Lauren Drain Diet Plan

Once an outcast from the Westboro Baptist Church and disowned by her family, Lauren Drain Kagan carved her success story by dint of sheer hard work and determination. The bikini athlete is a popular internet sensation and fitness icon who is looked up to by everyone. All Lauren has to do is pose casually in a bikini, and she can turn up the heat in no time!

Lauren Drain is a fitness freak. “I almost always workout in ‘beast mode’, ” she says. Is that all that it takes to maintain that lean, sculpted body? Of course not. If you are craving a body like Lauren, you have to eat like Lauren.

Lauren has experimented with many dieting methods like macros, paleo, strict clean diet, and even flexible dieting. That’s quite a lot of experience.

She tells her followers that any plan can fetch you your dream body, given that you remain consistent.

This article will give you a brief insight into Lauren Drain’s diet that you can follow.

Lauren Drain Diet Plan

Lauren Drain Diet
Lauren Drain in an Instagram Photo (Lauren Drain / Instagram)
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Healthy eating is very important for proper bodybuilding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lauren is very conscious about what she puts on her plate.

Lauren sticks to eating whole foods so that she can develop a habit of eating healthy. She takes around 4-5 meals each day. All her meals have adequate quantities of vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein. She changes her carb intake according to her goal.

Have a look at Lauren Drain’s meal plan to have an idea when you sketch out your own diet chart:

Lauren Drain Meal Plan

Meal 1

Oatmeal, Egg whites, Almonds, Grapes, Cashews, Strawberries

Meal 2

Salad with Tuna, Tomatoes, Orange and Green Bell Peppers, Olive Oil

Meal 3

Whey Protein and Banana

Meal 4

Chicken Breast and Brown Rice

Meal 5

Cottage Cheese, Almond Butter, Raisins

When her nutritionist had planned a diet for her, she thought that adhering to a stringent meal plan will always make her feel hungry, given that she follows an intense workout regime.

On the contrary, eating frequently kept her from getting hungry often and snacking on unhealthy foods. She is fond of cauliflower, cooked broccoli, sweet potatoes, and Brussel sprouts.

Lauren consumes 1600 calories each day. Once she resorted to healthy eating, her body started taking shape, and her abs became prominent. She soon realized the wonders of eating clean. She says that adequate quantities of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats in one’s diet are the key to a well-groomed body.

What to Eat

Many people know what healthy foods they should incorporate in their diet, but they are unsure of the portions. Lauren Drain knows her portions right. She makes sure that 40% of her meals consist of protein.

She also tries to incorporate approximately 30% carbs in 3-4 of her meals. She avoids the intake of carbs in her last meal. She has a scientific approach to healthy eating.

She also suggests her clients enjoy their healthy meals. One’s diet should not make one feel restricted or leave him craving for something sumptuous at the back of the mind. It is good to have a flexible diet.

If you are craving something, do not feel guilty about eating it. Rather, having cheat meals frequently has its own set of benefits. Maintaining a strict diet for a while and then suddenly surprising the body with something that it has been craving for long is a hack that can rev up one’s metabolism.

Therefore, you do not have to eat bland food to carve out your abs and maintain a lean body.

Here are a few things that Lauren Drain’s diet plan includes:

  1. Whole foods
  2. Chicken breast
  3. Ground turkey
  4. Fish
  5. Shrimp
  6. Beans
  7. Tuna
  8. Salad
  9. Egg whites
  10. Oatmeal
  11. Cashews
  12. Fruits
  13. Whey protein

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What to Avoid

Although a bodybuilder is allowed to go crazy with diet plan once in a while, a few things are an absolute NO.

Here are a few foods that Lauren Drain avoids:

  1. Non-organic food
  2. Bread
  3. Sugar
  4. Dairy products
  5. Added preservatives
  6. Artificial sweeteners
  7. Chemicals

Lauren Drain Supplements

One of the leading fitness models in the world, Lauren Drain opts for supplements that are clinically tested and account for the holistic development of the body. All the products are clinically tested and made of 100% natural ingredients.

Here are some of Lauren Drain’s supplements:

  1. Energy drink and appetite suppressants: This not only works as an energy booster but also cuts down your caffeine craving. To begin with, one should take only half a scoop of this supplement.
  2. Multivitamins: Multivitamin supplements compensate for the nutrition gaps in your diet and account for the all-round development of your body.
  3. Post-workout or protein shakes: They are taken after one finishes his workout session. They help in the repair, recovery, and rejuvenation of the body muscles.

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Lauren is one of those fitness icons who won’t compel you to fight back your craving. Her meal strategy tells us that you can gorge on a lip-smacking cheat diet today and still hit the gym like a beast tomorrow.

Hope this gives you the motivation to kickstart your fitness regime. Break a sweat for the dream body that you have always adored, and keep your nutrition plan in check for the most effective results!