Look Delta vs Look Keo vs Look Keo Grip Cleats: Which One is the Best?

Cleats are available in various types.  Here, we will compare three cleats, Look Delta, Look Keo, and Look Keo Grip cleats.

Look Delta has recently gained more popularity due to its compatibility with the Peloton bike. These cleats are also good for road cycling.

All these cleats are made by the same brand Look but have some differences.

Specificity Of Cleats

Before moving on to the comparison, let me explain briefly about the specificity of cleats.

Cleats are 100% functional only when you pair it with its parent pedal.

Look delta cleat needs non-Keo Look pedals but Look Keo is compatible with most of the Look pedals in the market.  

SPD-SL cleats are not compatible with Look pedals.

Yes, different cleats may work with different types of pedals, but this doesn’t mean they are 100% compatible. Power transfer will get decreased, cycling will become less efficient and most importantly you will become more vulnerable to injuries.

In simple words, you can’t pair a cleat with a pedal of different model.

Look Delta vs Look Keo vs Look Keo Grip Cleats

Look Delta vs Look Keo vs Look Keo Grip Cleats

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Now let’s stick to our main topic which is the comparison between Look Delta, Keo, and Keo Grip Cleats. All these are compatible with their respective parent pedals​ and support 3 holes shoes. Just look at the table it will become very easy for you to know which one is more suitable for your needs.


Look Delta Cleats

Look Keo Cleats

Look Keo Grip Cleats


Road & Indoor bike




Polyacetal & PTFE

Polyamide & PTFE

Polyamide & TPU

Angular freedom

0° & 9° (Black & Red)

0°, 4.5° or 9° (Black, Grey or Red)

0°, 4.5° or 9° (Black, Grey or Red)

Lateral Adjustment

4 mm

4 mm

4 mm

Longitudinal adjustment

12 mm

12 mm

9 mm


75 g

68 g

68 g


2 float options are available. Look Delta allows rotational movement of the foot towards outside or inside for disengagement. This provides more safety.

Minimal weight and three float options are available.

Minimal weight and three float options are available.

In addition to this, Look Keo Grip has an anti-slip surface on the pedal side which offers extra safety and stability when walking.


Compatible with non-KEO Look pedals

Compatible with all Look pedals on the market

Compatible with all Look pedals on the market


Black & Red

Black, Grey & Red

Black, Grey & Red

Look Delta

Let’s explore Look Delta Cleats in detail. These are all-rounder cleats which are perfect for your spinning, indoor and outdoor cycling. These come with a memory positioner which assists a lot in cleat replacement. When the old cleat is removed, these positioners remain intact and assist the new cleats to get fixed perfectly. These are heavier in comparison to the Look Keo Cleats. These come with two floats, 0 (black) and 9 degrees (red).

Look Keo & Keo Grip

These are the best cleats for road cycling attributing to their lightweight. These come with dimensions of 4mm laterally and 12 mm/9 mm longitudinally​. The Look Keo comes​ with two variations, Look Keo and the Look Keo Grip Cleats. These are quite similar except for the fact that Look Keo Grip comes with additional TPU material for the shoes to prevent sliding. Meant exclusively for road cycling, these are not compatible with the Peloton bikes. Just like Look Delta, Keo come with the memory positioners, to assist the new cleats to get fixed. Unlike the Look Delta, Look Keo comes​ with three floats, 0 (black), 4.5 (gray), and 9 (red) degrees. The greater the float, the more is the rotation. 

Which One You Should Use?

Among the Look Delta and Look Keo, which one to use totally depends upon your requirements​ and needs. If you are engaged in road cycling, you should go for Look Keo or Keo Grip cleats. While if you are engaged in for both types of cycling, road cycling as well as indoor cycling, then you should go for Look Delta.


Are Look Keo And Look Delta Compatible?

No, Look Delta cleats will work only with non-Keo Look pedals. However, Look Keo Cleats are compatible with most of the Look pedals on the market

What Is Look Keo?

It’s a road cycling cleat from the brand Look. These are made up of composite material and are available in two different variations, Look Keo Grip and Look Keo Cleats. These are best suited for road cycling as these are specially designed for road cycling.

Do Shimano Cleats Fit Look Keo Pedals?

No. Shimano Cleats do not fit with Look Keo Pedals.

Is SPD Same As Delta?

No these are different, SPD is generally used for MTBs and spinning classes. Look Delta is generally used for road and indoor cycling. SPD pedal compatible only with SPD cleats similarly Look Delta cleats work only with Look Delta pedals. You can’t use SPD for Look Delta pedals and vice versa.

Can I Put Look Delta Cleats On Shimano Shoes?

Yes, you can, but Look Delta cleats compatible only with Non-Keo Look Pedals or Look Delta pedals. They don’t work with SPD SL pedals.

Do Look Keo Cleats Work With Peloton?

No, Look Keo is not compatible with the Peloton bike. Only Look Delta is compatible with the Peloton bike. Look Keo cleats are best suited for road cycling.


Every cleat has its merits and one should pick a type depending upon their requirements.


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