Lily James’ Workout Routine and Diet Plan

If you are here we can be pretty sure that you must have been surprised by Lily James’ impressive physical transformation. And we all must agree with the fact that she indeed did a marvelous job.

Portraying Pamela Anderson is something that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But Lily ensured to give in her 100% to bring complete justice to her role. So don’t you wanna know what kind of fitness regime she followed to get in such awesome shape? If your answer is a ‘yes’ then stay with us.

Here through this post, we will give you a detailed insight into Lily James’ workout routine and diet plan. So without further delay, let’s get started.

Lily James' Workout Routine and Diet Plan
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Lily James’ Workout Principles

Before prepping up for her role in Pam and Tommy, Lily wasn’t someone who loves to workout. But since her role demanded her to be in great shape, she had no other option but to transform her body completely.

To serve that purpose, she trained under Matt Bevan who structured for her a workout program that targeted to give a ‘Pamela Anderson’ kind of body to Lily. And we must say that his training approach was absolutely on point.

Gradually, Lily was able to build a body that was lean, toned, and immensely aesthetic. She preferred to train in the mornings but at times had to workout in the late hours owing to her hectic shooting schedules.

Now, let’s find out in the next section what all training styles Lily relied on to build such an amazing body.

Lily James’ Workout Routine

You might get a bit surprised to know about the fact that Lily was able to transform her body through home workouts only. Well, that’s something which can motivate you as well.

Lily’s training program was segmented into two parts, namely strength training and cardio. Let’s get to know how she trained to gain the most from each of them.

Resistance Training

Lily James’ workout routine consisted of exercises that can be easily performed with some basic training equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, swiss balls, resistance bands, sliders, and even towels. Usually, she performed the exercises of her workout routine in a circuit style.

On most of the exercises, Lily chose to lift light-moderate weights. This enabled her to give a muscular but toned appearance to her body instead of making it big and bulky.


Lily performed her cardio sessions right after her resistance training sessions. Usually, it consisted of exercising either on the Versa Climber or the mini trampoline.

To bring the much-needed change to her cardio routine along with preventing it from getting boring, at times she also performed boxing and running as a part of her cardio workout routine.

Workout Split

Now let’s find out more about Lily James’ training routine in detail:-

  1. Monday– Full body workout + 20 minutes on the versa climber
  2. Tuesday– Upper body workout + 20 minutes on the mini trampoline
  3. Wednesday– Lower body workout + running for 30 minutes
  4. Thursday– Rest day
  5. Friday– Upper body workout + 30 minutes boxing session
  6. Saturday– Lower body workout + 20 minutes on the trampoline
  7. Sunday– Rest

Training the abs

Ab training happened to be one of the most important parts of Lily’s exercise routine. To sculpt her midsection she performed numerous ab exercises such as crunches, lying leg raises, bicycle crunches, Romanian twists, planks, and many more.

While performing those exercises, Lily kept the number of repetitions super high. It was even rumored that she used to perform 600 repetitions of crunches in her ab training sessions.

It doesn’t matter whether it was true or not but she indeed trained her core muscles quite intensely and that was evident from her ripped and defined abs.

Rest is crucial

Lily has always paid as much importance to her rest days as she gives to her training days. Every week she takes two rest days which provide her body with ample amounts of time to recover and recuperate.

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Lily James’ Diet Plan

Lily James' Diet Plan
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To transform her body completely, Lily also had to ensure that she follows a nutrition plan that was completely different from her previous one. Her trainer helped in formulating one for her that targeted giving Lily a lean and aesthetic body.

Lily James’ diet plan was a strict one that fetched her body all the essential nutrients that it required to facilitate recovery and promote growth. It consisted of as many organic food items as possible. Drinking plenty of water (3 to 4 liters approximately) throughout the day was also a part of her diet plan.

The proportion of macros in Lily’s diet chart was variable. This was because every week she went through a different workout routine. And her diet chart was prepared in accordance with her workout routine. Nevertheless, it always had a decent amount of proteins.

Now let’s get to know what Lily James’ daily meal plan looked like:-

Meal 1- Breakfast

  • Egg whites
  • Veggies

Meal 2- Lunch

  • Any source of lean protein
  • Any source of good carbs
  • Veggies

Meal 3- Dinner

  • Veggies
  • Any lean protein source (preferably salmon)


When Lily used to feel hungry in between her major meals, she used to rely on low-calorie, nutrient-dense food items. She followed suit even to curb her midnight cravings. She preferred to have carrots, celery, pretzels with hummus, almonds, or simply a protein shake to avoid her hunger pangs.

Changes in diet plans

Since Lily’s exercise routine used to be a bit different as she progressed through the weeks, her trainer also devised a different diet plan for her every week. This made sure that Lily is able to recover well from her intense workout regime and gets the most out of them.

Lily James’ Supplements

Lily has always relied on whole food items to maintain her elite fitness levels. However, to ensure that her nutrition plan doesn’t fall short of essential amino acids, she just incorporates one supplement into it and that supplement is:-

  • Whey protein

Lily consumes a whey protein shake right after her workout sessions which boosts her muscle recovery and growth. Its fast-digesting nature makes it a suitable choice to be consumed in a post-workout meal.

Moreover, she also likes to have 2-3 whey protein shakes a day which increases her daily protein intake along with countering her hunger pangs in between her major meals.

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Wrapping Up

So that was all about Lily James’ workout routine and diet plan which resulted in transforming her physique completely along with keeping her fitness levels at the peak. One of the best things about her fitness regime is that it doesn’t require one to necessarily take an expensive gym membership or rely on certain crash diets.

All that you need to be fit like Lily is to have a strong will to follow a well-structured fitness regime with consistency. If you take the assistance of an experienced trainer in doing so that will also serve your very best interests.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your fitness regime which you can structure using the info mentioned in this post, and earn your desirable physique.