Jonnie Candito Linear Program Spreadsheet

Jonnie Candito Linear Program is basically a simple training layout characterized by its linear progression scheme. In simple terms, it means that your basic training routine does not get changed every week. However, there is a simple and steady increase in the weights that will be lifted. Following this protocol, you can certainly achieve the beginner gains. This program also provides you with a more flexible training regimen. Let’s have a descriptive analysis of the Jonnie Candito Linear Program.

Program Overview

This program is a great strength-building program that has 3 different variations. More or less they are focused on strength training. This program enables both beginner and intermediate lifters to rapidly add weights on the bar thereby making them stronger with its training protocol.

Jonnie Candito Linear Program

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The 3 variations of this program are as follows:-

  • Strength/control program

This setup is the most recommended one if you want to gain general strength. It is a great program for beginners too who are just starting with a basic strength training program. All you need to make sure is to keep a check on your form. If you are absolutely new to lifting weights, spend 5-6 months performing basic lifts with lighter weights and proper form. Once you get confident with your form and technique, you can proceed with this program.

The high-intensity approach of this program enables quick progression for new lifters. The pause variation in this program also aids you in strengthening your form. The strength/control program helps in perfecting the form of your lifts, increases time under tension that promotes muscle growth, and enhances your mobility by strengthening your form. The intensity levels of this program won’t get reduced even with the use of lighter weights.

An upper/lower split is followed under this program. This kind of split aids in building up more muscle and strength for natural lifters. It also makes sure that your muscles don’t get overly fatigued.

  • Strength/power program

The Strength/power program is almost the same as the strength/control program; the only difference between them is the presence of a lower-body variation day. This program primarily targets building up and developing muscular explosiveness. This kind of workout trains your nervous system on one hand and trains your fast-twitch muscle fibers on the other hand, and that too without the use of excessive heavyweights.

In general, this program can enhance your athletic performance that may include improving your sprint acceleration or increasing your vertical leap. It also aids in improving your max lifts owing to the fact that max strength and power are interconnected.

  • Strength/hypertrophy program

The Strength/hypertrophy program is basically for lifters who are more inclined towards bodybuilding. This program is characterized by its high volume approach. When it comes to hypertrophy days under this program, this program tends to have more variation. For instance, you can switch your conventional deadlifts with deficit deadlifts, snatch grip deadlifts, or stiff-legged deadlifts. You can also switch your barbell bench press to dumbbell bench press.

Jonnie Candito Linear Program Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet presented here will give you a detailed idea about how you must progress with your training while following the Jonnie Candito Linear Program. You will be training 4 days a week irrespective of which training variation you choose to go with.

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This Google sheet lets you know about how you will be proceeding with your warm-up sets along with making provisions for the accessory work in your training program. When it comes to optional exercises, you can choose them as per your individual preferences.

The following section will let you know about some other important points that you should be taking care of.


  • When it comes to heavy days, you will start your training sessions with a weight that can let you perform 3 straight sets of 6 reps each with proper form. This weight should be around 75-80% of your 1 RM.
  • On control days you will select a weight that lets you complete 6 sets of 4 reps. This weight should be around 70% of your 1 RM.
  • When it comes to accessory exercises, you must stick to one particular exercise for every muscle group for at least 4 weeks.
  • Optional exercises including the rear delt fly, face pulls, leg press, overhead squats, etc. can be changed from one workout to the next.
  • To make sure that you are able to complete your workout in an effective manner it is essential that you take around 3-10 minutes of rest between your working sets. For control days you can take a rest of around 3 minutes between sets. 1-2 minutes of rest are ideal between working sets of optional exercises.
  • If you want to keep your workouts shorter, you can also superset between your same or antagonist muscle groups.
  • While being on this program, just make sure that you are consuming an adequate amount of protein to facilitate proper muscle growth. Along with that, you have to maintain your calorie intake to match at least your maintenance levels.
  • Regarding supplementation, you can choose to go with a good quality whey protein and creatine.

Final Words

You can use the Jonnie Candito Linear Program as per your individual goals. Just make sure to stick to the details provided in the spreadsheet and you can certainly make the gains you are craving.


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