Lunk Alarm: What is it? How does it work?

Are you the one guy in the gym that everyone dreads due to his loud grunts? Or are you a victim of having a gym mate who grunts aloud and makes you feel underconfident and insecure in the gym?

Such behavior can be bothersome in the long run and cause the managers of the gym to step in and intervene. Although your conventional local gym may not have any restrictions as such, Planet Fitness has come up with an excellent innovation known as the Lunk Alarm.

A Lunk Alarm is a siren that Planet Fitness uses as a warning signal to discourage unpleasant behavior at the gym. Loud grunts can make the average gym users or newbies feel out of place and unwelcome.

Some bodybuilders and weightlifters are of the idea that grunting can help to improve the performance, and should be tolerated. However, it is unacceptable to cause discomfort to others at the cost of one’s own personal benefit.

This article will let you know what is a Lunk Alarm and how it works!

Lunk Alarm

What is the lunk alarm?

Every shared public space has a decorum that needs to be maintained by all members. Everyone comes to the gym with a certain level of dedication and motivation to pursue a goal. It takes a lot of focus to be able to get into the mood so that you can shred like a beast.

However, sometimes your gym mates might go beyond their capacity, which might cause them to let out terrible screams! It takes an ideal setting to be able to deliver your best performance at the gym. If you cannot handle your gym peer’s loud scream as you are pursuing your fitness goal, a lunk alarm might be of great help.

A lunk alarm is a siren that is found in Planet Fitness gyms. The siren goes off every time someone grunts too loudly at the gym. The term “Lunks” is used to describe people who drop weights or grunt loudly.

Other loud noises such as clanking of weights and loud dropping of other equipment at the gym might also be intimidating for beginners who are new to the gym.

This article will give you an idea about the purpose of the lunk alarm, how it works, what triggers the lunk alarm, and so on. Read on to find out.

How does the lunk alarm work?

Lunk alarm, as has been mentioned, is an alarm that aims at diminishing unpleasant and unwelcome behavior at the gym. While you can exert more force when you make a loud noise or grunt, you are sure to make the environment of the gym unfit for others.

If someone is a beginner at pursuing his dream of having a great body, the loud grunt of a weightlifter, or merely the rattling noise of the weights falling can make him nervous in the very first go and cause him to lose confidence.

The Lunk Alarm identifies this sound and triggers the alarming noise. This serves as a warning for any individual to stop behaving in an unacceptable manner in the gym. However, the alarm will not go on forever and can be switched off at the manager’s discretion.

If you visit any Planet Fitness gym, you will come across a massive warning light, which is blue in color, above the section that has free weights. This is the Lunk Alarm.

If you think that you cannot achieve your goal of having the dream body without breathing loudly, grunting, or dropping weights from a height while causing them to come rattling down on the floor, you should opt for other conventional gyms which do not impose such restrictions. Lunk Alarm is absolutely intolerant towards such behavior.

Read on to find out more.

What is the purpose of the lunk alarm?

The main purpose of a lunk alarm is to discourage certain kinds of behaviors that might make the average or new gym-goers feel uncomfortable. It is absolutely unacceptable to be loud at the cost of pursuing one’s personal goals.

Some of the thoughts that might have gone into coming up with the idea of introducing a gadget like a Lunk Alarm are spoken of below. 

It discourages someone who has the habit of screaming while pursuing personal goals. Everyone has a set of personal goals to pursue at the gym. While doing this, unnecessary screaming or grunting may cause distraction, or demotivate someone who might be a new joinee at the gym! Every time you get loud, this lunk alarm is going to send you signals and let you know that you are not the only one using the gym.

When you are aware of the presence of a gadget that will correct your behavior, chances are that you are going to abstain yourself from resorting to any kind of socially unacceptable behavior. You will see an increase in your tolerance level, while also being mindful and not having the urge to throw around weights, or grunting aloud and making others uncomfortable.

Hence, this is the purpose that a Lunk Alarm is supposed to serve.

What triggers the lunk alarm?

By now, you must be fully aware of the function that Lunk Alarm is supposed to serve. This initiative by Plant Fitness aims at developing an environment that is friendly for gym-goers who are absolute beginners.

Sometimes gym rats tend to indulge in a lot of grunting while they push their limits. This might give vent to a sense of insecurity among those who are new to the feat.

The strong siren of Lunk Alarm is triggered by such loud noises like

  • Rattling sound of weights
  • Grunting
  • Heavy breathing
  • Any loud noise that might cause discomfort to newbies who are fresh in the gym

The alarm will ensure the safety of those who are willing to work out without the insecurity of being intimidated or judged by others.

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Wrapping Up

Hope this gives you a brief idea about the various nitty-gritty details of a Lunk Alarm. However, opinions on the device are varied. While some people find it highly beneficial, others are of the opinion that the Lunk Alarm is unnecessarily loud and bothersome. It hinders one’s physical activity by tampering his focus.

Every new intervention will have its own pros and cons. It is upto the discretion of the user to ensure its optimum utility! This gadget, therefore, is excellent for correcting one’s behavior in the public space.