Martyn Ford’s Diet Plan & Supplements

A renowned actor, bodybuilder, and fitness model, Martyn Ford is a multi-talented fitness enthusiast. Ford was an active cricketer in his youth before an unfortunate injury made him abandon his passion.

But the incident didn’t stop him from chasing his sports dreams. Instead, it made him fall in love with fitness and bodybuilding.

After his recovery from the injury, he started working out seriously, and slowly, he made his own Mark in bodybuilding. And that’s how cricket’s loss became a gain for bodybuilding.

Whenever he reveals his secret to success, he rarely forgets to mention his brilliant nutrition plan.

Martyn Ford’s diet plan is unique, just like his unmatchable physique. For instance, he consumes around 8000 calories a day to maintain his massive 320-pound body.

By combining his diet plan with rigorous exercises, Ford made his own Mark in bodybuilding and fitness modeling. Thanks to his incredible 6’8″ stature, muscular body, and decent acting skills, he made his way to Hollywood and acted in several movies and shows.

Martyn is also a professional martial arts fighter participating in different MMA competitions.

And when you ask what is the secret to Martyn Ford‘s unceasing energy on screen as well as off-screen, you can always consider his diet plan.

In this article, we will unveil Martyn Ford’s nutrition plan for you to follow and start taking steps towards having a body like the fast and furious actor.

Martyn Ford’s Diet Plan

Martyn Ford Diet Plan

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As someone who has been staying fit for years, Martyn Ford knows exactly how to design his diet plan that suits his body weight and fitness goals.

Ford’s meal plan is not very strict. But he is very serious about consuming diverse types of food items to ensure his body is not missing out on any key nutrients. Most day, Martin Ford eats a total of 8 meals, way more than a normal person would eat.

Take a look at Martyn Ford’s diet chart that he follows daily:

Martyn Ford’s Meal Plan


Oatmeal and protein shake.


Toast, Peanut butter, Protein shake


Chicken, Sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Second lunch

Brown rice, salmon


Greek yogurt


Lean steak, sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables.


Omelet, cottage cheese

A meal plan of 7000-8000 calories might look a bit too much at first. But for someone like Martyn Ford with a really massive body, a calorie intake more than the common folks is what you should expect.

  • To make things clear, here is a fact- Martyn Ford’s body fat is between 5%-10%, which means he is sufficiently fit to be a fitness model and an MMA fighter. This can also be attributed to his workout routine.
  • Besides following a nutrition-rich diet, Martyn Ford participates in various kinds of exercises.
  • He also makes sure that his calorie intake doesn’t exceed 8000 Cal per day.
  • Martyn Ford also includes certain supplements in his nutrition plan, to ensure that his body is receiving every nutrient that it needs.
  • Over the years, Martyn’s diet has transformed a lot. At first, he used to eat massive amounts of calories without any specific count of macros. This resulted in him gaining an enormous amount of fat alongside muscle. Later, he made serious consultations with experts to prepare an optimum nutrition plan.

Martyn Ford Diet

What To Eat

Martyn Ford includes different kinds of food items in his diet plan. So if you are interested in building and maintaining a physique like his, you also have to include certain types of food. Here is a list of what you should eat to maintain such a physique:

  • Lean meat and chicken
  • Egg
  • Clean veggies
  • Fruits
  • Egg
  • Oatmeal to kickstart your day
  • Sweet potato for quality carbs
  • Brown rice
  • Bread
  • Poultry items like yogurt and cheese

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What To Avoid

Because Martyn Ford is not into professional bodybuilding, there aren’t any strict no-nos in his diet plan. However, he prefers to stay away from certain food items. If you don’t want to see your workout efforts going in vain, you also have to avoid food items like:

  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Fast food items

Martyn Ford’s Supplements

Just like any other bodybuilder, Martyn Ford’s diet is also incomplete without supplements. To ensure all key nutrients, he takes certain supplements regularly. Doing so helps him in muscle growth and maintenance, overall body health, and a better daily life.

Given below are Martyn Ford’s supplements that help him stay in shape:

  1. Creatine: Behind Martyn Ford’s energy during training sessions, creatine has a great role. It keeps him energetic, triggers his muscles, and improves his metabolism.
  2. BCAA: Branched Chained Amino Acids, conveniently called BCAA, increases body metabolism and aids in muscle growth. Martyn Ford consumes BCAA regularly.
  3. ZMA: Martyn Ford takes ZMA to boost zinc consumption. But ZMA is sometimes found counter-effective in some individuals. Therefore, consulting an expert is a must before you start taking it.
  4. Glutamine: Staying regularly healthier is crucial for someone like Martyn Ford, who is into movies and martial arts. Glutamine improves his immune system and supports the health of different body parts.
  5. Multivitamin: To ensure that his body is receiving all important vitamins, Martyn Ford takes multivitamins.
  6. Pre-Workout: Martyn Ford takes pre-workout regularly before his intense training sessions.
  7. Whey protein: Martyn ford consumes whey protein at least twice a day. He usually drinks protein shake along with his meals.

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Final Words

Martyn Ford’s diet is a combination of food items that aid the overall well-being of his body. His close-to-8000 calorie diet is what his massive body demands to stay in shape and to maintain those muscles. Therefore, if your dream is a physique like this multi-talented fitness model from the UK, you can consider following his diet.

If you are a tall, massive person like Martyn Ford, his nutrition plan is perhaps the best fit for you. However, if you are a person with normal stature, you have to take care of your calorie intake. In that case, a maximum of 3000 calories is what you should aim for.

Moreover, abiding by a proper diet is just the beginning when you are into creating a good physique. You have to engage in a variety of exercises, and keep your mind focused on your goals.