LeBron James Diet Plan and Supplements

It is often said, “We become what we eat”. This adage holds itself immensely true when it comes to the case of top-notch athletes. LeBron James happens to be one of them, and his diet plan is like that of a champion athlete. The strictness with which he follows his diet plan contributed tremendously towards improving his overall athletic performance.

This athletic diet guide will give you detailed information about LeBron James’ diet plan that brings out his best version every time he steps on the basketball court. Let’s have a look at it.

LeBron James Diet

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LeBron James Meal Plan

Before any competition, LeBron James prefers to have chicken breast and some pasta. The carb content present in pasta keeps him energized during the entire duration of the game. The high levels of proteins that he derives from chicken breast aids in fuelling his recovery. Apart from that, he also prefers eating a salad along with some veggies. At times he also chooses to have a protein shake and some fruits. LeBron James has always been quite meticulous about the quality of ingredients that he includes in his nutrition plan.

After he finishes a game, LeBron James focuses on post-game recovery. First of all, he rehydrates himself with water and a carb-rich fluid. Then he consumes some high-quality carbs and proteins. At times he prefers to have a protein drink made with almond milk, whey protein powder, cinnamon, agave, maca, and peanut butter. This protein drink is named ‘Peanut Butter Dream’.

Instead of eating too much at a time, LeBron James prefers to have 6 smaller meals every day. His meals are around 2½ to 3 hours apart. He always consumes fresh, homemade nutritious food that is heavy in its fruit and veggies content. The following table will give you a descriptive overview of the LeBron James meal plan.

LeBron James Diet Plan

LeBron James Diet Plan


Food Items

Meal 1 – Breakfast

Egg sandwich made with a whole-grain muffin, avocado, and Salsa. A smoothie made with fresh or frozen fruit and low-fat Greek yogurt.

Meal 2 – Snack

Protein Shakes

Meal 3 – Lunch

Spinach salad with veggies, grilled chicken, and a light balsamic vinaigrette or olive oil dressing.

Paired with a side of fresh fruit, or added slices of berries, apples, or mandarin oranges as a salad topper

Meal 4 – Pre Dinner Snack

Fruit or vitamins

Meal 5 – Dinner

Grilled or baked salmon with a topping of crushed pistachios, steamed vegetables, and quinoa drizzled with freshly squeezed lime juice, olive oil, or balsamic vinaigrette.

Seasoned with dried herbs including rosemary, chipotle pepper, or paprika

Meal 6 – Late Night Snack

Veggie omelet with a side of turkey bacon

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When it is the playoff season, James LeBron cuts off his sugar intake. He does so because it slows down his recovery, which hampers his athletic performance to some extent. But at the same time, he increases the intake of carbohydrates that keep him energized.

LeBron James has always been concerned about what he eats in a day. But at the same time, he is also concerned about the food items that he needs to avoid completely. These include soft drinks, hydrogenated fats, artificial ingredients, high-fat foods, dairy, sugar, and processed foods. James has been so particular towards following his strict diet chart that he had earlier refused a dessert that was made for him, and that too when he was on vacation.

On his cheat days, LeBron James likes to have a glass of wine. Pizza also happens to be one of his favorites when it comes to his cheat days. His favorite one is the kitchen sink which has 16 toppings, including banana peppers, turkey meatballs, fresh basil, and olives.

LeBron James Supplements

Even though LeBron James gets a major chunk of his nutritional requirements from whole foods, he also includes certain supplements which aid in improving his overall athletic performance and recovery. Some of his preferred supplements are the following:-

  • Plant Protein Powder: This is undoubtedly the fastest-growing vegan supplement in the sports and fitness industry. It is a great source of high-quality protein which promotes muscle growth. It is easily digestible and provides the muscles with a quick supply of proteins that aid in their recovery and growth. They are also an excellent source of fiber and other essential nutrients. Plant proteins are lower in calories and fat as compared to animal proteins.
  • Multivitamins: Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins and minerals that are present in different food sources. LeBron James includes multivitamins in his supplement stack to keep his energy levels high. It also helps in maintaining overall muscle strength. Lack of vitamins can promote lethargy and fatigue, which has no place in the lifestyle of an athlete. Hence, LeBron James prefers to supplement his daily consumption with multivitamins to have increased levels of energy and activeness.

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Final Words

So this was all about LeBron’s diet plan. The discipline with which he follows his diet plan is something we all can take inspiration from. We would recommend you to first consult a dietician or nutritionist before you directly start following the LeBron James diet plan. This will ensure that you gain the best out of it.