Lauren Conrad Workout Routine

Lauren Conrad is a renowned American TV personality, fashion designer, and author. She rose to fame after her appearance in ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County‘. She then went on to make a successful career in the fashion industry as well.

Apart from her successful career in the television and fashion industry, Lauren is also admired for her well-toned aesthetic physique. She is someone who likes to stay fit and in great shape all the time. But you would be surprised to know that Lauren is neither a gym freak nor does she love to train. She has even stated that in her 60-minutes training session, most of the time her eyes are on the clock.

So how does she maintain such an awesome and aesthetic figure year-round? That’s the question that has brought you here. Ain’t it? So, here we present before you a detailed overview of Lauren Conrad’s workout routine that keeps her in tip-top shape all the time. Let’s get through it.

Lauren Conrad’s Workout Principles

Lauren Conrad Workout
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Cardio and kickboxing are the two most important exercising disciplines of Lauren Conrad’s workout plan. The former helps her to attain a lean physique whereas the latter targets to improve her muscle tone and also enhances her overall mobility and flexibility.

When it comes to Lauren Conrad’s cardio training, it is not only confined to running. She incorporates exercises like step aerobics, swimming, working on the elliptical trainer, etc. to maintain her slim and fit figure.

Her training program also includes some compound movements that work on putting on muscle mass on her frame. For performing such movements, Conrad prefers to train with lighter weights. This training approach provides her body with a lean and toned look.

Lauren Conrad’s Workout Schedule

Lauren Conrad workouts for 5-days a week. Her weekends are reserved for rest and recuperation. Given below is her workout split:-

  • Monday- Aerobics
  • Tuesday- Kickboxing
  • Wednesday- Aerobics
  • Thursday- Kickboxing
  • Friday- Aerobics
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- Rest

Lauren Conrad’s Workout Routine

Lauren Conrad’s workout routine is designed in a manner that allows her to train her entire body as a single unit. Her well-toned abs are probably one of the most highlighting parts of her physique.

You might be assuming that Conrad must be hitting her core muscles by performing countless crunches and sit-ups every single day. But that is certainly not the case. She follows a well-structured exercise routine that incorporates a variety of movements that not only targets her core muscles but also provides her entire body with a great workout.

Lauren Conrad’s training routine is targeted towards making her body look lean and toned. It focuses on building up lean muscle mass. But at the same time, it also ensures that it doesn’t put excessive bulk on Conrad’s aesthetic frame.

Lauren Conrad workouts under the guidance of her trainer Jarett Del Bene. Her usual workout sessions are 30-60 minutes long. Her exercise routine doesn’t incorporate a lot of fancy gym equipment. Instead, it includes free weights and resistance bands.

Lauren is also a big fan of performing circuit training. Circuit training works on strengthening her muscles along with working on her endurance levels.

The following table will give you a detailed insight into Lauren Conrad’s workout routine that keeps her in awesome shape 24x7x365. Let’s have a look at it.

Lauren Conrad Workout Routine

Lauren Conrad Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- Aerobics


3 x 60 seconds

Sumo Squats

3 x 60 seconds

Jumping Jacks

3 x 60 seconds

Push-ups on Knees

3 x 60 seconds

Alternating Front Lunges

3 x 60 seconds

Throwing Left, Right Punches

3 x 60 seconds

Planks with Leg Lift

3 x 60 seconds

Bicycle Crunches

3 x 60 seconds

Tuesday and Thursday- Kickboxing


30 minutes

Skipping Rope warm-up

5 minutes

Kickboxing Round 1 (Jab-Cross-Uppercut-Low Punch-Kick)

3 minutes

Squat and Press / Lunges

1 minute

Kickboxing Round 2 (Jab-Cross-Kick-Hook-Low Punch)

3 minutes

Squat and Press / Lunges

1 minute

Kickboxing Round 3 (Jab-Cross-Uppercut-Kick-Hook-Low Punch-Kick-Jab)

3 minutes

Squat and Press / Lunges

1 minute

Repeat the above-mentioned workout once more.

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

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To add an extra edge to her bodyweight training program, Lauren Conrad ensures to incorporate the following tips to her workout routine:-

Keep mixing up the things

Lauren Conrad keeps on switching up her workout routine. She claims that hitting your body with the same exercise is extremely monotonous. Your body gets adapted to it easily and then it stops responding much. Hence, she relies on switching up exercises.

Get a training partner

Getting in shape is something that requires a lot of motivation. A training partner in such a case does the job pretty well. Conrad loves to train with Lo Bosworth. She claims that training with a partner instills a competitive spirit that lets you perform your very best. So if you too want to get the most out of your workouts, get a training partner.

Stay active on your rest days

Lauren Conrad likes to stay active on her rest days as well. She isn’t one of those who would just lie on the couch the whole day on the weekends. Instead, she performs activities like hiking, kayaking, going for a run on the beach, etc. This not only keeps her physically fit and active but also gives her mental peace.

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Final Words

Lauren Conrad’s aesthetic physique can inspire anyone to get started with one’s fitness journey. To follow Lauren Conrad’s workout plan, neither you would be needing a modern gymnasium, nor would you have to sweat for hours. All you need is some free weights, resistance bands, and a will to transform your physique to its aesthetic version.

Being consistent with your workout plan is also mandatory if you want to see desirable results. Just stay positive, stay focused and stay active.