Michelle Lewin Diet Plan

From a girl-next-door to a much-celebrated fitness model and bodybuilder, Michelle Lewin’s fame escalated way too quickly. With her Instagram handle full of pictures in shorts and a sports bra, we cannot count the number of times she has got everyone drooling over that lean hourglass body!

Owing to her short height (5 feet 4 inches) and freckled chest, she could not make the most out of her modeling career initially.

However, tables turned when the boss lady decided to hit the gym and sculpt her figure. She immediately started attracting the attention of fashion photographers. Ever since then, Michelle has been featured on the front cover of several high-ranking magazines, including “Playboy” and “Muscle & Fitness”! 

What makes Michelle’s presence even more impactful is her active participation in social media. The fitness diva has 13 million followers on Instagram.

If you wish to build a body like Michelle Lewin, hang on! She is quite devoted to her fans and is always willing to share tips on her diet and fitness with anyone who looks up to her as an idol and wants to get a body like this sculpted Goddess! 

Michelle Lewin Diet Plan

Michelle Lewin Diet

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Nicknamed “La Cuerpa”, which means “the body”, on social media, Michelle clearly justifies her nickname. She has a bust, belly, and bottom that is both envied and admired all across the globe. Oh wait, how can someone not notice those beautiful abs?

Is the gym the only secret to Michelle’s body? Hell no! Nutrition is just as important as working out as it provides her body with the fuel to function properly.  

Michelle reveals that she is “often hungry” because, well…who would not be after such intense bodybuilding sessions? Michelle consumes 5-6 meals every day that are densely packed with nutritious food items. 

Some of her favorite foods include flakes, egg white, almond milk (devoid of sweetener), protein drink, etc. 

Dying to have that hourglass body? Have a look at Michelle Lewin’s meal plan that she follows daily: 

Michelle Lewin Meal Plan


6 egg whites, strawberries, oatmeal and almonds


Grilled chicken breast, roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli with olive oil


Pork chops and salad


Grilled salmon, Brown rice, steamed asparagus

Before Bed

Casein Protein drink

The female fitness icon makes sure that she takes adequate quantities of carbohydrates (through rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables) as they are the main energy-providing components of one’s diet. 

Bodybuilders often suffer muscle wear and tear. The high-protein food items in Michelle’s meal plan include ham, chicken breast, and grilled salmon. They aid in quick muscle repair and rejuvenation. 

To improve her immunity and maintain the glowing radiance of her skin, Michelle resorts to omega-3 fatty acids from olive oil and salmon. 

What to Eat

Michelle Lewin states that nutrition plays a vital role in bodybuilding. Speaking of her fitness regime, Michelle once said, “I keep the intensity high and make sure that I am always pushing the hardest.” That kind of determination has to be backed by a good nutrition plan. 

Michelle is very conscious about what food items she is piling up on her plate.

Here are a few things that Michelle Lewin’s diet includes:

  1. Egg whites 
  2. Oats
  3. Chicken breast
  4. Unsweetened almond milk
  5. Sweet potatoes
  6. Salad
  7. Brown rice 
  8. Protein shake
  9. Almonds 
  10. Red grapes 
  11. Pork, beef
  12. Cool water 

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What to Avoid

Michelle reported that initially, she followed a wrong diet plan and had to indulge in harder workout sessions, the results of which were not as remarkable. Once she corrected her basics and resorted to better and healthier eating, she could maintain her shape with fewer exercises. 

Here are a few things that Michelle Lewin prefers not to eat:

  1. Processed food 
  2. Added sweeteners
  3. Fried food
  4. Sweetened beverages

Nevertheless, Michelle believes that once the body gets used to a certain kind of food, it stops responding. Therefore, Sundays are cheat days for Michelle when she surprises her body with tons of pizza, pasta, and whatnot!  

Michelle Lewin Supplements 

Although Michelle’s diet plan covers almost all the nutritional needs of her body, she is also particular about her supplement intake. 

These supplements help her to meet the macro goals of her body and compensate for any nutrition gap or deficiency. 

Some of Michelle Lewin’s supplements are: 

  1. Multivitamins: This is a must-have supplement for any hardcore athlete like Michelle. It provides your body with an array of minerals and vitamins that are required for its well-being and healthy functioning. 
  2. Pre-workout: One scoop of the pre-workout supplement thirty minutes prior to a workout session provides Michelle with superhuman energy and helps her shred like a beast!
  3. Whey and Casein: This supplement is consumed after workout. A source of protein and essential amino acids that promotes lean muscle building.

As she works out twice every day, Michelle divides her supplements evenly for morning and evening exercise sessions. 

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Final Words 

That’s pretty much it about Michelle Lewin’s diet plan. Hope this will guide you through the process of getting that shredded body like the Venezuelan hottie. 

If you wish to know more about her diet and fitness regime, you can follow her social media accounts. Apart from her stringent diet chart, her book titled “The Hot Body Diet” also reveals tips and tricks on how you can attain that flaunt worthy body. Get grinding!