Lifetime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2023

It is not just your run of the mill gym membership where you pay the price and all you receive in return is the access to their equipment. Lifetime fitness truly helps you reach your fitness goal, no matter where you are starting from.

Things you would get for the Lifetime fitness membership price you pay include but not limited to the amenities like a mix of classes, expert guidance, whirlpools and much more.

Lifetime fitness membership has a variety of packages. Whether you are an individual or a conglomerate, a teenager or a veteran, there is a membership that is right for you to begin your fitness journey.

Lifetime Fitness Prices

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How Much Does a Membership at Lifetime Fitness Cost?

There are more than one answers to the question ‘how much is a Life time membership’, as the membership cost varies depending upon which option you choose, what type of access you want, the location of the club, etc. Here, from the subsequent points, you can get an idea about prices for different types of memberships.

  • For a single adult: Anyone above age 18 can who wishes to avail month to month recurring membership of Lifetime club the price starts at about $79 per month and can go up to $269 per month depending on services you wish to avail, number of clubs you want access to, and location of the primary club. Premium services like private training package would cost you extra.
  • For individuals below 26 years of age: those under 26 years of age can get Lifetime membership at a discounted rate. These are single club only membership available at many Lifetime centres. The monthly membership price ranges from $72 to $219.
  • Day pass: These are valid for one day only at the specified club. It will cost you anywhere around $10 to $50 depending on club and extent of access.
  • For couples: The couple membership starts at $122 per month. If you opt for a couple membership, you will be saving about 40% monthly on the membership cost for the second adult.
  • Family membership: This is the most cost-saving option for the families. If your whole family is willing to use the club facilities regularly, then this is the option you choose. It would cost you around $142 – $399 per month for two adults and two children.

Lifetime Fitness Prices

The membership prices at Lifetime club varies depending on the location of the club. But at every location, the membership cost is lower compared to many health clubs or gym memberships in that area. The membership prices are minimal if compared to the value they deliver to the members.

The monthly cost of the membership different for single club access and multi-club access. Even for the single club access, it varies from club to club depending on location and the amenities at the club. Almost every club has amenities and facilities like family and private locker rooms, premium toiletries, saunas, steam rooms, a variety of classes, personal trainers, sports coaches, etc.

Along with keeping the membership process reasonable, Lifetime fitness also comes with seasonal offers once in a while. There are also discounts on one-time annual payment. Your per-person membership cost reduces drastically if you opt for a couple or a family membership. Additionally, Lifetime fitness has reduced the initiation fees to zero for a few months now.

Other than these monthly memberships you can avail one day or seven day passes to get the feel of the club.

Lifetime Fitness Prices


Initiation fee


Monthly – Single club access

$72 – $219

Monthly – Multiple club access

$79 – 269

If paid for a year

$900 – $3200


Initiation fee


Monthly – Single club access

$122 – $319

Monthly – Multiple club access

$129 – $369

If paid for a year

$1500 – $3400


(2 adults and 2 children below 12)

Initiation fee


Monthly – Single club access

$142 – $399

Monthly – Multiple club access

$149 – $449

If paid for a year

$1700 – $5200

Lifetime Fitness Memberships

At Lifetime, they have a variety of membership options. No matter which age, group or fitness level you belong to there is at least one option suitable to your needs.

There are comprehensive membership options, that allow you access to all the Lifetime centres and all available amenities there. Then there are some single activity, at a particular centre for limited period memberships for those who don’t wish to commit to a single club or want to try one before committing for the longer term.

Lifetime Fitness Memberships


Monthly Memberships



If you are an individual adult looking for an all-access membership recurring month to month for yourself, this is the option for you. There are multiple options available based on added features.



This membership can be opted by any two adults living under the same roof. It comes at a lesser cost than two single memberships.



This membership is suitable for a family living in the same house with 2 adults and their dependents aged 25 years or lesser.


Discounted Monthly Memberships



This is a limited membership for currently enrolled students. This membership gives you access to your home club for 1 week each during summer and fall break and 4-week access over winter break.


26 and under

The individuals who are between 18 and 26 years of age can avail this discounted monthly membership. This gives access to your home club.


Junior executive

This is a single centre discounted membership for individuals up to the age of 29 years.


Partner Memberships


Corporate membership

This option is available for companies to buy group membership for their employees. Or companies can partner with Lifetime and subsidize their employees’ membership fees.


Medicare membership

You can avail the benefits from your Medicare Advantage or supplement plan for membership at Lifetime. Most of the Lifetime clubs accept these plans.


Other Memberships


Other than the above mentioned monthly recurring memberships, the Lifetime clubs offer following affordable memberships that extend access to one or more specific Lifetime clubs for a limited period of time. The access to particular programs and services may be limited in these membership options.

  1. Club only: This is a single club membership, can be availed by individuals of any age.
  2. Student: It needs you to provide proof of full-time student status to avail of this membership. This provides access to a single centre during summer break.
  3. Student-flex: This also requires proof of being a full-time student. It provides you access to a single centre for 1 week during summer and fall breaks and 4 weeks during winter break of one academic year.
  4. Day pass: As the name suggests, it is one-day access pass for a single centre.
  5. Lifetime Sport: Exclusive access to one or more Lifetime centres’ particular sports facility.
  6. 26 and under club only: This is for the individuals between ages 12 to 26. This provides access to a single centre. When the member reaches the age of 27, the membership will be converted to lifetime 1 and will be charged accordingly.
  7. Junior executive: For individuals older than 12 and younger than 30 years of age, this membership provides access to a single centre of Lifetime.

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Opt-in for any one of the options, the value you get through Life time membership is much more than the price. It is not a basic gym membership but an upgradation of the lifestyle. Go join the club now and take advantage of the perks it offers.