Mike Rashid’s workout routine. When it comes to cardio, Rashid doesn’t rely on walking or running on the treadmill for several minutes. Instead, he opts for HIIT like sled pushes, farmer walks, and boxing.

Performing these exercises keeps your cardiovascular health on point along with making your cardio workout routine interesting.

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The Bottom Line

So that was all about Mike Rashid’s workout routine. Undoubtedly it’s brutal but its effectiveness cannot be questioned. Before you try out his workout routine and progress with it, you must be an intermediate or advanced lifter.

Also, you must make sure to provide your muscles with an ample amount of rest. If your body is feeling lethargic and enervated before your training session, you must call it a day. However, if your diet and recovery are on point, Mike Rashid’s workout routine will surely get you the gains of a whole new kind.