Kevin Durant Workout Routine

Kevin Durant is a well-known American basketball player. His game-playing techniques and overall athleticism have garnered massive attention for him from basketball fans worldwide. He has been the recipient of accolades like the NBA Most Valuable Player, NBA Champion, NBA Rookie of the Year, and many more.

Standing tall at 6 feet 9 inches, Kevin Durant often dominates basketball with his athleticism and superior game-playing skills. All this has been an outcome of his intense training sessions. This athletic workout guide will throw sufficient light on Kevin Durant’s workout routine that makes him the best of the best.

Kevin Durant Workout Overview

Kevin Durant Workout
Kevin Durant in an Instagram Photo (Kevin Durant / Instagram)
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Kevin Durant trains under his well-experienced coach, Daub. His workout program is structured in a manner that aims to promote holistic physical development. The workout program of Kevin Durant not only focuses on promoting strength and muscle gains. It also targets to improve his overall agility, balance, speed, and core strength.

A particular segment of Kevin Durant’s workout plan focuses primarily on shooting drills. These kinds of drills help a basketball player to work on improving his techniques and game-playing skills.

Kevin Durant Workout Schedule

The workout plan of Kevin Durant is divided into different segments. Each of the segments includes exercises that focus on enhancing a particular skill along with working on the overall strength and conditioning. The workout routine of Kevin Durant is segmented into the following:-

  • Mobility Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Shoot Training Exercises

Strictly following this kind of a segmented workout program aids in preparing Kevin Durant to give his best shot every single time he steps on the basketball court. His training program prepares him in an efficient manner that brings out the best of his capabilities.

Kevin Durant Workout Routine

Basketball is such a sport that primarily requires you to do jumping, squatting, or lunging. The energy and power for properly executing all these movements come from legs. Hence, training focused on enhancing leg strength forms an important part of Kevin Durant’s training program. He performs numerous exercises that target to work on his leg strength and power.

Exercises like the medicine ball multi-planer lunge hold a prominent position in Kevin Durant’s exercise routine. This exercise works on improving leg strength and core stability.

Kevin Durant works on his leg strength through numerous exercises. This has a significant carryover to his game-playing skills.

The following table will give you an elaborative overview of Kevin Durant’s workout routine. It is segmented into three parts. Each segment targets to work on a specific skill that aids in enhancing the overall game playing skills of Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant Workout Routine

Kevin Durant Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Mobility Training

Thoracic Spine Extension

2 x 30

Rotational Med Ball Throws

3 x 8

Split-Stance Overhead Core Matrix (Forward, Rotational & Lateral)

2 x 10 (each)

Strength Training

Three-Way Med Ball Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift on Airex Pad

2 x (5-7)

Basic Med Ball Single Romanian Deadlift

(3-4) x (8-10)

Inverted Row on Physioball with TRX Straps

(3-4) x (8-10)

Basic Inverted Rows

(3-4) x (8-10)

Single-Leg Dumbbell-to-Press

(3-4) x (6-8)

Basic Overhead Press

(3-4) x (6-8)

Walking Dumbbell Pushup-to-Row

(3-4) x (6-8)

Basic Dumbbell Row from Push-Up Position

(3-4) x (6-8)

Med Ball Multi-Planar Lunge on Core Board

(3-4) x (10-12)

Basic Med Ball Multi-Planar Lunge

(3-4) x (10-12)

Shooting Drills

Attack Help Defender

Freeze Pull-Ups

Hesitate on Drive to Attack

Pick and Pop

Catch and Shoot

Post Up

Dribble Drag to Crossover

Early Offense Duck In


Cross-Screen to Pick and Roll

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You can have an idea about Kevin Durant’s dedication from the fact that he does not get satisfied only by following the above-mentioned workout routine.

He always keeps on challenging his capabilities. He prefers running on the sand as a running drill. He claims that running on sand requires you to put in double effort and energy. This happens because sand tends to shift as you run on it. This engages more of your leg muscles and trains them well.

It helps Kevin to give his energy levels a boost and also works on his balancing ability. Running on sand also aids in building his core strength along with working on his quickness and explosiveness.

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Final Words

We expect this post provided you with everything you wanted to know about Kevin Durant’s workout plan. If you want to try it out for yourself, make sure to do so under an expert’s supervision.