LA Fitness Free Trial (Free Day Pass & Guest Pass) 2023

With more than 700 clubs across the United States and Canada, LA Fitness is one of the most popular gym chains in the continent. The gym offers the most modern facilities and top-notch equipment that promise greater workout comfort for reasonable prices.

So, if you are looking for a mid-ranged gym membership, then LA Fitness is definitely worth considering. And to start working out there, you will have to pay their initiation and monthly fees. But does that mean you have to pay all these prices right away before learning about their facilities? Absolutely not!

LA Fitness offers free guest pass using which you can learn about the facilities that the gym offer, the workout environment, or any other factor that may contribute to your workout experience.

LA Fitness guest passes are therefore worth grabbing before you go there and get your membership. And in this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about LA Fitness free trial. So, read along!

LA Fitness Guest Pass
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Is There LA Fitness Free Trial?

Yes, LA Fitness offers a free trial. Through the free trial, you can get to know what the LA Fitness club has to offer, and can decide whether to get a membership there or not. 

How to Get a Free Trial at LA Fitness?

The best and the most common way to get an LA Fitness guest pass is by visiting their website. In this method, you simply need to go to their website, give some of your personal details, and submit the request. It is that simple. 

Details you have to give while applying for an LA Fitness free day pass include your name, cell phone number, and email. And you can either enter your zip code, or browse for an individual club, to select where you want to visit using the guest pass. 

Once you’ve given the details and submitted the request, they will send the day pass to your email.

How Long is the LA Fitness Free Trial?

Typically, the LA Fitness trial is 3 days long. But before, there was a time when they gave the free day pass with the same benefits for 5 days. 

Therefore, although you can expect free pass for 3 days, either keep checking their website, or contact your local LA Fitness club to learn about the current duration of trial they offer. 

Does LA Fitness Have A Week Pass?

No, LA Fitness typically doesn’t have a week pass. But still, you can try contacting your local club to learn if they offer any such passes. 

How to Get LA Fitness Guest Pass?

You can get an LA Fitness guest pass by visiting their website. This is the best way to get one, but if you wish to do it the conventional way, try visiting a club in person and enquire.

If you do it online, you can simply go to their website, and fill in the details such as your name, zip code or specific club name, cellphone number, and email address. 

How Does LA Fitness Guest Pass Work?

Once you have submitted your LA Fitness guest pass, they will mail you the pass to your email. You have to use the pass within 30 days or else, the pass will no longer be valid. 

So, once you have decided on your guest pass date, you can try LA Fitness for 3 different days. And while visiting the club for a guest pass, bring a picture ID card- like a driver’s license.

On these days, you can try most of their facilities, and you will have access to most of their equipment. 

The guest pass is free. However, there may be some extra charges for certain facilities; for example- courts, leagues, childcare, and personal training. Other facilities will also vary from club to club.

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How to Use LA Fitness Guest Pass?

You can get a 3 day LA Fitness trial which is basically free of cost. Through this pass, you can work out at one of the LA Fitness clubs.

The free day pass is useful especially if you have the wish to join LA Fitness, but are not quite sure whether the club is worth it. So, through the free trial, you can make your mind whether to join there or not. 

LA Fitness Guest Pass Policy

Before using the LA Fitness guest pass, you need to be familiar with their guest pass policy. 

Here is what it says:

  • All guests need to be at least 16 years of age. And if younger than 18 years, a guest needs to submit a waiver signed by their parent or guardian. And if the guest is 13-16 years of age, they can still visit, but a guardian is a must while they work out.
  • While visiting the club as a guest, you need to submit a photo ID card, preferably your driver’s license. But other government documents are also fine.
  • The free pass is valid only for 30 from the day they mail you the pass. Pass will be invalid after one month. And you need to use the pass for 3 straight days.
  • An individual can grab a guest pass only once every 6 months. This is applicable not only to a single club; but also, they can’t visit any other LA Fitness club during the trial period.
  • For your own safety, once you get the guest pass, you need to do a Fitness analysis by an expert before visiting the club.
  • Facilities will vary from location to location. Also, there can be additional charges for certain extra facilities.
  • LA Fitness strictly prohibits reselling of guest passes.
  • Guests need to abide by the law while enjoying their free trial at LA Fitness.

If you agree with these terms, you can grab an LA Fitness day pass

Does La Fitness Allow Guests?

Yes, LA Fitness allows guests. Either the members can bring their guests, or non-members can grab a guest pass by visiting the website. 

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Can You Bring A Guest To LA Fitness?

Yes, if you are currently an LA Fitness member, you can bring a guest along with you. You can contact the gym directly to learn more about their policy regarding bringing guests.

How much is LA Fitness Guest Passes?

LA Fitness pass is basically free. All you need to get a free day pass is to apply for it either through the website or by visiting the club in person.

However, you may have to pay for certain extra facilities such as:

  • Personal trainer
  • Courts
  • Kid’s club
  • League

The extra fee depends on the facilities available at a club. But you would never have to pay for accessing weight training or cardio equipment. 

Are LA Fitness Guest Passes Free?

Yes, LA Fitness guest passes are free. 

Can I Use my LA Fitness Pass At Any Location?

No, once you have applied for a guest pass to one LA Fitness location, you typically can’t use it at another club. You can select the guest pass location while applying online.

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The Bottom Line

So, that was how you can grab an LA Fitness free pass, and what are their terms and conditions. 

We think the process of getting a pass is quite easy and quick. The only drawback we found is that you may have to wait a while till they mail you the pass. Rest, grabbing an LA Fitness is very convenient. And finally, never forget to redeem the pass within 30 days.