Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine

Kaley is one such person whom people of all generations love. It is not just her lovable personality but also her incredible body and abs, which have always been in the limelight.

She is one of the most relaxed and most down-to-earth celebrities on the planet!

Best known as Penny from the titular character in the television series Big Bang Theory.

Like many other actresses, maintaining her body is her obsession.

Even calling herself a fitness freak won’t be the wrong thing. Kaley has always been an outgoing person, and even before becoming an actress, she was a nationally ranked amateur tennis player, which she started playing at 3.

Kaley is very honest about her workout schedules and what goes into making an impressive body just like hers. She regularly shares her exercises on her Instagram, and in this article, we will see what you need to get abs just like Kaley Cuoco:

Kaley Cuoco’s Workout Principles

Kaley Cuoco Workout
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Kaley is serious about her workouts, and even what many of her viewers comment: She is in a beast mode while working out. She has admitted that she has tried many different exercises, and it took her some time to find what she likes.

Even if she is a fitness freak, it is difficult for her to stick to a routine, especially if she doesn’t love the workouts. She has tried different workouts like running, pilates but never liked them.

She eventually fell in love with hot yoga, which is much intense than traditional yoga.

Finding the right training routine is important so that you love the workouts, be consistent with them and get to see the desired results.

Sometimes even a fitness freak like Cuoco doesn’t like to get up in the morning for workouts, but eventually, she gets up for workouts and has admitted to having a feeling of winning a million bucks.

Her passion for workouts is so great that she went to the gym for one-arm exercises even after having a shoulder injury.

Kaley Cuoco’s Workout Routine

Kaley loves working out and is very much into hot yoga, and she has hot yoga at least five days a week. When she is not performing yoga, she focuses on bodyweight training and her abs routine.

In her videos, we can see her running on the treadmill and skipping ropes. Another video shows her doing split squats and medicine ball slams. We also saw her performing Versaclimber, which is known for improving mobility and overall posture.

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine

Kaley Cuoco’s Bodyweight Workout


Sets x reps,


Close-grip pushups



3×10 (secs)

Mountain climbers

3×20 (secs)

Jump squats




Plank to Push-ups


Jumping lunges





1×10 (sec)

Air squat


Mountain climbers


Bodyweight rows






Her 3-day full-body workouts, which combine cardio and strength training and her abs-workout, aim to make her workouts less boring while making her sweat profusely.

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Horse riding

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She is also a keen horse rider, and it best suits those who are not into workouts like HIIT. Regular horse riding burns a lot of calories. They improve arms, legs and core muscles.

Switch up your workouts

When she focuses on yoga, she does it every Day of the week, but then she needs to change it up. She then shifts to SoulCycle and goes crazy about it.

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Experiment with new exercise routines

She recently posted a video on her Instagram where we can see her experimenting with stick mobility exercises to shape up and tone her core. 

Kaley kneels on the medicine ball in the Instagram video while holding herself upright with two mobility sticks. “This is way harder than it looks!” says Cuoco

Adjust your routine as you get older

Maybe your metabolism was super fast when you were younger. As you get older, the metabolism slows down, and you’ve to work out even more just to stay in shape.

Work the Booty

According to her trainer, Kaley is very interested in her lower body, especially her butts, legs, and abs. To train and keep her lower body in shape, she performs many lunges, squat jumps, regular squats, leg curls, and deadlifts.

Find a workout buddy

It is a known fact that healthy habits are easier to maintain if you have someone to share them with, and that person can keep you accountable for it.

Kaley occasionally brings her friends to her training and loves to go hiking with her friends.

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Give yoga a try

According to Cuoco, she owes it 100 percent to doing yoga five times a day which has not only transformed her body, but she has gained muscle, and it has even toned her body.

So if you don’t like yoga, give it another shot.

When in doubt, plank it out

It is no secret that Kaley loves her abs, and who won’t if you have those amazing washboard abs most people die for. She posts a lot of videos on her Instagram where we see her doing planks.

Planking not only helps develop core muscles, but it increases flexibility and improves metabolism.

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The Bottom Line

Kaley Cuoco has always been active when it comes to her lifestyle and her workouts. She is widely successful in whatever she puts her mind to and this is the work ethic that drives her to be healthy each day.

Her workout session is extremely doable and is ideal for models and female fitness enthusiasts.

Always listen to your body, some things might not work for you, and be extremely okay with it. It takes time to figure out what will work for you. In the meantime, if you follow Kaley’s workout plan, then you can also stay in killer shape just like she is.