K-Pop Idol Body: How to get it?

In recent times, the demand for Koren drama, movies, and even music has skyrocketed. People, mostly youngsters, tend to gaga over their favourite K-Pop stars. Names like Kim Taehyung, Lalisa, and Jungkook have become extremely popular as they have become global celebrities.

When we are struck by fandom, we tend to start doing unrealistic things. For instance, people begin copying the fashion of their favorite celebrities, wearing the same kind of clothes like they do, and even trying to attain the same kind of bodies as their favorite idols.

One cannot deny the fact that K-Pop idols have extremely appealing looks. Many youngsters who are into fitness have the same question in mind: How to get a body like a K-Pop star? The thin, toned body that is not very muscular is definitely worth dying for.

This article will discuss the key features of a K-Pop idol’s body and take you through the journey of how to get a body like that. Read on till the end of the article!

What is the ideal K-Pop idol’s body?

What is the ideal K-Pop idol's body
Jisoo in an Instagram photo (Jisoo / Instagram)

One cannot deny the fact that K-Pop idols look extremely glamorous. Korean society has a number of beauty standards that might sometimes be unattainable.

According to the beauty standards of Korea, some of the common traits in an ideal K-Pop idol’s body are a small face, a slim figure, pale-colored complexion, a V-shaped jawline, double eyelids, large eyes, and skin that is spotless.

K-pop idols are often made to undergo a stringent diet plan in order to retain their figure. They may also be conditioned to abstain from indulging in unhealthy midnight snacking or munching on chips or candy. They are always subjected to the constant pressure of maintaining their weight and appearing attractive.

 They continue to have back-to-back shows throughout the day. They rehearse for hours. This exposes them to many health issues as they do not get proper nutrition for prolonged times. It takes a lot of effort behind the scenes for K-Pop idols to become what they are. Here are some eminent features of their bodies.

Thin, toned body 

If you have observed enough K-Pop shows and come across some eminent K-Pop artists, it will be evident that Koren pop artists have a figure that is very lean and toned. They are not quite muscular. Koren pop stars follow extensive diets that help them maintain the kind of physique that viewers admire on the stage.

K-Pop artists are very strict about what they put on the plate. The human body receives calories from three sources: Carbs, Fats, and Proteins. K-Pop artists have mastered the art of understanding how each of these elements affects the body.

While protein is responsible for the growth of muscles and other bodily functions, carbohydrates are a source of energy that fuels the body for all the activity of the state. Fat, on the other hand, helps to maintain the hormones. Therefore, K-Pop artists consume a diet that is rich in high protein and has limited quantities of carbs and fats.

They also indulge in a strict workout plan, indulge in cardio, and keep their activity levels high, which helps them to keep their figures lean.

Small face

Of the many features that are popular among K-Pop artists, having a baby-face is a great craze. Those who have small faces get a lot of praise. It is believed that having a small face accentuates the beauty of the K-Pop artist.

Some of the K-Pop idols like Jennie of BLACKPINK (also popularly known as a living doll), Bae Jinyoung of CIX, Binnie of Oh My Girl, and Irene of Red Velvet, totally live up to the expectations of people about K-Pop artists having small faces.

However, one cannot ignore the fact that a lot of effort goes into attaining and maintaining the kind of face that will be celebrated by the audience!

Pale complexion

Pale complexion
Irene in an Instagram photo (Irene / Instagram)

According to the Korean standards of beauty, having a pale complexion is considered to be an ideal trait that makes one appear beautiful, attractive, and younger.

However, nothing comes without investing a considerable amount of effort. K-Pop artists have to be extra cautious to maintain their fair complexion. When they train, they try to remain indoors which saves them from being exposed to the sun and getting a tan. This lightens their skin up to some extent. They also use a lot of facial products such as face masks, sunscreen, BB cream, etc.

