Mike Rashid’s Diet Plan & Supplements

Mike Rashid is one such fitness Youtuber who has caught the pulse of the youths through his education and motivation videos. As a former boxer, Mike has trained all his life, with his first official boxing match at 12.

He has honed his boxing skills, his body all his life and has been at the top of his game even at 40. We know him for his hard work, passion for his sport and his toned body.

Mike is the epitome of hard work, passion, professionalism, and vision.

Where most fitness experts condemn over-training, Mike specializes in the concept of over-training, a method where you work past your limits to maximize your hypertrophy or simply increase your muscle gains.

For this, he needs a special custom-built nutrition plan to support his hard-core workout regime, which is the secret to his ripped and muscular body, strength and overall functionality as an athlete.

Let us see what goes in making a beast-like Mike Rashid:

Mike Rashid’s Diet plan

Mike Rashid Diet

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Unlike many athletes who solely focus on eating and training, Mike Rashid is an extremely busy person who not only trains but also manages multiple businesses. His busy lifestyle has him follow a time-restricted eating schedule.

He knows the importance of how much nutrition plays in his life. He always insists on eating foods that provide valuable nutrients for the body and help him recover faster.

Mike customizes his meals to meet his hectic schedule and always insist on his viewers to have meals customized for each individual. According to him, every individual’s requirement is different and for people, diet is like a glove. Each pair fits each one.

Mike also makes sure to have multiple servings of fruit throughout the day. These provide him with essential anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, which help him boost up his immunity.

He also makes sure to have an ample amount of protein and healthy fats, which he gets from almonds, pistachio and peanuts to help him repair his muscle tissue as well as to keep him satiated throughout the day.

Mike Rashid’s Meal Plan


A glass of water with superfood powder, one serving of fruit.

Post Workout

Plant protein shake, spinach and 60g serving of peanut butter.


One serving of Salmon or bison, white rice and a serving of cheese puffs.


One serving of cheese puffs, one serving of fruit


A small serving of salmon or bison, 350gm of salad, yellow or red pepper, protein powder, 2-3 pieces of multigrain bread and healthy fats like almond or pistachio.

Mike Rashid’s diet plan comprises him eating 3000 Kcal every day. This helps support his body, which is 220 pounds of lean muscle and keeps him satiated throughout the day.

Mike Rashid Meal Plan

A meal just for you

Mike Rashid follows an extremely customized meal plan, which is made according to his requirement and insists on having a meal tailor-made for each individual.

You can download any meal plan from our site and follow it, but the magic happens when you customize it according to your requirements.

Analyze your meal

You might have a highly customized diet, but you need to be self-aware regardless of whether it’s working for you. According to Mike, it is he who needs to win by consuming the diet, not the person who is making up the plan. So it is important to add healthy foods that you like into your meal. This will help you be consistent and religiously follow the meal plan.

Intermittent fasting

Mike’s meal plan has him consuming 3000 kcal a day, which is spread between the two meals and the snacks he consumes within a 12-hour window. This leaves him in a fasted state for the rest of 12 hours. We also know this process as intermittent fasting.

Some of the many benefits of intermittent fasting are: it gives a break to his digestive system, helps reduce insulin resistance, and maximizes autophagy.

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What does Mike Rashid eat?

Mike always consumes whole foods, which are dense in nutrients.
Some foods Mike Rashid includes in his diet are :

  • Fruits
  • Salmon
  • Bison
  • White rice
  • Salad
  • Multigrain bread
  • Peanut butter
  • Yellow or Red pepper
  • Almonds
  • Pistachio

What food does Mike Rashid avoid?

Mike, being an athlete, has to avoid eating certain foods to be in top shape and certain foods because he doesn’t like them.The food he avoids is:

  • Kale
  • Sugary drinks
  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Artificial flavourings

Mike Rashid’s Supplements

A high octane lifestyle like Mike Rashid calls for supplementation. This not only helps him reach his nutrition goals but also help in be on track with his bodybuilding goals.

The Supplements Mike Rashid uses are:

Superfood Powder

It is a mixture of plants and vegetables in powdered form, which is full of antioxidants, nutrients and minerals, which helps to increase immunity, act as a digestive support and control blood sugar levels.

Plant Protein powder

Plant protein is highly beneficial over regular protein as it not only helps in building muscle fibers but also packs more fiber and essential nutrients.


It helps the muscles produce more energy, thus improving high-intensity exercise performance and muscle recovery. It also acts as a pre-workout.

Fat burner

Though Mike does not confirm, it is fairly safe to assume that he uses natural fat burners to stay in shredded shape.


Mike consumes high-quality turmeric before going to sleep. The benefits of turmeric are that it is anti inflammatory, has anti-cancer properties and protects the heart.

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The Bottom Line

A diet like that of Mike Rashid is only for those who are committed to the lifestyle of athletes. It is a very hardcore diet and has little to no room for branching.

It can be very effective if you tweak this diet chart to your needs. Mike Rashid’s diet plan will help you achieve a phenomenal physique. Try this and see the results for yourself.