Kourtney Kardashian’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Kourtney Kardashian has the persona of a Goddess. And her impeccably-developed physique contributes a lot towards it. To maintain it all the time, she sticks to a workout routine and diet plan that serves her best interests.

So if you too wanna know about Kourtney Kardashian’s workout routine and diet plan, stay with us as through this post, we are going to give you a detailed insight into it. Let’s get started.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Workout Principles

Kourtney applies the KISS principle to her workout plan. It stands for ‘Keep It Simple, Silly’. Her workout plan is quite simple in nature but at the same time, it is intense as hell.

It further means that Kourtney’s workout program doesn’t include exercises that require numerous modern-gym equipment for their execution. It can be performed in the comfort of one’s home.

After all, what is the need for her to go to a well-equipped gym when she can easily perform exercises like mountain climbers, burpees, sit-ups, and push-ups almost anywhere? Those exercises form the crux of her workout program.

Kourtney workouts under Don Brooks. She trains for 3-5 days a week and each of her training sessions lasts for around 45-60 minutes.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Workout Routine

Kourtney Kardashian's Workout Routine
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To keep her body in awesome shape, Kourtney Kardashian takes her workout routine quite seriously. So no matter whether she is prepping up for a photo shoot or vacationing somewhere, she makes sure to dedicate a certain part of her day to maintaining her toned physique.

Now let’s get to know about the training styles that are a crucial part of Kourtney Kardashian’s workout routine:-


Kourtney’s cardio routine follows a simplistic approach. Its execution doesn’t require access to a well-equipped gym. And Kourtney’s lean and mean physique makes its effectiveness unquestionable.

Kourtney starts her workout sessions with a ten-minute jump rope. Not only does it give her a great cardio workout but also serves as a warm-up exercise for her body. Afterward, she moves on to perform some squats and brisk walking to further loosen up and relax her muscles.

After her warm-up sessions, she performs her cardio routine in an HIIT style. It comprises the following exercises:-

  • Jumping rope- 2 minutes
  • Static planks or squats- 1 minute

Relying on an HIIT-style cardio workout revs up her metabolism and facilitates rapid fat loss. Well, that has to be the secret behind her slim physique that exudes an oomph factor whenever she dons a bikini.

Kourtney also likes to do boxing as a part of her cardio sessions. It not only works on her cardiovascular endurance but also tones up her arms.

Butt workout

Kourtney’s bubble butt is undoubtedly one of her sexiest body parts. You may say that her ‘butt genetics’ are pretty elite but you will also have to accept that she trains her ‘butt’ off quite literally.

Kourtney’s butt workout routine includes the following exercises:-

  • Plié squats- 20 reps
  • Donkey kicks- 20 reps (on each leg)
  • Reverse lunges- 20 (reps on each leg)
  • Single-leg glute bridges- 20 (reps on each leg)
  • Jump squats- 20 reps

If you find the above-mentioned exercise routine intense, let us tell you that Kourtney performs it two times in a row. And if you too wanna get a bubble butt like hers you must be prepared to take up the pain.

Legs workout

An aesthetic physique can never be built without dedicating sufficient efforts to developing the lower body muscles. And owing to this reason, Kourtney relies on a leg workout that is pretty intense but serves her prime interests.

Kourtney even incorporates the use of resistance bands in her leg workouts to increase the resistance on certain exercises.

Kourtney Kardashian’s leg workout routine includes the following exercises:-

  • Squats with arm rows- 20 reps
  • Jump squats with rows- 20 reps
  • Squat jumps- 20 reps
  • Forward and backward jumps with rows- 20 reps
  • Side-to-side jumps- 20 reps

Kourtney performs three rounds of the above-mentioned exercises. After all, that’s the kind of intensity that can give one’s lower body muscles a toned and defined appearance.

