Kate Beckinsale’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Kate Beckinsale is one such Hollywood celebrity who never fails to spellbound her fans. For Kate, age is just a number. She is in her late 40s but her fitness levels have surely defied her age.

Before you assume that she has been blessed with amazing genetics, let us tell you that there is more to it. She is a hardcore fitness freak and this contributes a lot in keeping her so youthful.

To know more about her fitness regime, let’s dive deep into this post.

Kate Beckinsale's Workout Routine & Diet Plan
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Kate Beckinsale’s Workout Principles

Kate Beckinsale has always been passionate about exercising. Her day starts with an intense workout session in which she trains her butt off. She has even stated,

“I wake up, eat something, and go straight to the gym.”

Kate Beckinsale’s workout plan includes a variety of training styles. From weightlifting exercises that tone her muscle groups to HIIT that keeps her body slim and aesthetic, her workout program is indeed a holistic one.

At times, Kate even prefers to train twice a day. And that tells us a lot about her dedication to staying fit and in great shape.

Kate Beckinsale’s Workout Routine

Kate Beckinsale trains under Brad Siskind. She hits the gym six days a week and her training program incorporates weight training, cardio, yoga, boxing, and HIIT. Her training program is focused on keeping her strong and athletic.

Kate Beckinsale's Workout Routine
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Strength Training

Kate is a big fan of compound exercises. She claims that performing them enables her to train multiple groups at once.

She also incorporates combo exercises in her training routine which target two muscle groups at once. For instance, she likes performing bicep curls with squats and situps with combination punches.

Upper Body

To work on her upper body strength, Kate relies on performing bodyweight exercises like pushups, dips, inverted rows, etc. These exercises keep her upper body muscles toned and that too without bulking them up.

Her upper body strength training routine prioritizes the following exercises:-

  • Inverted hanging crunches
  • Stability ball push-ups with knee tucks

She performs the above-mentioned exercises in a rep range of 12-15 repetitions. Doing so assists in carving up her abdominals which adds to the aesthetics of her body.

Lower body

Kate’s well-developed glutes also add an oomph factor to her gorgeous physique. When it comes to training her butt, she prefers to go simple yet effective. Her butt workout routine includes the following exercises:-

  • Rear extended leg lifts- 5 reps on each leg
  • Full kneeling leg circles- 5 reps on each leg
  • Side leg lifts- 5 reps on each leg

She repeats the above-mentioned exercises three times.


Kate also likes to perform yoga and swears by its effectiveness. Incorporating certain yoga poses in her exercise routine keeps her body flexible and athletic. This further enables her to perform all her stunts by herself and that too with great ease. She had once stated,

“I haven’t been injured while doing an action movie. And I think it’s partially from practicing yoga.”

When she is traveling outdoors and doesn’t have access to gym equipment, she resorts to performing Yoga. At times she even switches it up with boxing or trampolining.


Talking about her cardio sessions, Kate loves performing circuits of different exercises.

She uses the elliptical trainer or treadmill and performs strength training exercises and kickboxing to make her cardio sessions as intense as possible.

Kickboxing also helps to keep her upper body well-toned along with working on her core strength and stability.

Kate always prefers high-intensity interval training (HIIT) over normal cardio. She claims that HIIT keeps her cardio sessions short yet intense. And this is how she is able to maintain her lean and toned body that exudes perfection.

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Kate Beckinsale’s Diet Plan

Kate Beckinsale's Diet Plan
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So now that you know about Kate Beckinsale’s intense training routine, it’s time for you to have an idea regarding how she fuels her body. She sticks to a healthy and nutritious diet plan that fetches her with all the essential nutrients that not only keep her superfit but also in great shape.

Pre-Workout Meal

Kate’s day begins with an intense workout session. But to ensure that she remains energetic throughout her workouts, she has a pre-workout meal.

Her pre-workout meal consists of sources of lean proteins like eggs or chicken. She consumes those with grass-fed butter. Her pre-workout meal keeps her body in an anabolic state so that she can get the most out of her workout sessions.

Salads have always been an important part of Kate Beckinsale’s diet plan. She loves having Brussels sprouts, radishes, safflower oil, and salmon.


Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day for Kate. She often switches up the food items that she consumes in her breakfast.

For instance, if she is on the run, she would prefer to have a green smoothie sweetened with fresh fruit. Or she choose to have a serving of oatmeal. On other days, she enjoys having eggs and avocado for her breakfast.


When it comes to lunch, Kate loves to have lean proteins with veggies. So on some days, she munches on a veggie wrap filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, baby greens, and other seasonal vegetables whereas on other days she prefers having salad with chicken breast or salmon or a mixed vegetable soup.

At times she also likes to include brown rice and other unprocessed whole grains into her lunch meal to make it more satiating.


Kate keeps her dinner meal pretty simple. She prefers having grilled fresh fish, turkey, or chicken breast. To make them tasty, she seasons them with herbs, black pepper, and salt.

As an alternative dinner meal, Kate also likes to have lentils or beans with steamed or sautéed veggies.


All in all, Kate keeps her nutrition plan as healthy as possible. Even her snacks are quite low in carb content. Her favorite snacks are kale chips, peaches, hummus, veggies, and nectarines.

Even though Kate has always been serious about her diet plan, at times she likes to treat herself. She has a sweet tooth and loves to have her mother’s homemade brownies and trifles.

Kate Beckinsale’s Supplements

Kate’s nutrition plan is quite complete in itself. But at times when she is traveling, she prefers keeping the following supplement by her side. It is:-

  • Multivitamins

Multivitamins are quite rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, B12, C, D, potassium, magnesium, etc. Consuming them not only fetches her body with essential nutrients but also keeps her skin, nails, and hair in top condition.

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Wrapping Up

So that was all about Kate Beckinsale’s workout routine and diet plan. If you too want to be supremely fit like her, follow a strict training program and nutrition plan. This post will serve you a lot in structuring them.

Also, you would have to be consistent with your fitness regime to see the results you are thriving for. You would surely see noticeable improvements in your body over time.