Are Kind Bars Keto Friendly?

No! Kind bars are not keto-friendly, and these include all their products, they have many flavors. All the products fall in the same category and none of them are keto friendly.

For a product to fall under the category of keto-friendly, net carbs, fat, sugar, etc. have to be within a specific range. Unfortunately, a few factors do meet the levels prescribed, but others fall out, which may affect your ketogenic diet.

All the Kind Bar products fail to meet the limits set in a keto diet, ie, 1-4 grams of net carbs. The fiber contents are also low. For some flavors, fats are too high and for some fat content is too low. Most importantly about 70% of the sugar content in the Kind Bars comes from real sugar and this disrupts ketosis.

Are Kind Bars Keto Friendly

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Can I Eat Kind Bars On Keto Diet?

No! There are around 60 flavors of kind bars, and none of them fall in a low carb diet category to support a ketogenic diet. If you really want to eat kind bars on a keto diet, you need to cut down the serving size. It would involve cutting down a serving by at least 50 to 75% to keep the added sugars at bay. It is also advisable to avoid the Kind Fruit bar, as even by lowering the serving it would not meet the keto approved standards.

Other observations:

The Nut Bars with 28 flavors are high in net carbs, and they contain 8-14 grams. The added sugar proportion is between 70 to 100%.

The Kind Thin bars have three flavors. For this flavor, the net carbs are at 8 grams. So is the added sugar, which is 100 percent of real sugar. That is, 100% of the sugar content in the product comes from real sugar.

There are 5 flavors of Kind Mini Bars, and the net carbs range between 8 to 14 grams, and the added sugar at 4.

 The kind Energy Bars have three flavors, which are exceptionally high in net carbs averaging 25 grams. Also, 70% of the sugar in the product comes from real sugar, which is detrimental to a keto diet. Proteins are high at 10 grams.

Kind Bars have five flavors under Kind Protein Bars, with net carbs at 13. The added sugars constitute nearly 67 percent of sugar, which is high. The protein content is satisfactory at 12 grams per serving of 50 grams.

Kind Health Fruit Bars have three flavors and high net carbs at 25 and contain 2 gm of fat. With sugars at 18 grams, it is best to avoid this product.

Kind Kids Bars, Kind Simple Crunch Bars, and Kind Snack Bars are all high in net carbs, added sugar is high with fats too low.

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Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 40g


Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt  

Almond Butter Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

Net carbs

9 grams

21 grams

12 grams

Total carbs

16 grams

23 grams

16 grams


180 kcal

150 kcal

200 kcal


15 grams

6 grams

14 grams


6 grams

3 grams

7 grams


7 grams

2 grams

4 grams


5 gram

7 gram

6 gram


It’s clear from the above analysis that Kind Bars are not keto friendly. The serving size has to be cut down substantially to consume kind bars. A keto diet follower should take high levels of precaution before consuming kind bars and in case of craving, cut the serving size.


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