Leg Press Foot Placement Variations


Leg Press Foot Placement Variations

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Exercises like squat and barbell row are very helpful to gain more muscle mass. But they are very difficult to learn and risk of injury is also very high. On the other hand machine exercises like seated cable row, leg press etc. are very easier to learn and risk of injury is very low. Since leg press only allow fixed standard movement, adding more weights on this machine exercise is very easier than free lift exercises. This is why the chance of injury is very low in leg press workout. But if you are sportsman, we don’t recommend leg press. Because leg press can’t activate your core muscles but still it is the best alternative of squat. The leg press works many of the same muscle groups as the squat, without putting as much load on the knees and spine.

What Muscles Does The Leg Press Work? 

Gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, assisting muscles etc.

Benefits of Leg Press 

Compound exercise 

Just like squat leg press is also a compound exercise. So you can target more muscles just by doing a single exercise. This makes leg press a more effective lower body exercise. Leg press is more efficient than leg isolation exercises like lying leg curls, leg extension etc.


Leg press is safer than squat because it only allows standard movement. Chances of falling weight plates on your body is less for leg press. Also the chances of injury is very less in leg press workout.

Leg Press Can Boost Your Speed 

Practicing leg press can improve the strength of every leg muscles. So you are able to generate more force on each step. As a result you can improve your speed.

Improve Vertical Jump 

Leg press will improve leg strength and help to increase your vertical jump. Leg press is one of the important training session of basketball star’s workout routine. By training leg press you are strengthening the same muscle groups that are used for jumping.

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How to Do Leg Press? 

  • Sit down on the leg press machine and place your legs on the platform 
  • Now hold the load and remove safety bar. 
  • Lower the platform till your lower and upper legs makes an angle 90 degree. 
  • Now by pushing the heels upwards come back to the starting position. 
  • Repeat it for 6-15 reps.

Leg Press Foot Placement Variations 

Small variations in foot placement can put more tension on specific leg muscles. That is, by changing the foot position you can target different muscle groups.

Leg Press Foot Placement Variations


Standard Form 

It is the most widely used leg press form. A standard shoulder width foot placement in the middle of platform is good for overall leg development.

Wide Stance 

A wide stance puts more emphasis on the adductors and inner quad.

Narrow Stance 

A narrow stance puts more emphasis on the adductors and outer quad.

High Foot Placement 

A high foot placement on the leg press platform puts more emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings.

Low Foot Placement 

A low foot placement puts more emphasis on the quads.

Calf Raises on the Leg Press 

You can also do calf raises on leg press machine by placing your feet at the bottom edge of leg press platform.

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