Maggie Q’s Workout Routine

Maggie Q is a well-known American actress who is known for her prominent roles in movies like Priest‘, ‘Fantasy Island‘, ‘Live Free or Die HardandMission Impossible-III‘. She also garnered massive attention from her fans by starring in the 2014 dystopian film ‘Divergent’.

Apart from her stellar performances, she is also known for sporting a lean and athletic physique. In this post, we will be throwing light on Maggie Q’s workout routine that keeps her so fit and active throughout the year.

Maggie Q Workout Overview

Maggie Q Workout
Maggie Q in an Instagram Photo (Maggie Q / Instagram)
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Maggie Q is 42 years old, or rather we must say 42 years young, but her physique totally defies her age. Maggie Q’s fitness levels can shy away numerous youngsters who are half her age. Her body is not only flexible but also exhibits a great deal of mobility and athleticism. Many people assume that Maggie Q’s workout routine must be consisting of intense gym training sessions. But that is certainly not the case.

Maggie Q‘s workout routine has always been multifaceted in the sense that it involves a variety of different exercising disciplines. From traditional and old-school yoga poses to thrashing roundhouse kicks and jabs, you can find all of these in her training program. Maggie Q doesn’t follow a set workout program like most of today’s gym freaks who just eat, sleep, lift and repeat. Instead, she likes to keep things more functional and exciting.

Maggie Q’s training program is targeted towards providing her a flexible and athletic physique. Gaining muscle mass or looking excessively ripped and shredded has never been her fitness goal. Hence, spending countless hours in the gym lifting weights is something that her workout plan never resonates with.

In the upcoming sections, we will see what exercising disciplines acquire a prominent position in Maggie Q’s workout plan. The best thing about Maggie Q’s workout routine is that you don’t necessarily require a well-equipped gymnasium to follow that. All you need is some space and a desire to earn your best physique.

Maggie Q Workout Schedule

Maggie Q’s workout routine comprises 7 days of training. Since she doesn’t stick to a regular weight training regime, it is not required by her to provide adequate rest to her muscles and reserve a separate day for that purpose. Her workout routine keeps her more functional and active. She just enjoys following it.

The following listicle will give you a more detailed and descriptive idea about what Maggie Q‘s workout routine for the week looks like. Let’s get through it.

  • Day 1- Yoga + 10k Steps
  • Day 2- Spin Classes
  • Day 3- Yoga + 10k Steps
  • Day 4- Swimming
  • Day 5- Yoga + 10k Steps
  • Day 6- Spin, Swim, or Run
  • Day 7- Boxing/MMA, a short sport (tennis or soccer), or hike 10k steps

Maggie Q’s Workout Routine

By now, you would have got an idea about Maggie Q‘s workout routine. Let’s throw some light on the prime exercising disciplines of her workout routine.


Yoga happens to be the most crucial part of Maggie Q’s workout routine. She practices yoga every alternate day, which keeps her body flexible and in great shape. She even claims that yoga is one of the best exercising disciplines that work towards improving respiration, building muscle strength and body balance, and preventing injuries.

To bring complete justice to her on-screen action sequences, Maggie Q is required to perform various stunts. And to perform those stunts with ease, her body needs to be immensely flexible and athletic. Yoga helps her in that regard and keeps her body ready to perform jaw-dropping stunts. Some of her most favorite yoga poses are the forearm stand, the shin cradle, and the crow pose.

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Maggie Q was born in Oahu, Hawaii. Owing to this reason, she shares a close connection with the oceans. Swimming happens to be one of her favorite exercising disciplines. Swimming works on enhancing her muscle tone and improving her cardiovascular fitness.

Swimming also helps Maggie Q to increase her physical endurance. It keeps her body in great shape and improves her balance, coordination, and posture.


Pilates is one such exercising discipline that is gaining massive attention these days. Numerous celebrities around the globe swear by its effectiveness in accomplishing their fitness goals. To a certain extent, pilates is similar to yoga. It requires you to put in a lot of effort with small motions.

Maggie Q incorporates pilates in her workout routine to promote weight loss. She also relies on pilates to work on her spine stabilization, posture, and flexibility.

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Just by looking at her action moves in her movies, you can get a clear idea that Maggie Q must have worked her butt off in perfecting those kicks and punches. Boxing/MMA helps in providing Maggie Q with a great aerobic workout. It not only helps to tone her muscles but also strengthens her upper body.

Maggie Q claims that the best part about her boxing/MMA workouts is that they don’t get monotonous and boring. They also provide a great cardio workout.

Before getting started with her daily workouts, Maggie Q makes sure to consume adequate amounts of water. This helps in keeping herself hydrated. She even advises others to follow suit and consume plenty of water or energy drinks before starting out with their training routine.

Maggie Q also ensures to follow a well-structured warm-up and cool-down routine before and after her training sessions. She claims that overall flexibility is something that should never be compromised. And hence, performing stretching exercises should be a crucial part of any workout program.

Stretching helps in keeping the muscles relaxed. It also avoids the chances of probable injuries that may arise out of stiff muscles.

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Final Words

We expect that you too would like to incorporate her training plan into your daily routine. Just be consistent with following it and enjoy it thoroughly.