Lauren Simpson’s Diet Plan & Supplements

While unveiling her fitness secret, Lauren Simpson never misses to mention her brilliant diet plan. In fact, a clean, careful meal plan is what helped her transform into a successful bodybuilder from a skinny girl. 

Born in Sydney, Australia, Lauren Simpson is professionally a WBFF bikini model and a social media influencer. Coming from a sports background, she was an excellent athlete and played netball, football, and several other games in her teen days.

Hence, her falling in love with fitness was never a coincidence. Although Lauren Simpson was quick to adapt to those vigorous exercises, it took her time and constant experimentations to derive her ideal nutrition plan. And it seems like all those efforts literally paid off. 

Lauren Simpson’s diet plan focuses primarily on macros and clean meals. She takes her meals smartly, and is always willing to do anything to stay in shape.

Therefore, if you are looking for a brilliant nutrition plan that can aid you in your fitness journey, you ought to learn how this WBFF model is doing it. And to help you with that, in this article, we will unveil to you Lauren Simpson’s diet that makes her what she is.

Lauren Simpson’s Diet Plan 

Lauren Simpson Diet Plan

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As stated above, Lauren Simpson’s meal plan focuses primarily on macros while ensuring clean meals. That means, she focuses on eating food items rich in Carbs, protein, and Healthy Fats. 

Furthermore, Lauren is an ectomorph, and hence, needs to take in more calories to retain muscles for longer periods. Therefore, in total, Lauren Simpson usually takes around 6 meals every day.

Also, she firmly believes eating light meals more often is more beneficial to the body than three big meals a day.

Lauren Simpson’s Meal Plan

Meal 1

5 Ounces of egg white, 3 Ounces of oats, 1 Tablespoon honey

Meal 2

1 cup of Blueberries, 1 Scoop protein

Meal 3

3.5 Ounces of Barramundi fish, 9 Ounces of sweet potato

Meal 4

2.5 Ounces of chicken breast, 5 Ounces of mixed vegetables, 1.5 Ounces of walnuts

Meal 5

3.5 Ounces of turkey mince, 3.5 Ounces of pumpkin, A ¼ cup of baby spinach leaves, 2 ounces of avocado

Meal 6

¼ cup almonds and 1 scoop protein

Given above is Lauren Simpson’s meal plan that she follows usually. Please note that she modifies her meal plan, though gradually. However, the diet chart above gives you a clear idea of what kinds of food she eats.

Lauren Simpson and Her 1000 Calorie Diet

In the earlier days of bodybuilding, Lauren Simpson wasn’t aware of the importance of eating more. As a result, she ate only 1000 Calories worth of food, way below what her 5’7” body demanded. 

Later, after taking expert advice, she redesigned her diet to meet her energy needs. And that’s how she shifted her focus to taking as much as macronutrients as possible.

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Cheat Meals

Although Lauren Simpson follows a clean meal plan, she had at times confessed about her cheat meals. Personally, she is a great fan of Sushi and Potato fries. 

Also, as someone who loves sweets, Lauren Simpson has pledged not to keep any sweets in her house, to save herself from cravings. 

Lauren Simpson Diet

What to Eat 

If you are into bodybuilding, it is crucial that your diet plan includes every key nutrient. Otherwise, your fitness journey will go wasted.

For instance, when Lauren Simpson followed a low calorie diet earlier, she stayed slim and weak. But when she formulated a diet plan that suited her and started following it strictly, she gradually gained mass. The same applies to you as well.

So, if you are planning to follow Lauren Simpson’s diet plan, here are the food items you should eat regularly.

  • Egg/Egg whites
  • Chicken, lean meat
  • Fish 
  • Vegetables
  • Sweet potato for clean carbs
  • Oats for breakfasts
  • Spinach/ healthy green leaves
  • Avocado
  • Berries and other fruits
  • Nuts 

What to Avoid 

When it comes to following a healthy diet, avoiding unhealthy food items is perhaps the most important thing to do. Of course, it hurts to sacrifice on palpable food items that we love the most. But the fact is, it takes great effort and sacrifices to be in your dream physique.

So, if your dream is a killer physique like Lauren Simpson, here are some food items that you should avoid at any cost:

  • Fried food items
  • Fast food
  • Sweets
  • Food with high fat content
  • Alcohol 
  • Rice/ wheat or other food items excess in Carbs

Lauren Simpson’s Supplements 

Indeed, it’s a fact that almost no diet plan can fulfill all your nutrition needs, especially when you are into bodybuilding. Understanding the same, Lauren Simpson has included certain supplements in her nutrition plan. 

Given below are Lauren Simpson’s supplements that help her shorten the nutrition gap. But keep in mind- never take these supplements without expert advice. The reason is: your body type, fitness goals, and several other factors together determine what supplements you need to take. 

Whey protein:

Commonly taken by professional bodybuilders, whey protein helps in building muscles and strength. Lauren Simpson takes it along with her meals multiple times a day. 


Probiotics help Lauren keep a clean stomach, especially to have a better bowel movement. In addition, it also benefits her skin and other body parts. 

Digestive Enzymes:

To ensure that her body digests key nutrients faster, Lauren Simpson takes digestive enzymes daily. For example, Enzyme Amylase breaks down Carbs, Protease breaks up protein, and Lipase for Fat.


Multivitamins provide Lauren Simpson with a wide range of key vitamins, and other key nutrients.


BCAA’s, which stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids, speed up metabolism and boosts muscle growth.


Magnesium supplement helps Lauren Simpson’s body in improving overall bodily functions. In addition to increasing metabolism rate, Magnesium also promotes bone strength, the health of the nervous system, and many more. 

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Final Words

That was the diet plan followed by Lauren Simpson that has been helping her maintain her stunning physique. If you are into bodybuilding, you can always consider imitating the brilliant diet followed by this successful WBFF model.

As evident from Lauren Simpson’s diet plan, achieving one’s dream physique goals takes a lot of effort and sacrifices. Therefore, you must abide by your diet plan and stick to it consistently.

Although diet is the most crucial factor in bodybuilding, exercises also have a fair role in your fitness journey. Hence, in addition to following a smart diet plan like Lauren Simpson, adopt a suitable workout routine.