Margot Robbie Diet Plan

Who doesn’t love Margot Robbie? I mean, she’s a fabulous actress, very versatile, smart, kind, and funny. At just 30, Margot is an Oscar-nominated actress, a film producer, and the most loved supervillain Harley Quinn!

Like the most A-listed stars, Robbie also is no stranger to draining workouts and a rigorous diet. How else do you think she got herself into movies like Tonya and Suicide Squad?

However, to everyone’s surprise, the actress’s favorite foods include burgers, fries, beer, donuts, and chocolates. So, how does she still manage to have that enviable physique that we are dying to have?

Well, the iconic Margot Robbie sticks to an 80/20 diet rule. She eats super healthy and also indulges herself in odd treats.

The Queenslander native always had a pretty laid-back lifestyle. And today, in this article, we will unleash the secrets of Margot Robbie’s diet.

Margot Robbie Diet Plan

Margot Robbie Diet

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The glamorous actress Margot Robbie admits that she isn’t the healthiest eater. Still, Robbie’s career often makes her follow a rigorous diet plan to fit into the challenging roles that she takes.

When she’s performing, she goes full-on with a rabbit-food diet which includes tons of green vegetables, salad, and lean meat.

When it comes to Robbie’s breakfast choices, she is very much like us. It’s usually porridge or avocado toast coupled with a green smoothie.

Margot tries to avoid white carbs during lunch and usually has a chicken salad with mashed sweet potato, rich in vitamin A and C making a great healthy meal.

Here’s what Margot Robbie diet plan looks like:

Margot Robbie Meal Plan


Immunity boosting smoothie, porridge, berries, avocado toast with bacon


Chicken salad, tuna steak, sweet potato


Fruits, watermelon, berries, cucumber


Baked vegetables with fish


Tea, red wine occasionally

Margot is also a big fan of tea and reports that she has around 10 cups of tea a day. But no ordinary tea. What she takes is packed with antioxidants like tannins.

As much as she requires to stick to her strict meal plan, the actress has admitted in the past to having cravings for cheat foods.

“I’m not good at moderation. I just can’t have salads every day and half a glass of wine every second day. I can’t do it.”

The actress loves to grab her favorite burgers, chips, and a pint of beer from time to time then works out five days a week for 4 hours. “ I am one extreme or the other,” said Margot.

What to Eat

Beer, fries, waffles are her favorite, and she has a long list of cheat meals when she’s off-duty. But when she has to undergo heavy workout sessions, she bans all saturated fats and processed foods from her diet. She follows a strict diet to achieve that astounding figure in a record amount of time.

The actress in her 30s seems to have a pretty good metabolism. Her approach to a healthier lifestyle is maintaining an 80/20 diet rule where you eat healthier foods 80% of the time and allow yourself to eat your favorite not-so-healthy foods 20% of the time.

Below is the list of foods that are in Margot Robbie’s diet plan:

  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Kale
  • Green vegetable salad
  • Whole grains bread
  • Apple
  • Sweet potato
  • Carrot
  • Tuna
  • Chicken
  • Brown rice
  • Tea
  • Wine

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What to Avoid

As well as ditching all the saturated fats and processed food, Margot also cuts down on the intake of dairy foods, sugary drinks, junk foods when she has to.

She limits herself to a high-protein nutrition plan and lots and lots of vegetables. However, she allows herself to have one or two glasses of wine every other day.

  • Sugary drinks
  • Dairy
  • Trans fats
  • Chocolate
  • Processed foods
  • Refined foods
  • Junk foods

Margot Robbie Supplements

Even though Margot lets herself have a pint of beer and fries every now and then, she makes a point to take her supplements on time to fill up any nutrition gap in her diet.

These supplements provide her with energy, nutrition, relieves stress, and aids in healthier-looking skin.

Below is the list of Margot Robbie supplements:

  • Protein powder: Whether or not she’s preparing for a role, she takes a scoop of protein powder and takes it in the morning with her smoothie. It helps her with muscle building, muscle repairing and boosts immunity.
  • Collagen: She relies on collagen a lot. Collagen maintains youthful skin. It’s also good for the bones and nails.
  • Multivitamins: Because she’s not a healthy eater, she takes multivitamins. It fills in any nutrition gap by providing the necessary vitamins and minerals that she needs to lead a healthy life.

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Margot Robbie is one of the youngest, most successful female actors that Hollywood has. But, the superstar leads an extreme lifestyle. When she’s preparing for a role, she undergoes heavy workout sessions; she eats carrot sticks for three days if she’s wearing a bikini.

Regardless, she has complete control over her cravings that allows her to take up athletic roles. And has a fantastic metabolism that she can still dodge weight gain by eating foods she loves.

But, as for her diet, do you think you can push yourself to her level?

Well, some parts of Margot Robbie’s diet are not recommended. But you can indeed grow an 80/20 eating habit by having healthy foods 80% of the time and grabbing less-healthy items 20% of the time.