Kevin Hart Diet Plan & Supplements

Kevin Darnell Hart is one of the established names in the comic world of Hollywood. Many of us don’t know how dedicated he is towards his fitness and healthy lifestyle. Come what may he does not skip a day of his workout.

He is into motivating his fans through ongoing series of programs as well, where he shares his workout regimes and his eating habits.

Come let’s see what Kevin Hart’s diet plan looks like.

Kevin Hart Diet

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Kevin Hart’s Meal Plan

Kevin Hart is a big-time follower of healthy eating. He was always into eating good but he decided to vegan in 2019. Kevin was not a fan of dairy products so following a vegan diet wasn’t an uphill task for him to follow.

He says he is not a foodie from the heart so managing his healthy meal plan is kind of easy. He had left eating red meat long back but still, to meet his protein requirements he consumes chicken wings occasionally. Eatables rich in proteins covers a major portion of Kevin Hart’s meal plan.

Kevin Hart’s Diet Plan

Meal 1

Protein Shakes, Raw Fruit

Meal 2

White Rice, Vegetables, Protein Bar

Meal 3

Chicken Steak, Potato, Vegetables

Meal 4

Fish, Nuts, Salad

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Kevin states on his transition to a plant-based diet “Don’t think you gotta do it all in one day. You gotta make it work for you”. It took time and love for his healthy eating to attain this vigorous lifestyle.

Hart is not into cooking so much, so making nutritious meals is the job for his qualified personal chef. His mornings often start with egg white scrambles and avocado toast. Kevin generally has a meatless patty for his lunch and dinner. Kevin eats a very light dinner, many times salad only.

This comic idol also stresses focus on consuming enough water every day. He believes it makes you feel healthy from the inside.

We know he devours meat but not on regular basis. He states consuming meat in most of the meals isn’t necessary. He himself has included eggs in his diet plan but that’s not on a larger scale.

As every healthy eater, he does have a list of healthy food items which he prefers to inculcate into his daily diet chart. Starting from natural foods to egg whites, vegetables to fruits, vegan meals-replacement proteins to yogurt, he has a whole lot of proteins-enriched eatables in his nutrition plan.

He keeps meat, dairy products, processed food, junk food, and artificial ingredients at some hands distance from his diet.

Eating fruits and vegetables anytime cover up his fiber needs in meals, on the same hand, it keeps him healthy and fatigue-free.

In short, Kevin Hart Diet is simple to embody and quite light on your pockets as well.

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Kevin Hart’s Supplements

Kevin owns a line of vitamins called Vitahustle. He follows a clean diet and keeps his supplement needs to the bare minimum.

Following is the Kevin Hart supplement list.

  • Men’s Multivitamin – Kevin consumes this plant-based multivitamin for men which is from his own chain of supplements. It includes herb saw palmetto and fenugreek that enhances hormonal balance.
  • Vegan Protein – This is a vegan protein made from pea, pumpkin, and chickpea. This is gluten-free and sweetened with stevia, and good for digestive enzymes.
  • Whey Protein – He prefers Hart’s Vitahustle whey protein, which contains all essential amino acids and is a mix of isolate, concentrate, and hydrolyzed protein. This offers extended energy to boost recovery.
  • Reds & Greens – For people who don’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and are lacking in fiber in their diet, this supplement is a must-have. It also works as an antioxidant and comprises of plant-based enzymes as well.
  • BCAAS – BCAA enhances muscle growth and decrease muscle soreness. On the same hand, it prevents muscle wasting too.

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Kevin can tickle your funny bone with a one-liner, but his zeal for a healthy diet and lifestyle is not funny from any angle. His daily diet is not so hard to follow and any average guy can manage that. As he says “You don’t wanna do nothing that you are not passionate about. That’s stupid”. So don’t quit and keep chasing your passion, after all, Rome was not built in a day.