Abs workout

To maintain her flat and toned midsection, Kourtney performs exercises that work on enhancing her core strength and stability along with burning off excess fat from her abdominal area. She performs the following exercises for that purpose:-

  • Push Ups- 30 seconds
  • Push Ups with alternating knees to the chest- 30 seconds
  • Jackknife push-ups- 30 seconds
  • Alternating extended knee to elbow- 30 seconds
  • Jump squats landing on a Bosu ball- 30 seconds

Kourtney performs the above-mentioned exercises for 3 rounds. To further increase the intensity of her ab workouts, at times she performs all of those exercises on a Bosu ball. One of the best things about her ab workout routine is that it also gives decent stimulation to her arms and legs muscles.

Compound movements

Kourtney’s most preferred weightlifting exercise is the weighted squat cleans. She performs it with either a sandbag or a kettlebell(s). On one hand, its execution stimulates different muscle groups and on the other hand, it burns a lot of calories as well.


When it comes to performing pilates, Kourtney doesn’t prefer performing it with modernized heavy-duty equipment. However, she does use a pilates ball in her sessions which assists her in maintaining proper form.

Kourtney’s pilates sessions are targeted toward enhancing her overall flexibility and body balance.

Working out on vacations

Being a fitness fanatic, Kourtney ensures to indulge some form of physical activity even during her vacations. She loves going for long walks, skiing, or hiking with her friends or family members.

She even likes to play pool volleyball and tennis.

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Kourtney Kardashian’s Diet Plan

Kourtney Kardashian's Diet Plan
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Kourtney Kardashian’s diet plan consists of food items that not only keep her in great shape but also make her feel fantastic. She has always been disciplined about sticking to her diet plan and that pretty much gets exhibited through her well-shaped and gorgeous physique.

Kourtney Kardashian‘s diet plan has medium amounts of lean proteins and good fats. She keeps her overall carb intake medium-low and also ensures that it is coming only from sources of complex carbs. She likes to rely on a keto diet as and when possible.

Now let’s have a look at the food items that are included in Kourtney Kardashian’s meal plan:-

Meal 1- Pre-Breakfast

  • Collagen supplement
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • 1 glass of water

Meal 2- Breakfast

  • Whole-grain oatmeal (adding honey, bee pollen, and seasonal fruits to it)

Meal 3- Lunch

  • Salad (jazzed up with chicken or salmon and dressed with ginger or balsamic vinegar)
  • Green tea

Meal 4- Dinner

  • Homemade soup (made with sweet potatoes, asparagus, and beets) OR
  • Turkey chili


Kourtney relies on eating fresh fruits and veggies, hummus, or raw almonds in between her major meals. To change things up a bit, occasionally she likes to have homemade potato chips sprinkled with Himalayan salt and olive oil.

Cheat meals

Kourtney prefers having healthier food items even in her cheat meals. Her favorite one is a pudding made from chia seeds that she loves having after her dinner.

At times, she prefers having double-stuff Oreos or ice-creams as a cheat meal. But she ensures to consume them in moderation.

Foods to avoid

To keep her physique in tip-top condition all the time, there are certain food items that find no place in her diet chart. She doesn’t consume food items that have refined sugar, gluten, or hydrogenated oils. She also stays away from consuming dairy, red meat, processed food, and alcohol.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Supplements

To keep her nutrition plan as perfect as possible, Kourtney has to add a few supplements to it as well. Kourtney Kardashian’s supplements stack includes the following:-

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Collagen
  • Bee pollen
  • Bone broth
  • Manuka honey

The above-mentioned supplements contribute towards good digestion, strengthening hair, skin, and nails, reducing inflammation, promoting nutrient absorption, and boosting energy levels.

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Wrapping Up

So now that you have read this post and have decent info about Kourtney Kardashian’s workout routine and diet plan, it’s time for you to get started with your fitness journey. Structure your fitness regime based on Kourtney’s exercise routine and nutrition plan. We can assure you that it will surely work in your favor.

You would also have to be dedicated to following your fitness regime. Don’t expect results overnight. Rather enjoy your fitness journey as much as you can and you will get your desired results gradually.