Lululemon Fabric Types (Beginner’s Guide)

There are many reasons why Lululemon is the dominant athleisure brand on a global scale. From high-quality products to excellent durability, Lulu clothes have everything that a fitness enthusiast would need.

But there’s one thing that makes the brand truly stand out from the rest – its innovative and meticulously crafted fabrics.

Lululemon fabrics are renowned for their proprietary blends. They are designed to provide exceptional comfort, moisture-wicking properties, and four-way stretch capabilities.

There are multiple Lululemon fabric types that you can choose from, each with its own unique abilities and advantages.

To help you make the best shopping decisions, we have come up with the ultimate Lululemon material guide so that you can choose what’s best for you!

Lululemon Fabric Types

Lululemon Fabric Types

Scrolling through Lululemon’s well-stacked website can be pretty intimidating. There are thousands of products made out of different fabrics.

And all of these materials are different in terms of fit, feel, and functionality. So, how do you determine which one is most suitable for your needs?

By reading our comprehensive Lululemon fabric guide, you can find out which one is tailored specifically to meet your needs.


Everlux™ is one of the most popular and unique fabrics designed by Lululmeon. It is built while keeping technical performance in mind. The innovative studio fabric is known for its unique yarns and double-knit construction.

Everlux™ can keep you cool, dry, and focused while you train with high intensity. The inner layer of the fabric is designed to ensure maximum sweat-wicking properties. The fabric also offers a cool-to-the-touch feel to combat hot workouts and warm climates.

The outer layer of the fabric provides quick-drying capabilities and a buttery-soft texture for maximum comfort and convenience.

Power Pivot Everlux Tank Top
Power Pivot Everlux Tank Top

How Does Everlux™ Feel?

  • Cool on the skin.
  • Provides good and comfortable compression.
  • Buttery-soft texture on the outer layer.
  • Thicker than the Nulux™ fabric.
  • Double-layered construction.
  • Very sweat-wicking and quick-drying.

Variations of Everlux™ Fabric

No variations are available.

Made For

  • Spin classes
  • Sweaty studio sessions
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Similar high-impact activities

Popular Styles Made with Everlux™

  • Wunder Train Pants
  • In Movement Pants
  • Balancer Pants/Shorts


Luon® is the original Lulu performance fabric designed specifically for yoga and other similar activities. Naturally, the material is breathable and cottony-soft. It also includes other functionalities like four-way stretch and moisture-wicking to make it more durable and convenient.

In most cases, clothing items made from the Luon® fabric generally run true to size.

Luon® products with prints or patterns on them are designed to be less slick and less soft. Winter alternatives come with textured patterns like pique and variegated knits. The fabrics used for them are slightly thicker, cozy, and warm.

Luon® is a very versatile fabric and is among the fan favorites of loyal Lulu shoppers.

Luon Define Jacket
Luon Define Jacket

How Does Luon® Feel?

  • Luon® is designed to be cottony-soft with a brushed feel.
  • The fabric is compressive and will fit snugly around your body.
  • The material will feel cool and slick against the skin.
  • Luon® is designed to contour to the body because of the 4-way stretch.

Variations of Luon® Fabric

  • Full-On Luon® – Made using a tighter weave construction to provide added support and coverage to the wearer.
  • Light Luon® – Also known as Luon® Light, this variation comes with slightly thinner fabrics and is used in clothing items where sheerness is not a major problem.
  • Seriously Light Luon® – A relatively new addition, this variation is made using even thinner materials and is only meant for some select products.

Made For

  • Yoga and other similar light-impact activities
  • Studio workouts
  • Barre classes
  • Leisure wearing

Popular Styles Made with Luon®

  • Define Jackets
  • Wunder Under Tights


Luxtreme® is designed to handle more intense activities. It is a high-performance fabric that is capable of wicking away large volumes of sweat. It also includes other functionalities like a four-way stretch to accommodate the needs of an athlete.

Luxtreme® is comparatively lighter than Luon® and does not feel like cotton at all. Instead, it offers a smooth-faced and slick feel when you touch it. The proprietary Lululemon material is also designed to feel cool against the skin and tackle issues that come with high sweating.

The fabric is also designed to resist friction and avoid issues like pilling. It is also comparatively more breathable when pitted against some other Lulu fabrics.

Lululemon luxtreme wunder under
Lululemon luxtreme wunder under

How Does Luxtreme® Feel?

  • The fabric is smooth and cool to the touch.
  • Offers targeted compression in areas like abs, hips, and thighs.
  • The material is very stretchy.
  • Smooth and slick, very resistant to pilling.

Variations of Luxtreme® Fabric

  • Full-On Luxtreme® – This variation is designed to be thicker and more compressive due to the tighter weave knit.
  • Light Luxtreme® – This variation is supposed to be thinner, lighter, and cooler to the touch.

Made For

  • Running and jogging
  • Strength or CrossFit training
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Spin Classes
  • Any other high-intensity activity

Popular Styles Made with Luxtreme®

  • All The Right Places Pants
  • Free to Be Bras
  • License to Train Tights


Nulu™ is the first Lululemon fabric designed to offer the ‘Naked Sensation’ feel. It is extremely lightweight and feels almost like a second skin. It offers light compression, four-way stretch capabilities, and full coverage for maximum mobility and comfort.

The Nulu™ fabric is especially suitable for warmer climates and high-intensity, hot workouts. It may also be somewhat prone to pilling. So, avoid friction or rubbing the fabric with other materials.

Lululemon Hooded Nulu Define Jacket
Lululemon Hooded Nulu Define Jacket

How Does Nulu™ Feel?

  • The fabric offers a buttery-smooth feel.
  • Feels like you are wearing almost nothing.
  • Offers only light compression.
  • Super plush feel.
  • Very lightweight.

