KL Rahul’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

KL Rahul has emerged as the new cricketing sensation who has garnered a massive fanbase across the world. This right-handed batsman has cricket-playing skills like no other and has never failed to impress his fans with his on-field performances.

But what does he do to remain so fit? Well, the answer to that question lies in this post. Here we will be throwing light on KL Rahul’s workout routine and diet plan where lies the secret of his supremely fit and athletic body. Let’s get started.

KL Rahul’s Workout Principles

KL Rahul is a world-class athlete and his fantastic cricket-playing skills have simply made him an iconic player. To ensure that his body performs optimally both on and off the field, he follows a strict training program.

KL Rahul’s training routine is not just confined to upgrading his cricket-playing skills. It also works on enhancing his strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and overall athleticism. So what all training styles does he include in his workout plan? Let’s find out more about it in the next section.

KL Rahul’s Workout Routine

KL Rahul Workout Routine
KL Rahul in an Instagram photo (KL Rahul / Instagram)

The core concept of KL Rahul’s workout routine is to promote holistic fitness. It further means that his fitness regime is targeted toward enhancing different aspects of his physique. And that’s pretty obvious too as an athlete has to train in that manner to give his best performance on the field.

So let’s get to know in detail about all the training styles which are an essential part of KL Rahul’s workout plan:-

Gym workouts

For KL Rahul the hours that he spends in the gym are of utmost importance. His gym training sessions are targeted toward enhancing his overall physical strength and endurance. And that’s something which a cricketer needs to give his 100% on the pitch.

KL Rahul’s gym workouts include exercises that are performed with free weights, resistance bands, as well as his bodyweight. Hence, you can easily find exercises like the barbell clean and press, barbell front squats, push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, etc. in his weight training routine.

KL Rahul Workout
KL Rahul in an Instagram photo (KL Rahul / Instagram)

He performs the above-mentioned exercises using light-moderate weights and targets to hit a higher number of repetitions on most of them. However, on some exercises like the power cleans, he doesn’t shy away from using heavyweights.

By incorporating those exercises into his workout routine, he is able to work on enhancing his strength levels as well as building up his explosive power. So now you know the reason behind his powerful batting shots.

KL Rahul also incorporates battle rope drills in his workout routine. They help in enhancing his overall endurance, muscular strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, and overall athletic performance.

At times, he even uses resistance bands in his weight training regime to make certain exercises more challenging, and that too without subjecting his muscles to probable injuries.

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Working out in the outdoors

Even after being an elite-level athlete, KL Rahul ensures that his fitness regime is not just confined to hitting the gym. He is a huge admirer of outdoor workouts and often prioritizes them over his gym training sessions.

His outdoor training sessions include running, swimming, or playing a sport like football or volleyball. He claims that his outdoor training sessions enable him to pick up new skills faster than his gym training sessions.

Physical activities like running or swimming also work on enhancing his cardiovascular conditioning and endurance. This further assists him in improving his overall athleticism which keeps his on-field performance on point.

An activity like swimming provides him with a full-body workout and that too without excessively straining his joints. It enables him to work on both aerobic and anaerobic aspects.

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KL Rahul has always been a huge admirer of performing yoga. While the rest of his training styles work on keeping his physical health in check, yoga positively contributes to his mental health too.

He performs certain yoga poses like the tree pose, the wheel pose, the boat pose, etc. which not only enhances the flexibility of his body but also stretches and relaxes his muscles.

KL Rahul’s yoga sessions also help him to prevent his fitness regime from getting dull and monotonous.

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KL Rahul’s Diet Plan

KL Rahul's Diet Plan
KL Rahul in an Instagram photo (KL Rahul / Instagram)

Being an elite athlete who sincerely plays for making his nation proud, KL Rahul has to ensure that his fitness levels are always on point. So apart from sticking to a well-structured workout routine, he also has to ensure that he is feeding his body adequately and appropriately.

You might be surprised to know that over the years, KL Rahul has tried different kinds of diet plans. From sticking to a keto diet plan to relying on a diet plan that is high in lean proteins, this man has tried it all. But very soon he realized that the effectiveness of those diet plans was not as sustainable as he expected them to be.

Hence, on the advice of his trainer, he had to switch to a diet plan that was customized in a manner that caters to his physical requirements. Before structuring his diet plan, he did a DNA test which enabled him and his trainer to identify what are the nutritional requirements of his body.

Taking all this into consideration, his diet plan was structured that targeted fetching his body with all the essential nutrients that it requires for optimal performance.

KL Rahul’s diet plan has plenty of fruits and vegetables, sources of proteins, and good carbs. All these fetch his body with good calories that keep him energetic throughout the day.

As far as his carb intake is concerned, he says,

“I’m a proper South Indian boy and I love eating my rice.”

Nevertheless, he consumes his carbs in moderation and that works in his favor as well.

There are certain food items that find no place in KL Rahul’s diet chart. He stays away from having chicken, dairy products, and gluten and he also abides by portion control. Sugar is an absolute no-no in his diet plan.

However, on certain occasions, he likes to have sweets and ice creams as his cheat meals. But he makes sure to have them in moderation. And even when he consumes them, he trains his butt off the very next day.

KL Rahul’s Supplements

KL Rahul’s supplements stack is not a very complex one. He primarily relies on whole food items to fulfill his everyday nutritional intake.

However, he includes a few supplements in his nutrition plan to make it more wholesome. Let’s have a look at them:-

  • Protein shake
  • BCAAs
  • Multivitamins

The first two supplements fetch his body with amino acids that promote muscle recovery and growth whereas the latter works on making up for the nutritional deficiencies.

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Final Words

So now that you know so much about KL Rahul’s workout routine and diet plan, you can move forward to structure your fitness regime based on it. Just make sure to make certain modifications to it based on your training goals and experience.

You would also have to be patient and persistent to achieve your desired results. If you are determined enough to do so, you will surely make the gains you are looking for.