Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices & Membership Cost 2023

If you are looking for a gym membership in the land of Entertainment, you need to try out Las Vegas Athletic Club. It started back in 1977 as a racquetball club, but later evolved to be a favorite fitness destination in the state.

With less than 7 clubs located across Nevada, LVAC is not a pan US gym network. But within the state and particularly in Las Vegas, it’s a great gym to join.  

They offer excellent facilities at affordable prices. Monthly prices there start from as low as $23 per month and can go even further if you choose the right membership option.

Their membership prices are quite straightforward, and you can choose a plan that suits you the best from a number of options. 

And through this article, we will guide you through Las Vegas Athletic Club membership costs and other pricing details. So, read along! 

Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices & Membership Cost 

Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices
Las Vegas Athletic Club

Las Vegas Athletic Club doesn’t have membership plans based on facilities you can access. Instead, they offer simple packages depending on how long you can commit and whether you visit as a single person or with your partner. 

Given below is a quick table of Las Vegas Athletic Club membership cost for different kinds of plans they offer. 

Las Vegas Athletic Club  Prices & Membership Cost

Las Vegas Athletic Club monthly membership

single person

Initiation fee


Monthly fee


Dual person

Initiation fee


Monthly fee


Las Vegas Athletic Club yearly membership

Single person

Initiation fee


Monthly fee


Dual person

Initiation fee


Monthly fee


As there aren’t many LVAC studios around, you can expect the prices to come really close to what we have mentioned here. But as always, try contacting them to learn about exact prices in that Club.

How much does Las Vegas Athletic Club cost?

Las Vegas Athletic Club Membership Cost
Las Vegas Athletic Club

Las Vegas Athletic Club prices are not only affordable but are also pretty straightforward. They typically don’t have any hidden charges that come with memberships in most other clubs. 

Las Vegas Athletic Club prices start at as low as $23 per month per person if you opt for the monthly membership. In addition to the monthly fee, you can also expect an initiation fee of $99 for this plan. 

But what if you wish to go to LVAC with your partner? Well, then there is the couple membership. If you visit along with your partner, you can go under a single membership that has a monthly fee of $46. The Las Vegas Athletic Club dual plan also has a start-up fee of $99. 

Those were the Las Vegas Athletic Club membership costs for the monthly plans. Obviously, they are way cheaper compared to most other gyms with similar facilities. But the thing is, it can get even cheaper if you opt for the yearly plan.

In the annual plan, you will be signing up for an entire year instead of paying on a monthly basis. Las Vegas Athletic Club pricing for the yearly membership is $276 a year for single person memberships and $252 per year for dual membership. 

In the yearly plan as well, like in the monthly plan, you will have to pay $99 as the initiation fee. 

So, which plan to choose? That depends on you. If you are sure that you will be present in Nevada for a longer period, then the Las Vegas Athletic Club annual plan looks like a better deal. 

However, if you are someone who shifts their location frequently, are someone who is in the state for a shorter duration, then the monthly plan is obviously the plan for you.

In most LVAC clubs, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime you want, and they usually won’t charge you any cancellation fee.

Also, once you have gone to Las Vegas Athletic Club for one or two years, you can expect your monthly fees to come down over time. 

In other words, the longer you stay a member, the lower your LVAC membership cost becomes. 

Finally, those were Las Vegas Athletic Club pricing that you can expect in most of their clubs; but if you could reach out to them and enquire about exact rates, it will be more help full. Contacting them directly is helpful not only in learning about exact prices but also in availing of special deals they offer. 

Las Vegas Athletic Club

LVAC monthly cost

Las Vegas Athletic Club monthly cost for the month to month membership is $23 per person, which is obviously reasonable. 

How much is Las Vegas Athletic Club initiation fee?

Las Vegas Athletic Club has an initiation fee of $99. It is applicable to all kinds of plans; be it the monthly plan or yearly plan. 

Is Las Vegas Athletic Club month to month?

Not entirely, but Las Vegas Athletic Club also offers monthly plans. Contact your local club to learn more about the packages they offer. 

Las Vegas Athletic Club
Las Vegas Athletic Club

How much is LVAC annual fee?

Las Vegas Athletic Club usually doesn’t have an annual fee. But to make sure, do contact them directly. 

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Las Vegas Athletic Club Deals & Discounts 

Considering the excellent facilities and group classes they offer, LVAC prices are reasonable in the first place. But upon the affordable membership prices, they give special deals and discounts. 

The best way to bring down your Las Vegas Athletic Club membership cost is by making use of online coupons.

In addition, there are some other ways to bring down your cost of Las Vegas Athletic Club membership. For instance, you can speak with them, and request to waive off the membership initiation fee; this can save you $99. 

In addition to these deals, always contact them directly and learn about recent deals and discounts.

Besides these deals on bringing down LVAC prices, a membership there can also give you discounts on further purchases. They tie up with different firms and health care dealers. 

So, if you use their facilities through your Las Vegas Athletic Club membership, you can get decent discounts.

LVAC prices
Las Vegas Athletic Club

Can I go to any Las Vegas Athletic Club with my membership?

Not usually. With a Las Vegas Athletic Club membership, you can visit only your home club. However, some local clubs may tie up with each other, and in such cases, you can visit multiple clubs. 

That being said, you can easily shift your Las Vegas Athletic Club membership from one club to another. That too, often without any membership transfer fee. 

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The Bottom Line

Considering the excellent facilities they offer, Las Vegas Athletic Club prices are undoubtedly reasonable, without doubt. They have large studios and numerous sets of workout machines and equipment than even most other mid-ranged gyms.

Price-wise, Las Vegas Athletic Club is a low-ranged gym but facilities-wise, they are on par with any other mid-range gyms in the United States. 

However, a drawback is that LVAC is present only in Nevada. But for those in the state, it’s a great gym deal.