Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass & Free Day Pass 2023

Lifetime Fitness is famous across the United States and Canada for its state of the art equipment, comfortable workout environment, and world class facilities. For these reasons, Lifetime Fitness is a popular choice on the continent among those looking for a premium gym membership. 

With premium monthly membership prices that may go from $72 all the way up to $270, the gym can be a bit expensive. So, it is always better to get a first-hand Lifetime Fitness experience before taking a membership paying their higher membership fees. 

And in order to help aspiring members learn about Lifetime Fitness facilities, the gym offers guest passes. Through a Lifetime Fitness guest pass, you can determine whether a membership there is worth the investment or not. 

And through this article, we will guide you on everything you need to learn about Lifetime Fitness day pass. So, read along! 

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass
Lifetime Fitness
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Does Lifetime Fitness allow guests?

Yes, Lifetime Fitness does allow guests. One can acquire a guest pass either through an existing member, by registering on their website, or through a walk-in. 

A guest pass allows you to learn about the facilities available at a club, so that you can decide whether to join the gym or not. 

Can You Bring A Guest To Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, if you are a member at Lifetime Fitness, you can bring a guest along with you. You can bring one guest in a month, and the same person once every 60 days. 

But keep in mind that if you are a month to month Lifetime Fitness member, you may not be able to bring a guest. But this is a general policy. Individual clubs may, although rarely, allow month-to-month members as well to bring guests. 

How to Get Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass?

If you are not currently a member, you can grab a Lifetime Fitness day pass. You can grab one either through their website or by visiting the club in person.

If you wish to do it online, simply go to their website and fill in the details. They will ask for your name, email address, cell phone number, birth year, and of course, your preferred Lifetime Fitness club location.

Once you give these details and submit the request, they will mail you a specific date for your day trial. 

Besides the online method, you can also go for the conventional method of going there directly. To do so, simply visit your preferred club and talk with the front desk executives. 

How Does Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass Work?

Lifetime Fitness guest pass is meant for people who wish to try the gym once, and to thereby decide whether or not to get a real membership. Either their existing members can invite guests, or others can grab a day pass by registering with them.

A Lifetime Fitness member can invite one guest per month through their app, and passes once unused will not be accrued or will not be carried forward to the months that follow. 

Also, keep in mind that month-to-month members can’t utilize the guest pass facility. 

If you are a non-member and register for a guest pass, they will mail you the pass. It will have a date and time, and you can visit the club for that duration. This is basically a club tour. Their staff will guide you through their facilities, and you can work out there for a day. 

You can visit the club either individually or along with your family, Lifetime Fitness is okay either way. 

Speaking of the fee for a day pass, each club may have its own pricing policies. It depends on club facilities, location, and several other factors. 

Also, keep in mind that if a guest is under 18 years of age, then parents or a guardian has to accompany them. But if an adult person grabs a guest pass, then they can bring their children also. For every guest, Bringing a picture ID card is a must, preferably a driver’s license.

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How to Use Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass?

If you are currently a member at Lifetime Fitness, you can invite a guest through their mobile app. You can invite a person of your choice, and they can also work out with you one day a month. But keep in mind that the same person can visit the club as a guest only once every 60 days.

And if you are not a Lifetime Fitness member and do not have a friend or family member with Lifetime Fitness membership, you can still get a day pass. To do so, visit their website and register for the pass. 

The guest pass is a great way to have a first-hand experience of the club facilities and ambiance. You can avail yourself of a day pass once every 60 days in a Lifetime Fitness club. 

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass Policy

Lifetime Fitness is transparent about its guest pass facility. Given below is what they state in their guest pass policy:

  • You can grab a guest pass either through your friend or family member who already has a Lifetime Fitness pass, or as a walk-in guest.
  • Lifetime Fitness has the power to modify your guest pass perks, trial time, date of trial, facilities available, etc. They may, or may not adjust your trial for non-peak hours.
  • Only adults (individuals above 18 years of age) can visit Lifetime Fitness as a guest.
  • Submitting a government issued ID card is a must, preferably Drivers license.
  • While visiting the club, you need to sign the waiver, and take responsibility for your safety and wellbeing, although Lifetime Fitness will do everything that they can from their part.

This is what their guest policy says. Nothing hidden or complicated, but make sure you go through it. Also, do check their website for more details relating to the Lifetime Fitness pass

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How much is Lifetime Fitness guest pass?

How much is Lifetime Fitness guest pass
Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness guest pass prices vary from club to club, and also depend on the type of guest pass you are availing. 

The typical Lifetime Fitness day pass prices, for passes through existing members, range from $20 to $40 across different clubs. But some other clubs may also charge up to $50, while you can rarely find some clubs that charge $15.

Now, if you wish to grab a pass by yourself and not through a member, it may cost you a bit more, say$10 more than that of a pass through a member.

In other words, a guest pass that you grab on your own and not through a current Lifetime Fitness member, will cost you somewhere between $30 and $60. 

The prices vary due to several factors such as club facilities, location (maybe costlier at bigger towns), management decisions, etc. 

Additionally, junior guest passes at Lifetime Fitness are even less expensive, costing $10 at most locations.

Are Lifetime Fitness Guest Passes Free?

No. Currently, there is no such thing as a Lifetime Fitness free day pass. You will have to pay a fee to grab the pass, somewhere between $20 and $60. 

However, as each Lifetime Fitness club is a separately owned franchise, some clubs may offer a free day pass. Try speaking with local Lifetime Fitness to learn about free passes. 

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a membership at Lifetime Fitness, then the best thing to do is to grab a guest pass first. By doing so, you can get to know what the gym has to offer, what workout environment the gym offers, what equipment they have, etc. So, you can make your mind on whether to join Lifetime Fitness or not.