Kubera Mudra: What It Is, How to Do It, Benefits, and More

Hasta mudras or hand gestures are an integral part of any yoga regimen. They can help a practitioner retrain their mind. Hand gestures may seem very simple, but their benefits are many and far-reaching. Regular practice may yield physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional benefits. Here we will discuss a yoga mudra that not only has health benefits but can also shower wealth on the practitioner. This is none other than the Kubera mudra or wealth mudra.

What is Kubera Mudra? 

Kubera Mudra

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Kubera mudra is also referred to as the ‘three finger technique’ because the mudra involves the use of three fingers of each hand. The money mudra allows a person to fulfill his/her desire and achieve gratification, contentment, and prosperity. The hand gesture helps content the three elements of nature – fire, air, and ether that together control various bodily functions. The thumb is the source of strength and confidence, while the middle finger imbues one with humbleness and leads through the path of karma. This union is enriched by the presence of the index finger that adds the element of luck to any karma or endeavor of the practitioner. These three fingers also channelize energy into the practitioner.

Kubera Mudra Meaning

The mudra derives its name from Kubera – the lord of wealth mentioned in Indian mythology. As such, Kubera mudra is also known as the wealth gesture. Moreover, the connection of the three fingers helps restore any imbalance of the three elements within the body, which leads to better mental and physical health. That is why mudra for money is also known as the mudra for health.

How to do Kubera Mudra?

To gain the benefits of the wealth mudra, it is essential to practice it accurately. That is why we have laid down a step-by-step guide of how to perform the mudra:

  • Like any other mudra, mudra for prosperity can be practiced sitting down. You can assume any yoga pose that feels comfortable to you. This could be Simple pose (Sukhasana), Lotus pose (Padmasana), Hero pose (Veerasana), Diamond pose (Vajrasana), Accomplished pose (Siddhasana), etc. Even if you cannot assume any of these poses, you can sit in any pose that you feel comfortable in. 
  • In the next step, close your eyes. However, it is not essential to do so to perform the mudra for money. You can keep your eyes open and focus on a particular thing so as not to get distracted. With eyes closed, you can attain better focus. 
  • Next, place both your hands on the thighs. Your palms should be open and face upwards. 
  • Now bring your thumb, middle finger, and index fingers together and create light pressure on each fingertip. Do not press too much.  
  • Point this joint upwards. This allows upward movement of energy and calms the mind and body. Fold the other two fingers so that they are at the palm’s center.
  • Be in this posture for about 10-15 minutes and repeat it. You can also perform it for 30 minutes at a stretch. 
  • Gradually flatten your fingers to release the mudra for prosperity.  

Note – One can perform the Kubera mudra standing up or lying down. Moreover, the wealth mudra can be performed on a full stomach and anywhere you want. 

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Benefits of Kubera Mudra

Kubera Mudra Benefits

The mudra for money doesn’t only usher in prosperity and wealth but is also good for your health. Here is a list of the most important Kubera mudra health benefits:

  1. Improves brain power

The practice of the mudra helps a person improve memory power and capitalize on it. The mudra also helps increase concentration and focus for better productivity. 

  1. Balances Vata

People with deficiency or imbalance of Vata or air element in the body can benefit from the mudra. It can help control heart rate, breathing, and cellular functions. It also boosts creativity, focus, and work activities so that the practitioner can achieve life goals easily. 

  1. Improves blood circulation

One of the important Kubera mudra health benefits is improved blood circulation. Deep breathing during the practice of this mudra increases oxygen supply to the heart. This, in turn, allows the heart to send out highly oxygenated blood to different parts of the body, including the cerebral cortex that is responsible for increased focus. 

  1. Allows better energy flow

The mudra opens up obstacles on the path of energy flow. Thus, the mudra revitalizes the body and allows access to universal energy. This helps the practitioner attain his life goals at a much faster pace. 

  1. Fights infections

Combating infections is one of the primary Kubera mudra health benefits that a practitioner can get. An imbalance of water and earth elements can lead to acute sinusitis which results in blocked ear and nose. This happens because of the increase in phlegm. Acute sinusitis can also cause nasal congestion, intense headaches, heaviness, and facial pain. By balancing the water and earth elements in the body, the mudra relieves a person of all such problems.  

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  • The mudra gives a person the power to achieve his goals. You have to put in your best efforts to achieve your goals and desires. The mudra, alone, cannot fulfill them. 
  • You must have your mind fixed on your goals before performing the money mudra. 
  • Kubera mudra isn’t restricted by time and position. You can do it whenever you want and as long as you want. 

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of Kubera mudra. If you see any side effects, stop practicing at once. 


If you want to usher in prosperity and wealth, include the mudra for prosperity in your daily routine. The mudra will awaken new energy within you and also reinstate a sense of calm and peace. It creates a strong desire for prosperity and wealth and guides you towards the same. The mudra allows you to harness the powers of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars simultaneously to help you achieve your desires. The best thing is you can practice it as long as you want and whenever you want. There are absolutely no restrictions or limitations on performing this money mudra.