Michael B. Jordan Diet Plan & Supplements

Michael B. Jordan, also known for his famous role Adonis Creed, is a well-known American actor. He was recently given the title of the ‘Sexiest Man alive’.

Getting into the role of a renowned boxer is no cakewalk. To play the role, you need to emulate every bit of the character. This means a major body transformation and lots of hard work.

A well-planned diet along with a hardcore fitness plan is the key to this great personality’s on-screen persona.

Michael B. Jordan Diet

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Michael B. Jordan’s Meal Plan

Michael B Jordan was always in good shape, but as they say, there is always scope to increase to the next level.

His personal trainer, Corey Calliet, devised a nutrition plan which required him to eat six meals in a day. This helped him to achieve as well as maintain a great physique.

Because of his diet plan, even in between shots, he would be required to consume a meal.

Michael Jordan’s meal plan consists of chicken and other lean proteins like fish. Apart from stacking up on proteins, his diet chart included various whole grains to add fiber so that his digestive process would be kicking. Green, leafy vegetables were added to gain essential nutrients.

So the main idea here was to help in building muscle as well as maintain a healthy gut with loaded nutrients.

So, here we have Michael B. Jordan’s diet plan to give us an insight on what we should indulge in to attain that most-talked of body.

Michael B. Jordan Diet Plan

Michael B. Jordan’s Diet Plan

Meal 1

6 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 45 g carb (eg: oats, rice, etc.)

Meal 2

Protein shake, 35 g carb (eg: steel-cut oats)

Meal 3

8 oz lean protein (eg: chicken, ground turkey), 65 g carb (eg: rice, sweet potato), 1 cup green veggie

Meal 4

8 oz lean protein (eg: chicken, ground turkey, or fish), 35 g carb (eg: rice, sweet or red potato)

Meal 5

Protein shake, 35 g carb (eg: steel-cut oats)

Meal 6

8 oz lean protein (ex: chicken, ground turkey), 1 cup green veggies, 1 tsp oil (eg: olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil)

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Michael B. Jordan’s diet contains a lot of lean protein, a mix of green vegetables, healthy fat sources, and wholesome grains. To add to his protein intake, along with protein shakes he also has supplements for his pre-workout and post-workout recovery stage.

He manages a strict diet for 6 days, while having one “cheat day” per week.

Michael B. Jordan’s Meal Plan

Michael B. Jordan’s Supplements

It is not always possible to get your entire nutrition through cooked foods. Likewise, a meal plan is never complete without the usage of supplements so that we cover up anything missing. Listed below are the various supplements to help us get an idea on the necessities of it.

  • Protein: His diet included two protein shakes in a day. This helps in keeping you full for longer, helps build muscle, and also aids in fat burning.
  • Beta-Alanine: This amino acid helps improve your workout performance and decreases exhaustion post-workout.
  • Glutamine: This supplement also aids in maintaining muscle mass while cutting down on body fat.
  • Creatine: In order to gain muscle mass, this supplement is necessary. It also gives you an extra boost of energy.
  • BCAAs: This amino acid prevents wasting of muscle mass.
  • Pre-workout: This supplement increases blood flow to muscles, therefore, helping it acquire more nutrients. It also helps in increasing and handling a tough workout by preventing fatigue.

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Whether it is for stepping into a role or fantasizing a great physique, it all has the same requirement- hard work and discipline! It may seem daunting to want a body like Michael B. Jordan, but by following his meal plans as well as workout, you surely can achieve it.