Mike O’Hearn’s Diet Plan and Supplements

“Steroids is now just a word that the lazy and ignorant use to describe any guy that has more muscle and dedication than them”. This is the reality and said by a real-time muscle monster and a famous bodybuilder, Mike O’ Hearn.

Michael O’Hearn is an American bodybuilder born on January 26, 1969, in Kirkland, Washington.  Characterizing him just as a bodybuilding icon would be unfair to his achievements.

He possesses a handsome profile of a successful model, movie actor, and celebrity trainer. He won Mr. “Natural” Universe title 4 times and for 7 years he was Fitness Model Of The Year. He laid down the foundation of Power Bodybuilding, a regime concentrating on strength development and muscle surfeit. The list of accomplishments is long and incredible.

Mike O'Hearn Meal Plan

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Mike O’Hearn’s Meal Plan

Mike O’Hearn diet focuses on most of all of the nutrients but he relies heavily on Carbohydrates, as he believes it is the key to long-lasting endurance.

Following table depicts Mike O’Hearn bodybuilding diet plan:

Mike O'Hearn Diet Plan

Mike O’Hearn’s Diet Plan

Meal 1

A glass of water, Fish oil, Vitamin D, DHEA, Fat Burner, Green Tea, Oatmeal, and 2 Eggs

Meal 2

Whey Protein Powder, Flaxseeds, Cherries, Ice, and Water.

Meal 3

Ground Beef, Salad, Tomato, Green Beans, and Red onions.

Meal 4

Vitamins, Protein Shake and BCCA.

Meal 5

Feta Cheese, Brown Rice, Shrimp, and Olive Oil.

Meal 6

Whey Protein, Granola, and Eggs.

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Mike O’Hearn Workout Routine

This diet chart depicts how much Mike banks on including carbs in his eating. Like every bodybuilder, he is also very particular about the amount of food and its nutritional values.

He starts his day at 3 in the morning with a glass of water, as he says water is essential for promoting strength and relaxing muscles. He also doesn’t shy away from Cheat Days. Mike says cheat days keep him from being bored and monotonous. After this cheat feast one has to detox also, so keep a track of his meal plan. So it’s ok to cheat a little when you eat a lot. Mike O Hearn’s diet is an ideal one to follow.

Following are the comestibles Mike OHearn recommends:

Steamed Veggies, Egg White, Whole Eggs, Oatmeal, Chicken, Salmon, Rice, Lemon Juice,  and water.

He advocates for avoiding junk food, processed carbs, refined sugar, fried and fast food, chemicals, and artificial additions.

Mike O’Hearns Supplements

Mike O’Hearn himself is an institution of the monumental physique. He compliments his workout and meal plan with a decent quality of supplements. Bodybuilding is a game that requires physical labor along with a proper nutrition plan.

Following is the catalog of Supplements Mike O’ Hearn prefers:

  • 5-HTP – It’s a form of Amino Acid. It suppresses your hunger, improves sleep, and reduces migrants pains.
  • Calcium – Needless to say, how important Calcium is for a sport like bodybuilding. It’s good for bones and preventing insomnia and muscle cramp as well.
  • Magnesium – Mike consumes Magnesium to rectify blood pressure and blood sugar. Also, it enhances metabolism and sleep quality.
  • Zinc – Mike O’Hearns includes Zinc in his list too. It’s an anti-inflammatory mineral that balances hormones and strengthens immunity. He takes calcium, magnesium, and zinc as a combination.
  • BCAAS – As every dedicated athlete O’Hearn trusts BCAAS for the fast build-up of lean muscle and speedy recovery.
  • Collagen – It’s an important component of connective tissue and very essential for our joints. As we grow old its production in our body slides down, so Mike suggests including it in the list.
  • Multi-Vitamins – He never neglects to eat multivitamins as they overall take care of the body.
  • DHEA – It’s a form of a hormone produced in our body but we can take it in form of supplement too. Its potential of improving muscle mass and decreasing inflammation makes it apt for hard-working athletes.
  • Vitamin D – As we all know Vitamin D strengthens bones and immunity but on the same hand, it gives you safety from cancer, diabetes, and lung disease.
  • Fat Burner – Mike consumes green tea as a form of Fat Burner. It detoxifies the body, burns fat, and enhances brain and heart health.
  • Fish Oil – It’s a superfood that protects joints and takes good care of the heart and brain vigor.
  • Vitamin C – It plays a vital role in boosting immunity, and strong immunity is the stepping stone towards glory in any sport.
  • Vitamin E – This vitamin helps in reducing heart-related diseases and arthritis.
  • Glutamine – It plays an important part in muscle recovery and reduces its breakdown.

I know you must be feeling this supplement list is long but we shouldn’t overlook the enormous amount of hard work this sport requires.


Mike O’Hearn always followed Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger as he always wanted to acquire both of their abilities. Their agility and power always attracted him.

Today when we look up to this tremendous name in the muscle building arena, we can discern the long path he has covered. Conquering these heights is only possible when you have the will and determined mindset. So set your focus and start your journey.

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