While some artists might have to apply makeup or other beauty products to attain the level of fairness, the others like Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, Woozi from SEVENTEEN, and Wendy of Red Velvet actually have milky white and spotless skins. They are often addressed as porcelain dolls! The craze is real, right?

Jawline that is V-shaped

K-Pop stars also have an obsession for V-shaped jawlines. Those who are not naturally blessed with it often have to undergo cosmetic procedures. One such technique is the V-line surgery, which is a procedure that involves breaking the jawline and shaving it so as to impart a V-like appearance to it.

This makes them look like anime characters, imparts fragility and a child-like appearance to their faces. Although these procedures might sound painful, they matter a lot to K-Pop stars and are a huge craze these days!

Large eyes

The eyes are the gateway to one’s soul. This definitely holds true for the K-Pop idols who have beautiful, big eyes that make them appear like deer! Their eyes are round and sparkling, which makes them very expressive.

Some of them have eyes that even surgeons agree cannot be replicated by surgery. BTS’ V, Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN, Park Jihoon, Yuna, and Jisoo are some of the most popular K-Pop artists whose eyes are worth dying for!

Tiny waist-size

K-Pop idols look gorgeous with all the features that they possess. All the features fit in so well that they look enviably beautiful. One such feature that stands as a hallmark of a K-Pop artists’ body is the small waist size. In the language of K-Pop, female idols, who have incredibly thin waists, are said to have “ant-waists.”

Nevertheless, it is not just the female idols, but also male K-Pop idols who are known for having waists so thin that they can give stiff competition to the female artists!

Although K-Pop idols stun you with their performances and their grace while on the stage, it is beyond one’s comprehension what goes into the making and maintaining the kind of appearance that they have to put on in front of the audience!

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Ideal K-Pop idol physique stats

Ideal K-Pop idol physique stats
Jennie in an Instagram photo (Jennie / Instagram)

Every sport or art form has a number of standards associated with it with respect to the body type of the people who are involved in the act.

Speaking of the physique stats of K-Pop idols, the following table will list out some of the important heads that will give you a basic idea about the ideally accepted physical standards for K-Pop stars.







70 kgs




55 kgs




58 kgs




45 kgs


Hope this gives you an idea about the ideal body standards of a K-Pop idol’s build.

How to get a K-Pop idol’s body?

How to get a K-Pop idol's body
Rosé in an Instagram photo (Rosé / Instagram)

If you are aiming for a K-Pop idol’s physique, the first thing you need to remember is that the training schedule is not going to be very intensive, but it is going to be busy.

Depending on when you wish to see the results, you can indulge in less or more workouts.

Nevertheless, you should not push yourself very hard, or else you might get injured. Listed below are some of the ways in which you can remain fit like a K-Pop star.

The tips mentioned below are tailored in such a way that they can deliver the best results and let you have the body type you want.

Your diet plan plays an important role in slimming you down

As has already been mentioned above, K-Pop idols are forced to be thin. Managers often force them to attain the body type in an unhealthy manner. To avoid this, anyone aspiring to have a body like a K-Pop star has to chalk out a nutrition plan which will help to shed the stubborn fat without tampering with the strength and athleticism of the body.

You need to set a goal weight, based on which you need to figure out a diet plan. To have a body like a K-Pop idol, you will have to let your body enter a calorie-deficit state. You will have to figure out how much calories you burn through your activities, and then eat 500 calories less than that. This will help you shed nearly a pound of fat in a week.

You will also have to slash down the consumption of a number of food items. For instance, processed food contains a lot of calories, but barely adds any nutritional value to your diet. You should also try to eliminate the consumption of liquid calories and other sugary food and increase the intake of water.

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind if you are craving a K-Pop idol-like body:

  • Adequate amounts of steamed vegetables. The fiber in this will make you feel full.
  • Food items that are rich in protein, like chicken.
  • Healthy carbs can be gained through food items like sweet potatoes.
  • Vegetables and brown rice will provide your body with the fuel needed to go on.
  • Also add fatty fish, eggs, fruit, etc. to your diet.

