Kali Muscle Workout Routine

You can find a plethora of fitness influencers on YouTube. But Kali Muscle is one such fitness YouTuber whose overall persona makes him stand out from his contemporaries. He is a muscle monster who trains like a freak and also inspires his fans and followers to follow suit.

Today, apart from being a renowned bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber, Kali Muscle has also earned a name for himself in the world of acting and entrepreneurship. But working out still happens to be his first love.

In this post, we will give you a detailed insight into Kali Muscle’s workout routine that makes him look like the human version of King Kong. Let’s proceed.

Kali Muscle’s Workout Principles

Kali Muscle Workout
Kali Muscle in an Instagram Photo (Kali Muscle / Instagram)
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Kali Muscle’s bodybuilding journey got started when he was a teenager. He always used to find solace in working out. Little did he know that his passion for exercising would someday earn him the alias Mr. Muscle.

Kali Muscle’s workout program has always revolved around intense training methods. He trains like a freak and that gets exhibited through his monstrous gains. During his prison days, he used to perform a lot of compound exercises with heavyweights and used to hit them with a higher number of sets and reps.

Kali still follows the same training protocol. So whether he is working out with free weights or using his body weight as resistance, he ensures to go all out in each of his training sessions.

Kali Muscle’s Workout Schedule

Kali Muscle workouts for 6-days a week. Each day of his exercise routine is reserved to hit a particular exercise and its variations. His workout split for the week looks like the following:-

  • Monday- Push-Ups
  • Tuesday- Leg Raises
  • Wednesday- Pull-Ups
  • Thursday- Squats
  • Friday- Bridges
  • Saturday- Handstand Push-Ups
  • Sunday- Rest

Kali Muscle’s Workout Routine

The core element of Kali Muscle’s workout routine has always been heavy and intense lifting. Right from his prison days, he has always been a staunch proponent of heavy lifting. He claims that heavyweights subject the muscles to excessive stress that promotes both strength and muscle gains.

Kali Muscle’s training routine also prioritizes compound movements to a great extent. Exercises like bench press, pull-ups and squats have always been the staple of his training program.

If you have seen Kali’s training videos on YouTube, you must be aware of the fact that he also incorporates bodyweight movements to build and maintain his muscular physique. He performs those movements with numerous variations and with a high volume to annihilate the target muscles.

The following table will give you a detailed overview of Kali Muscle’s workout routine. It comprises exercises that won’t necessarily require you to hit the gym. All you need is some space, a pull-up bar, and a desire to transform your physique. Let’s get started.

Kali Muscle Workout Routine

Kali Muscle Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday- Push-Ups

Wall Push-Ups

5 x (30-50)

Incline Push-Ups

5 x (10-30)

Kneeling Push-Ups

5 x (10-40)

Half Push-Ups

5 x (10-40)

Full Push-Ups

5 x (10-35)

Close Push-Ups

5 x (10-30)

Uneven Push-Ups

3 x (10-30)

Half One-Arm Push-Ups

3 x (10-30)

Lever Push-Ups

3 x (10-30)

One-Arm Push-Ups Ultimate Endurance

1 x 40

Tuesday- Leg Raises

Knee Tucks

4 x (10-40)

Flat Knee Raises

4 x (10-40)

Flat Bent Leg Raises

4 x (10-35)

Flat Frog Raises

4 x (10-35)

Flat Straight Leg Raises

3 x (15-35)

Hanging Knee Raises

3 x (15-25)

Hanging Bent Leg Raises

3 x (15-25)

Hanging Frog Raises

3 x (15-25)

Partial Straight Leg Raises

3 x (15-25)

Hanging Straight Leg Raises

3 x 40

Wednesday- Pull-Ups

Vertical Pulls

5 x (10-40)

Horizontal Pulls

5 x (10-40)

Jackknife Pulls

5 x (10-40)

Half Pull-Ups

5 x (15-30)

Full Pull-Ups

4 x (15-30)

Close Pull-Ups

4 x (10-25)

Uneven Pull-Ups

4 x (10-25)

Half One-Arm Pull-Ups

4 x (10-15)

Assisted One-Arm Pull-Ups

4 x 10

One-Arm Pull-Ups Ultimate Power

3 x 10

Thursday- Squats

Shoulder Stand Squats

5 x (10-50)

Jackknife Squats

5 x (15-45)

Supported Squats

5 x (10-40)

Half Squats

3 x (15-35)

Full Squats

3 x (20-30)

Close Squats

3 x (15-35)

Uneven Squats

3 x (15-20)

Half One-Leg Squats

3 x (10-15)

Assisted One-Leg Squats

3 x 10

One-Leg Squats Ultimate Endurance

1 x 50

Friday- Bridges

Short Bridges

5 x (10-50)

Straight Bridges

5 x (20-45)

Angled Bridges

5 x (10-40)

Head Bridges

3 x (10-35)

Half Bridges

3 x (20-30)

Full Bridges

3 x (15-25)

Wall Walking Bridges

3 x (15-20)

Wall Walking

3 x 15

Closing Bridges

3 x 10

Stand-to-Stand Bridges Ultimate Ability

3 x (10-30)

Saturday- Handstand Push-Ups

Wall Handstands

2 Minutes

Crow Stands

1 Minute

Wall Handstands

2 Minute

Half Handstand Push-Ups

3 x (10-30)

Handstand Push-Ups

3 x (10-25)

Close Handstand Push-Ups

3 x (10-25)

Uneven Handstand Push-Ups

3 x (10-15)

Half One-Arm Handstand Push-Ups

3 x 10

Lever Handstand Push-Ups

3 x 8

One-Arm Handstand Push-Ups Ultimate Power

3 x 5

Sunday- Rest

The above-mentioned exercise routine is not for the faint-hearted. It would require you to push through your limits. You would surely discover your new self afterwards.

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Kali Muscle also relies on the following tips to make his training program more effective for gains:-

Staying hydrated

Our muscles are 75% water and if you are not keeping them hydrated, they won’t be performing optimally. Hence, hydration is excessively crucial if you want to earn the strength and muscle gains you are aspiring for. Kali ensures to drink at least a gallon of water every day.

Proper warm-up and cool down

Muscle growth happens when you subject them to adequate stress. And if you are doing so without prepping them beforehand, you are running the risk of an injury. Hence, you must ensure to go through a proper warm-up routine before getting started with your workouts. Also, a cool-down session at the end of your workouts is needed to relax your muscles and prevent muscle tightening.

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Final Words

So that was all about Kali Muscle’s workout plan. We are sure Kali’s journey would have inspired you a lot. You can modify his workout routine accordingly to suit your training experience. You would also be needing a significant amount of mental fortitude to go through his workout routine. We would recommend you to follow it with consistency to gain the most out of it.