Variations of Nulu™ Fabric

No variations are available.

Made For

  • High-intensity exercises
  • Low-impact strength training
  • Cycling
  • Warm weathers
  • Spin classes

Popular Styles Made with Nulu™

  • Align Pants
  • Align Crops
  • Free to Be Tanks


Nulux™ offers an upgraded version of the Nulu™ fabric. It also belongs in the same ‘Naked Sensation’ category but provides some reinforcements like sweat-wicking and quick-drying properties.

The fabric is knit using proprietary technologies that make it lightweight and opaque at the same time.

In terms of feel and functionality, Nulux™ appears to be closer to Luxtreme® compared to Nulu™. The only difference is that it’s even more lightweight and silkier than Luxtreme®, making it extremely comfortable and plush.

Lululemon Nulux Waist HR Run Short
Lululemon Nulux Waist HR Run Short

How Does Nulux™ Feel?

  • Offers a silky smooth feel and is cool to the touch.
  • Provides light compression.
  • Very breathable and stretchy.
  • Quick-drying and offers a naked sensation.

Variations of Nulux™ Fabric

No variations are available.

Made For

  • Warm weather
  • Spin classes
  • Running or jogging
  • Strength training

Popular Styles Made with Nulux™

  • Fast and Free Tights
  • Surge Tights

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Silverescent® Technology

Silverescent® Technology is an integral part of Lululemon’s sweat-free category. The fabric uses proprietary technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and reduce stink due to sweating.

The technology uses positive ions that become attracted to the negatively-charged ions produced by the bacteria. This prevents the reproduction of odor-causing bacteria and prevents stinking.

Silverescent® fabrics are mainly designed for heavy-duty and sweat-inducing activities like running and jogging.

Lululemon silverescent tank
Lululemon silverescent tank

How Does Silverescent® Feel?

  • The fabric has a lush and soft feel.
  • The material is lightweight and resistant to pilling.
  • Comes with seamless sides.

Variations of Silverescent® Fabric

No variations are available.

Made For

  • Running and jogging
  • Training and working out
  • Any high-impact activity

Popular Designs Made with Silverescent®

  • License to Train Hoodies
  • Evolution Polo Shirts
  • Drysense Shirts


Swift offers a unique solution to many problems. It is made to be equally strong and light. The versatile fabric offers a two-way stretch and no-bulk performance. So, it will feel like you are wearing almost nothing while training or working out.

The fabric also offers additional properties like water resistance and sweat-wicking to make them more suitable for athletic and leisure applications.

In most cases, Swift is more durable than other comparable fabrics developed by Lululemon. When taken care of properly, Swift clothes can even last a decade unless they are overworn or used for the wrong applications.

Lululemon swift speed high rise
Lululemon swift speed high rise

How Does Swift Feel?

  • Designed to feel lightweight and provide a naked sensation.
  • Provides minimal compression and 2-way stretch.
  • Offers a smooth surface.
  • Prone to snagging but otherwise very durable and pill-resistant.

Variations of Swift Fabric

  • Swift Ultra – This variation is mesh woven and comes with the added benefit of a 4-way stretch. It is lighter than the regular fabric.
  • Swift Ultra Light – Also offers the same 4-way stretch and mesh-woven properties but provides an even more lightweight feel, mostly suitable for warmer climates.

Made For

  • Strength training and exercising
  • Daily commuting and traveling
  • Running
  • Jogging

Popular Styles Made with Swift

  • Hotty Hot Shorts
  • Speed Up Shorts
  • Pace Breaker Shorts


Vitasea™ is a relatively new addition to the Lululemon fabric family. It is made specifically to add lightweight layers and fashionable tees to the brand’s extensive product lines.

The material is made with a blend of Seacell Yarn, Pima Cotton, and Stretchy Lyocell Lycra. Vitasea™ is very durable and resistant to washing, being able to retain its softness and smoothness after several washes.

While it’s mostly used for daily use, it still has functional properties like sweat-wicking and some amount of stretchability to ensure maximum comfort.

Lululemon Vitasea Heathered Dune
Lululemon Vitasea Heathered Dune

How Does Vitasea™ Feel?

  • Provides a soft and smooth feel.
  • Lightweight fit.
  • Sweat-free wearing.

Variations of Vitasea™ Fabric

No variations are available.

Made For

  • Daily wearing
  • Commute, office, and traveling

Popular Designs Made with Vitasea™

  • All Yours T-Shirts
  • 5-Year Basic T-Shirts


Warpstreme™ is a comparatively more durable fabric that is great for training or for wearing during daily sweaty commutes. This material offers sweat-wicking properties and excellent four-way stretch for maximizing comfort and mobility.

While this fabric is capable of handling workouts, yoga, or exercises, it’s mainly designed to be the backbone of Lulu’s casual wear category. The material is soft as luxurious cotton variants and is resistant to wrinkling.

Lululemon Warpstreme High Rise 7/8 Jogger
Lululemon Warpstreme High Rise 7/8 Jogger

How Does Warpstreme™ Feel?

  • Provides a smooth and soft feel.
  • Four-way stretch offers unhindered mobility.
  • Wrinkle-free fit.
  • Sweat-free feel.

Variations of Warpstreme™ Fabric

No variations are available.

Made For

  • Casual wear
  • Daily commuting
  • Traveling short distances

Popular Styles Made with Warpstreme™

  • ABC Joggers
  • ABC Trousers
  • Commission Classic Shorts

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Summing Up

Lululemon has taught us how slight, seemingly insignificant variations in a fabric blend can change its fit, feel, and functionality so drastically.

By introducing its own lines of proprietary fabrics, Lululemon has successfully conquered the athleisure market by providing a unique solution to every problem.