Are Love Good Fats Bars Keto Friendly?

Yes, Love Good Fats Bars are indeed keto friendly. Generally, almost all the flavors lie within 5 grams of net carbs, which is considered keto-friendly. The net carbohydrates mentioned above are limited to the bars, which weigh 39 grams across all flavors. , which constitutes one serving and falls under a low carb diet.

Of the 10 flavors, only one taste qualifies as the net carbs lie at precisely 4 grams. The other 9 are just across the fence at 5 grams but well within the designated 15 to 30 grams of net carbs.

Net carbohydrates are arrived at after adjusting for fiber. Minimal added sugar is in the products, which constitutes 1-2 % of Daily value consumption. Such low consumption is acceptable as long as the keto dieter stops with one serving of Love Good Fats Bars.

Are Love Good Fats Bars Keto Friendly

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Can I eat Love Good Fats Bars on Keto Diet?

Yes, you can, Love Good Fats bars are compatible with low carb diet. These flavors are conducive for people who follow a ketogenic diet. However, a few of them need to be had by cutting down the serving, as explained in the ensuing paras with respect to each product. The Coconut Chocolatey Chip Snack Bar is the clear winner as Net carbs, which are 4 grams only, and negligible added sugar, which forms part of Daily values. And consuming it in standard servings is keto approved.

Other Observations:

Found below are the total calorie value resident in a Love Good Fat Bar flavor-wise, and the serving is 39 Grams.

The Rich Chocolaty Almond Snack Bar contains 190 calories, with each component well within the keto approved limits.

 The Chocolate chip cookie Dough Flavor contains 190 calories and all items within suggested levels for a keto diet.

Mint Chocolate chip Flavor contains 190 calories, which are well within limits for a ketogenic diet to continue uninterrupted.

 The Coconut Chocolatey Chip Snack Bar contains 190 calories and good enough for a keto dieter.

 The Peanut Butter Chocolatey Snack bar contains 200 calories and is keto friendly.

 The Chewy Nutty Peanut Chocolatey flavor contains 180 calories and would not hamper the ketosis process.

The lemon Mousse contains 190 calories and falls well within the parameters set by keto.

All the flavors except one have a protein of 9 grams, which contributes 36 calories per serving. As per the keto diet, forty is considered as the threshold, and hence the products are justified.

All 10 flavors are devoid of artificial sweeteners.

Added sugar is just 1-2% of daily values, which is considered acceptable. There are traces of coconut oil and Isomalto-oligosaccharides, which are considered harmful to ketosis.

There may be side effects, but these can be ruled out as the daily value percentage is minimal. Keto dieters should watch out for such signs and cut the intake of this product.

All the products have gross Fat ranging from 12-14 grams a day, 126 calories(average). These are under keto-approved limits.

The sugar and fat are all within the keto-approved range, and calories also fall well within 150-175 scope per day. Even though calories from Fat discussed here is exceeds keto levels, it is only the Gross Fat. All flavors include saturated fat between 6-8% at least, and thus, fat value would go even further below.

The uniqueness in this product for keto diet followers is that they can consume any flavor as there is no sizeable distinguishing factor between them and ketosis.

Nutrition Information

One serving: 39 g


Rich chocolatey almond snack  bar

Chocolate chip cookie dough flavor

Coconut chocolatey chip snack  bar

Net carbs

5 g


5 g

Total carbs

13 g

14 g

13 g


190 Kcal

190 Kcal

190 Kcal


14 g

14 g

14 g


8 g

7 g

8 g


8 g

9 g

8 g


2 g

2 g

2 g

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The Love Good Fat Bars are indeed keto-friendly when viewed with all factors taken into account. Low carbs and high Fat is a prerequisite, and the product fits into the category entirely.