Take to dancing

Not in the literal sense, but incorporating some dance training in your routine is a great idea if you are aiming for that K-Pop idol body. Although performing cardio helps you to burn calories and increase endurance, dancing will help you move and groove like your favorite K-Pop idol!

Dancing has a number of benefits on the body. Disregarding the kind of dance that you indulge in, you are definitely going to be blessed with a set of toned muscles. Not only this, but dancing will improve your coordination. Some benefits associated with dancing are:

  • Dancing improves aerobic fitness
  • It is good for your cardiovascular health
  • It helps to tone muscles and improves their strength
  • Dancing also increases the body’s flexibility

Hope this gives you reason enough to enroll in a dancing class!

Indulge in strength training

Indulge in strength training
Image: Starstock / Dreamstime.com

By now, you must be aware that K-Pop idols are not muscular. However, one cannot deny the fact that they have bodies that are extremely toned.

One’s muscles are said to be pop out when the individual becomes lean enough so that the muscle definition becomes prominent. However, to pop out muscles, it is important to strength train.

Anyone aspiring to have physiques like K-Pop idols should know how to strain the muscles to the point after which the muscles will start to become prominent. It is advisable to lift weights not for the counted number of reps, but till the time that the body becomes fatigued.

This will work on the muscles and cause them to grow stronger and harder while making sure that they do not become too prominent.

Yoga, stretching, and pilates

K-Pop artists have bodies that are very flexible and agile. Did you know what can best help you with your flexibility? It is through performing pilates, yoga, and other forms of stretching that you will be able to attain the desired levels of flexibility in your body.

No matter which activity you choose based on your preferences, all of them will have the same effect on your body and exhibit similar results!

Regardless of the dance style that you perform, yoga will help you to improve your posture and your form. It also helps in attaining the body balance and flexibility of the body while improving the fluidity and functional strength of the body.

Similarly, pilates helps to slim the body muscles and elongates them while also toning and strengthening them. Pilates is also great for building endurance of the body.

Last but not the least, stretching is excellent for the joints and the muscles. It also mitigates the risk of injury at the time of the training.

Perform HIIT to improve your cardiovascular health

Perform HIIT to improve your cardiovascular health
Image: Starstock / Dreamstime.com

While building your physique like a K-Pop artist, you also need to pay attention to your cardiovascular health.

Although dancing is a good cardiovascular exercise, it should also be backed by a number of HIIT cardio exercises that are easy to perform and can be done easily without enrolling into the gym.

Pick and choose multiple exercises according to your convenience and create a HIIT workout plan that will work wonders on your body. You can either include multiple short workouts or you can opt for a high-energy, long, HIIT workout plan, the choice is yours.

How long does it take to get a K-Pop idol’s body?

It might take about 4-5 months to get a K-Pop idol’s body. And this is only if you are not excessively overweight or have an unhealthy fat percentage.

Given that you are able to chalk out a diet plan and a proper workout schedule for yourself, you will have to make sure that you remain consistent in your effort. With sheer hard work and perseverance, you will be able to acquire your desired shape in little or no time!

However, it is important to make sure that you are not slipping your diet or exercise plans and performing it on days when you feel like. Rome was not built in a day, nor will be your K-Pop idol body.

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Final Words

Hope this gives you a brief idea about the things you need to do to get a K-Pop idol’s physique. Although it won’t ask you to put in a lot of effort, it is definitely going to be time-consuming.

The main aim should be to get a toned, lean body. For this, you have to maintain discipline in terms of your diet so that you can get rid of stubborn fat. You also have to indulge in regular cardio and keep dancing and engaged in activity so that you can burn your calories. Strength training will allow your muscles to pop.

However, it is important to remember the purpose of a K-Pop idol’s body. Apart from being visually appealing, it has to be fluid, nimble, and aesthetic. To retain body balance, you can perform Barre, pilates, yoga, and other forms of dance, and you will be good to go!