Marcy SM-4033 Smith Machine Review: All the Details!

Setting up a home gym can be very difficult if it involves selection and buying too many gym machines. It can be made an easy one-step process by choosing the multi-functional Marcy SM-4033 smith cage instead of many single-function fitness equipments.

Marcy SM-4033 is not just a smith cage, it is a complete smith machine home gym setup in itself. this giant piece of equipment can fulfill all your resistance training requirements.

With an adjustable bench, several attachments, and unique features to a smith machine, like pec fly deck and seated rowing cables, the possibilities of exercises with Marcy SM-4033 are countless.

In this article, we try to find out, among the many machines why one should choose Marcy SM-4033 as their home gym machine. Let’s dig into all the information about this amazing versatile gym machine.

Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033 Review

This single machine combined with assorted weight plates totaling about 300 pounds can be enough garage gym equipment you need till you reach advanced powerlifter fitness level. It can offer an extensive range of exercise options at a wide range of intensity options to accommodate almost all training requirements of beginner to advanced level lifters.

With Marcy smith machine SM-4033 at your home gym, you can have a commercial gym experience round the clock at your home. With heavy-duty construction, user weight capacity of 300 pounds, this smith cage system can accommodate lifters of different sizes and bodyweight.

The easy to rack and unrack smith machine bar of the Marcy SM-4033 provides a safe platform to perform squats, bench, and overhead press without needing a spotting partner. There is also a half-rack on the front side of the machine that allows you to use free weight bars for powerlifting moves instead of the smith machine.

Marcy SM-4033 Smith Machine

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The dual cable pulley system of the machine along with the attachments like cable handle, tricep rope, lat pulley bar, short bar, etc. offers a wide variety of exercises like cable pulley row, tricep pushdown, cable crossovers, and much more.

No need to buy separate weight plates for sliding weight posts, as these can be loaded using Olympic weight plates. This post is used to provide resistance to exercises with cable pulleys and arm pressers.

The power tower on this smith machine home gym setup has a multi-grip bar where you can perform pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises, and other bodyweight exercises with pronated as well as supinated wrist position. Easy to hook in and remove height-adjustable dip bars complete the bodyweight training set up.

The package includes an adjustable bench along with a detachable preacher curl pad. The back pad of the bench can be adjusted between -27 to 76 degrees angle. This allows you to pinpoint different muscles.

The cage is constructed using heavy-duty 14-gauge tubing and coated with corrosion-resistant paint. The smith machine guide rods, and sliding weight post guides are chrome plated for durability. The machine is well-built, the total setup weight is around 135 pounds without the weight plates.

The bench pads, ankle holds, arm pressers handle pads, and backrest all have high-density cushioning and are covered with water and sweat-resistant engineered leather.

The overall space required for this setup along with the bench is around 7×7 feet, but this accommodates everything along with weight plates, free bar, attachments, etc. as the machine has dedicated storage space for everything.

Features & Specs 

The Marcy SM-4033 smith machine has many things to offer. Let us look at its main features and specifications to understand it better.

Features & Specs


Heavy-duty 14-gauge steel frame

Power Tower

Multi-grip pull-up bar with knurling for better grip at the top

Dip station

Height adjustable with foam grip handles


Back pad angle adjustable from -27 to 76 degrees. Seat height adjustable. Adjustable ankle holder


Dip bars, safety catchers for the squat rack, landmine attachment, tricep rope, short bar, cable cross handles, lower pulley

Cable Pulley Height

15 adjustable positions

Preacher curl pad

Adjustable, detachable, comes with bar rest

Smith Bar

Mounted on round guide bars with 17 racking positions

Weight posts

Six posts with 100 pounds capacity each


Steel, high-density foam, engineered leather


Assembled cage: 70 x 84 x 86 inches (LxWxH)

Bench: 62 x 26 x 55 inches (LxWxH)

Weight Capacity

User weight: 300 pounds

Smith machine bar: 300 pounds

Bench: 600 pounds total (user weight plus lifting weights)

Product Weight

~135 pounds


Marcy SM-4033 is a heavily built, long-lasting smith machine home gym. The addition of an adjustable bench, preacher curl pad, arm pressers, lower pulley, adjustable cable pulleys, dip station, pull-up bar, etc makes it a complete home gym.

The dimensions of the product may seem a little too space-consuming at first, but it is worth giving up that much space for this machine as it practically eliminates the need for any other machine in your garage gym.

Build Quality

Marcy SM-4033 takes up about 6 by 7 feet of your garage gym floor space. It also needs a ceiling height of about 9 feet for full functionality.

It is not only huge in size but also is a heavy-weight machine. The frame is made using strong 3×3” 14-gauge steel tubing. It is coated with red and black corrosion-resistant paint for durability.

The base of the frame is wide enough to offer stability to the machine even under intense use. It can also be bolted to the floor for added safety.

The strong J-hooks of the squat rack are lined on all sides to protect the bar and reduce the noise. There is a heavy-duty spring at the bottom catcher for the smith bar to damp the pace and noise of the falling smith bar in case of the failed rep when you even fail to rack the bar at any of the 17 holes.

The guide rods for the smith bar and the sliding weight post are chrome plated for a smooth finish and corrosion resistance. The smith bar glides smoothly over the angled guide rods with help of linear bearings.

