Leonardo DiCaprio Workout Routine

Most of us know Leonardo DiCaprio as the young and charming boy who simply mesmerized us with his performance in Hollywood’s magnum opus ‘Titanic’. But that was just the beginning for him.

Later, this American actor went on to star in numerous movies that made him an international sensation. His performances in movies like ‘Inception’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street‘, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywoodwere admired by movie lovers round the globe. His performance in The Revenant’ even made him win the Oscar for his flawless acting prowess.

Leonardo has been in the movie business for decades but his charming personality and decent levels of fitness make him look and perform like a youngster. Numerous of his female fans consider his body type to be the ideal male body type.

So if you too want to build a physique like him to up your fitness levels along with gaining some attention from the opposite sex, you are at the right place.

Here, we will be delineating Leonardo DiCaprio‘s workout routine so that you can get to know the secrets behind his aesthetic dad bod. Let’s get started.

Leonardo DiCaprio workout
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Workout Principles

Leonardo DiCaprio has always been a dedicated actor. To bring complete justice to the characters he is portraying, he makes sure to transform his physique accordingly. Numerous of his movie roles have required him to gain or lose weight.

Subjecting one’s body to that kind of stress not only requires one to have optimum levels of fitness, but it also requires one to have a decent amount of mental fortitude.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s workout plan is usually focused towards making him look lean and athletic. He has never sported a physique in his entire career that is either ripped to the bones or overly muscular.

Instead, he prefers to sport a physique that is an aesthetic version of a dad bod. To build such a physique, Leonardo relies on a training program that has the essence of numerous exercising styles.

From performing weightlifting exercises that facilitate muscle gains to performing yoga that works on improving one’s overall flexibility and mobility, you can find everything in Leonardo’s holistic exercise routine. Leonardo DiCaprio is in his late 50s but his fitness levels have truly defied his age which makes him one of the fittest American actors of the present times.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Workout Schedule

The objective of Leonardo DiCaprio’s training routine keeps on changing as per the requirements of his movie roles. However, Leonardo likes to keep himself fit and active even when he is not prepping up for a movie role. For that purpose, he trains 6-days a week and works on different aspects of his physique.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s workout schedule comprises 6 days of training in which he performs prison-style workouts (that include bodyweight movements) three times a week.

On the rest of the days, he resorts to performing cardio, yoga, martial arts, and circuit training. He often mixes up his exercising disciplines to keep his workout routine exciting.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Workout Routine

Being one of the most sincere actors of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio makes sure that his workout routine is nothing less than perfect. He trains under the guidance and supervision of celebrity trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s workout routine primarily consists of bodyweight exercises and military-style exercise routines. If you are assuming that these exercising styles are not as intense as a typical weightlifting session, then you are going to be proved wrong by the end of this post.

To keep his body fit and athletic, Leonardo performs exercises like push-ups, dips, pull-ups, air squats etc. He hits them with a high number of repetitions. Performing those exercises also aids him to work on his core strength.

Leonardo also incorporates conventional weightlifting exercises like bench press, lat pull downs, barbell curls, overhead press etc., to build and maintain his muscle mass. When it comes to performing those exercises, counting their respective sets and reps is Leonardo’s last priority. Instead, he focuses on going heavy and feeling the power in his muscles.

Gregory Joujon-Roche claims that he trains Leonardo in a manner that takes him to his breakthrough moment.

“In the breakthrough moment, you teeter on the edge of failure, because you’re not sure that you can perform even one more rep. Your muscles say you can’t. Your mind says you can. Who wins? -Gregory Joujon-Roche

Such kind of intensity stimulates the muscles to perform beyond their normal capacity. This in turn facilitates more growth.

To work on his overall endurance, flexibility and mobility, Leonardo DiCaprio relies on performing interval training, cardio, yoga, martial arts and circuit training.

The following table will give you a detailed insight into Leonardo DiCaprio’s workout routine. Let’s have a look at it:-

Leonardo DiCaprio workout routine


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Workout Plan


Sets x Reps / Duration

Prison Style Workouts (3 days in a week)


5 x 25

Air Squats

5 x 25

Bench Dips

5 x 25


5 x 20

Parallel Bar Dips

5 x 25


5 x 10

Other Activities


20-30 minutes

Running (at a speed of 5-10 mph)


Walking (at a speed of 3.5-5 mph)



20-30 minutes


Optional Circuit Routines


400 Metres Run

3 sets

Kettlebell Swings

3 x 21


3 x 12


800 Metres Run

5 sets

Kettlebell Swings

5 x 30


5 x 30


1-Mile Run


100 reps


200 reps

Air Squats

300 reps

1-Mile Run

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Stay active

To keep his fitness levels on the top just like his stardom, Leonardo DiCaprio likes to stay active throughout the day.

Even on days when he is not hitting the gym, he likes to go for walks. He also likes to indulge in sports. This not only allows him to stay in shape but also contributes positively towards his physical well-being.

Be creative with your workouts

The absence of a well-equipped gymnasium should never obstruct the path of your fitness journey. You should be creative with your workouts. Leonardo DiCaprio’s trainer claims that there are many exercises that you can perform by using the things around you.

For instance, you can perform some reverse dips on the edge of a coffee table or slab. It will target your triceps and front delts.

Similarly, you can perform some sit-ups and crunches on the floor to carve your midsection. This kind of training approach keeps you fit and in great shape even when you don’t have the time to hit the gym.

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Final Words

So by now, you must be knowing everything that Leonardo DiCaprio does to stay fit all the time. You can rely on following his workout program to get in shape.

You just need to modify it in a manner that serves your training goals. You can also take the assistance of a trainer if you are just starting out with your fitness journey. That way, you would be able to take your fitness levels to newer heights.