LA Fitness Personal Trainer Cost [2023 Update]

It is quite natural that sometimes, you might get lost in your fitness journey; you may be lacking the motivation, your workout and diet approach may not be proving effective, or you just feel hopeless.

In all such cases, hiring a personal trainer can come as a solution. Even for advanced gym-goers, personal training is a great way to improve results.  

At LA Fitness, you can hire highly professional personal trainers with great skill, adequate qualifications, and years of experience. They will help you find the proper form, track your performance, design your workout routine and diet, and in several other aspects so that you can chase your fitness goals in a more organized manner.

However, at the same time, keep in mind that at any gym, personal trainers are costly, so is at LA Fitness. To help you get a clear picture, LA Fitness personal training cost per hour can often be more than your entire month’s gym membership fee.

Therefore, you first need to learn about the expected cost of LA Fitness fitness trainers and after that, take a wise decision. 

And to help you learn more about LA Fitness personal trainer cost and other details, here is an article that explores their training program; its cost, worthiness, and other aspects that matter. So, read along!  

LA Fitness personal trainer cost
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How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost at LA Fitness?

You can expect LA Fitness personal training cost to be somewhere between $40 and $60 per hour, or say on an average, $50 per hour. 

Consider you attend one personal training session per week (in their most popular plan), your monthly personal training cost can be $160- $240; and for a year, it can be somewhere around $1900- $2700. Most contracts are of 12 months duration. 

The exact price depends on several factors such as:

  • Experience level of the trainer
  • Qualification of the trainer
  • Your club’s personal training policies
  • Club location (may cost more at bigger towns)
  • Contract duration
  • Other factors such as seasonal discounts, what impression they have about you, etc.

For more insights on LA Fitness personal trainer cost, you can directly speak with the club executives. 

Is a Personal Trainer at LA Fitness Worth it?

Well, that depends on several factors. For instance, if spending somewhere around $2500 per year in addition to your standard gym fee is not a big expense for you, we’d say you can enroll for personal training. 

Also, the personal trainer program at LA Fitness offers a certain quality that you can’t find often in most other gyms

Given below are some mentionable benefits of hiring a personal trainer at LA Fitness:

  • Firstly, they give you the proper guidance on how to work out and what approach to follow for perfect results.
  • Personalized sessions to evaluate your performance consistently. 
  • Regular analysis of body measurements, strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and other factors.
  • Personalized diet plans
  • Regular tracking of performance
  • Variety of exercises to keep you engaged, and helping hand in finding proper form.
  • Special access to the studio zone in the LA Fitness mobile app, where you can get guidelines for working out at home. 

So, personal Training at LA Fitness can help you in your fitness journey. That being said, we will never insist that you should opt for it. If you don’t wish to spend an additional $200 besides your gym fee per month, and you are no longer a newbie, you can work out on your own.

Because, there are people out there who managed to achieve their fitness goals without assistance whereas, for others, personal training came helpful in their fitness journey.

 Also, you can speak with others who have already hired a personal trainer at that club, and learn whether it proved fruitful for them.  

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Can I bring My Own Personal Trainer to LA Fitness?

Technically, no! LA Fitness has its own certified personal trainers and they won’t allow you to bring your own personal trainers. 

However, as you can guess, you can still bring a trainer along with you, as LA Fitness allows you to bring guests. Also, you both can get a membership there and can work out together.

Can You Cancel LA Fitness Personal Training?

Yes, you can cancel LA Fitness personal training; but should you? 

Why we say so is, if you cancel your personal training agreement before the contract ends, you will have to pay an early cancelation fee. At most clubs, if you cancel your personal training cost before the contract end, you will have to pay 50% of what you would otherwise pay for the rest of the contract period.

For instance, if you have a 1 session per week personal training and your 12 month fee is $2400, and you wish to cancel the contract after six months, you will have to pay $600 as the additional (2400- 1200- 1200/2) cancellation fee, which can be hefty. 

However, we would never blame LA Fitness for such a high early cancelation fee. The reason is, personal trainers at LA Fitness plan their entire season considering your sessions as well. So, if you just get out of the contract all of a sudden, they may suffer loss.

So, the best thing to do is, before you agree to the personal training agreement, make sure that you can stay in the agreement for the whole period, and you will be able to attend your sessions without missing any.  

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Final Thoughts

If you can afford to spend an additional few hundred bucks per month on your gym fee and believe that your performance will improve under a trainer, you can definitely opt for a personal coach at LA Fitness. 

LA Fitness personal trainers are well known for their expertise and skill; so, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your personal training sessions. 

But a thing to keep in mind is, go through their personal training agreement carefully before signing up for it. Not just skimming, but go through each point; and only if you are satisfied with those terms, sign up for the contract. 

Also, speak with others who have already hired a trainer at that same club; hear their feedback, and make a wise decision, because it’s your money and time.