Marcy SM-4033 Smith Machine

The bench backrest pad, ankle holders and seat, the arm presser backrest and handrest, the preacher curl pad, all are made using high-density foam cushioning material and covered with engineered leather.

The height of the bench seat and preacher pad is made adjustable to accommodate different sizes of users. The back pad of the bench has 6 adjustable angles between -27 to 76 degrees. The arched front and straight back base of the bench keep it sturdy through the moves.

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Assembly and Maintenance

As you might expect from any large and heavy machine, it is not that easy to assemble the Marcy SM-4033 smith machine. It comes in a completely dismantled form, you need to put each part together with adjustable wrenches and Allen keys.

The tools required for assembly are not included in the package. You would need to buy an Allen key set and adjustable wrenches to complete the assembly.

The parts are heavy and need to be held in place for bolting together, for that, you need someone else to work with you at the start of assembly at least till the frame is assembled. Once the frame is assembled, you can put other parts and the attachments together by yourself.

It might take about five hours to finish the assembly. Once done, you will have a platform for almost all your favorite exercises in your garage gym.

The machine does have some moving parts like a smith bar and sliding weight post. Thus it needs regular preventive maintenance to avoid a major breakdown. You need to keep the guide rods for the smith bar and sliding weight post free from dust. Clean it regularly and apply some lubricant on the guide rods and to the linear bearing for smooth movement. Other than this, the Marcy SM-4033 doesn’t need any periodic maintenance.

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Aesthetics and Styling 

The Marcy SM-4033 machine looks sturdy and masculine at the first sight. Its wide base, big-sized uprights, multi-grip pull-up station at the top provides it a robust look. The matt finish powder coating in red and black combination adds to its masculinity and aesthetics in the right proportions.

Even if you set up this machine in a dull, unprepared background of your garage gym, it will look like it belongs there and will enhance the overall look of your home gym.

The red-colored Marcy logo on black leather cushions on the bench and arm presser backrest adds a subtle signature to this giant piece of gym equipment.

Marcy SM-4033 Smith Machine


Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033 Accessories 

If we consider this just a smith cage system then the list of accessories on Marcy SM-4033 would be too long. Marcy SM-4033 is a complete home gym setup with a smith machine as the central part of it. It also has an adjustable bench, arm pressers, pull-up station, dip station, cable pulleys, squat rack, etc.

Here is the list of accessories that come along with Marcy SM-4033. These accessories add up to the functionalities of this already versatile smith machine home gym setup.

  • Plate posts
  • Barbell storage post
  • Tricep rope
  • Ankle strap
  • Detachable preacher curl pad
  • Lat bar
  • Dip bars
  • Shiver bar
  • 2 single handles
  • Footplate
  • Landmine post

Marcy SM-4033 Exercise Chart 

With as many cable pulleys, bodyweight workout stations, and adjustability as the Marcy SM-4033 offers, the possibility of exercise that can be done on this machine are vast. Each workout station offers a platform for a variety of exercises. The cable pulleys and their ability to position the unit anywhere from top to bottom open up many exercise options.

As you work out with this smith cage system, you would find there are more than fifty different exercises you can perform on it. Till you explore them yourself, here is a list of few exercises you can do on SM-4033 to get you started.

Marcy SM-4033 Exercise Chart

Barbell and smith machine squats

Barbell and smith machine bench press

Overhead press

Upright row

Pull-ups and chin-ups

Landmine press

Standing bicep curls

Tricep pushdown

Seated row

Pec fly

Preacher bicep curls

Dumbbell kickback

Decline crunches

Tricep dips

Cable crossovers

Marcy SM-4033 Smith Machine


Pros & Cons 


  • Sturdy and durable built
  • Wide base with the possibility to bolt with floor
  • A versatile machine with multiple workout stations and accessories
  • High tensile strength steel cables
  • Adjustable bench with detachable curl pad included in the package
  • Thick and high-density foam padding for added comfort on bench and backrest
  • Weight posts and barbel storage posts
  • High weight capacity
  • Cable pulleys can be adjusted at 15 different positions
  • Footplate and handle for seated cable rows
  • Smooth and noise-free operation


  • The package doesn’t include weight plates
  • There is no leg developer and no possibility to attach one
  • No safety catchers for the squat rack
  • Can use Olympic plates only

Is Marcy SM-4033 Smith Cage Worth The Buy? 

This all-in-one gym machine is equivalent to tens of single-function machines put together. For a small garage gym setup, it is not feasible to buy single-function machines for each exercise you wish to perform. A versatile home gym setup like Marcy SM-4033 makes more sense as it can fulfill almost all your exercise requirements.

The seven major workout stations you get in Marcy SM-4033 at the price of one are smith machine, squat rack, pull-up station, cable crossovers, pec fly deck, dip station, lower pulley. This coupled with the adjustable bench and the accessories that are included in the package can be used in different ways to perform more than fifty exercises.

You get all this at the price of any major gym machine and the whole setup fits in just 7×7 feet of floor space. After telling you all this, do we really need to say that it is definitely worth the buy?


If you are just starting your fitness journey or switching from gym club membership and planning to set up a home gym from scratch, then you must consider buying Marcy SM-4033. It is one of the most affordable multi-functional home gyms that provide multiple exercise options in the safest way possible.

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