MAMAMOO Hwasa Workout Routine

The mesmerizing look of MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is enough to make people around the globe go crazy for her. Hwasa is a renowned singer, songwriter, and rapper. She is a member of the famous Kpop group MAMAMOO.

Apart from being a part of such a popular group, Hwasa’s career as a solo artist is also going pretty well. The famous song Maria has been sung by her and numerous of her fans love that song. We expect you must also be one of them.

Apart from being such a talented and gifted artist, Hwasa also sports a lean and toned physique. It further inspires many of her female fans to get a physique like hers.

This post is going to throw some light on Hwasa’s workout routine that she follows to get a physique that inspires millions to make exercising a part of their routine.

MAMAMOOS’s Hwasa Workout Routine

Hwasa Workout

The profession of Hwasa requires her to be extremely fit. For that purpose, working out tends to be a crucial part of her daily routine. The slim and toned physique of Hwasa that you see today is built by countless hours of following a well-structured workout program and a strict diet plan.

Earlier, Hwasa did not have a very slim and toned physique. She used to weigh around 60 Kg (133 lbs).

When she planned to make her debut, she wanted to look lean and fit. For that purpose, the first thing that she had to do was to lose weight. With her dedication and consistent efforts, she trained hard enough to lose around 15 Kg in just 2-3 months.

Hwasa performed a lot of cardio to burn off excess fat hence promoting weight loss. But this was not enough. She wanted a physique that not only looks slim but a physique that is toned as well.

Hwasa included exercise styles like yoga and pilates in her exercise routine that further helped her to tone her physique. With her drastic physical transformation, Hwasa proved to the world that she is determined enough to go to any lengths to fulfill her dreams.

Well, that’s something we all must learn from Hwasa. Now let’s have a detailed overview of Hwasa’s training routine and the exercises that she religiously performs.


Dancing happens to be Hwasa’s most favorite form of cardio.

Being a Kpop idol, along with being in the music industry, requires one to be a graceful dancer. After all, their dance numbers influence millions of their fans to start shaking their legs to their tunes. Hence, dancing is one of the most important parts of Hwasa’s workout plan.

Since Hwasa is a Kpop idol, live performances are an indispensable part of her life. To give her best shot in each of her live performances, Hwasa does a lot of dance rehearsals.

Her dance rehearsals further provide her with a great fat-burning cardio workout. This keeps her in great shape, along with perfecting her dance moves.

If you want to follow Hwasa’s workout routine but are not too much into dancing, you can include some other cardio exercises in your training program. It could be anything that gets your heart rate up. You can choose to perform running, sprinting, cycling, etc.

All you need to make sure is to dedicate one hour to your cardio sessions four to five times a week. This will help in keeping you lean and in great shape just like Hwasa.

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MAMAMOO Hwasa Workout Routine


Pilates/yoga are some of the best exercising disciplines that tend to provide you with a slim and toned physique. Pilates/yoga provides you with a great body balance along with working on your flexibility.

If you are trying to get a slim and toned physique, you must certainly include pilates/yoga in your exercise routine.

Pilates and yoga are such exercising disciplines that are targeted towards building strength and improving flexibility. They work on improving your body posture and balancing physical musculature. They also contribute a lot when it comes to weight loss.

So if you are willing to improve your muscle tone and sport ripped abdominals, then pilates/yoga can serve you pretty well. Just make sure to incorporate one hour of Pilates or Yoga session into your training program five days a week. The results that you will get afterward will surely speak for themselves.

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If you have limited time to dedicate to your workouts and you are a bit confused about which out of the two you should go with, then simply go with the one that gets you the most excited to work out. After all, to get the best results, it becomes imperative that you enjoy your workouts.

Final Words

This was all about the workout plan of MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. We expect you would have surely got inspired by it. The best thing about Hwasa’s exercise routine is that it does not require you to join a gym.

You can perform the exercises of her workout routine at the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? Get started with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa workout program and start transforming your physique.

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