Jonnie Candito 6 Week Advanced Bench Press Program Spreadsheet

Who doesn’t want a bigger bench press? Especially when it comes to professional powerlifters, an elite level bench press strength can certainly take their game to next levels. But the main problem lies in the fact that as a lifter becomes more advanced, making substantial increments can be a bit challenging for him. To counter such barriers, Jonnie Candito has designed a 6-week advanced bench press specific program.

Program Overview

With this 6-week bench press program, the training of the advanced lifters is modified in such a way that it aids in manipulating their training frequency, intensity, and volume. Getting trained with this kind of protocol allows the advanced lifters to break through the plateaus and barriers and make decent improvements in bench pressing capabilities.

Jonnie Candito 6 Week Advanced Bench Press Program

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This program extends for a period of 6 weeks that are divided into four different phases namely:-

  • The maximum fatigue phase (Week 1-3)
  • The high volume and full recovery phase (Week 4)
  • The high-intensity peak set phase (Week 5)
  • Max out phase (Week 6)

The maximum fatigue phase is characterized by a high volume approach targeted towards ultimate fatigue. It also focuses on accessory work in order to counter any imbalances or weaknesses. This allows the body to get adapted to such levels of fatigue and improve thereafter.

The commencement of week 4 marks a drastic change in the training pattern. It requires you to train only two times a week instead of five times. In this phase, sets and training intensity also gets increased.

In the high-intensity peak set phase, your training intensity is again increased and you attempt a new 5 rep max.

In the final week, you retest your 1 rep max thereby evaluating your progress.

In this program, you get 2 bench accessory exercises. You can select any one from the below list.

Bench Accessory 1

  • Wide grip bench press
  • Close grip bench press
  • Spoto press
  • Slingshot bench press

Bench Accessory 2

  • Push press
  • Incline bench press
  • Seated barbell press
  • Standing overhead barbell press

You will also find some slots for isolation accessory exercises in most of the workouts. They aid in targeting and reducing the weaknesses of the smaller muscle groups. You can even switch them up as you progress through the workout program.

Jonnie Candito 6 Week Advanced Bench Press Program Spreadsheet

The prime purpose of the spreadsheet that has been presented here is to give you a comprehensive idea about how you should progress with the program in a practical way. This template requires you to enter your current 1 rep max weight on the bench press, your goal weight, and the accessory exercises that you will be performing.

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The in-built calculator easily calculates the weights with which you will be training in your workout sessions. The weights will be challenging enough to promote shock and growth but not too heavy to hamper your recovery. Along with following the training protocol mentioned in this Google sheet, you also need to take care of some points that are mentioned in the following section.


  • When it comes to isolation exercises, you must prioritize training the weaker muscle groups that are involved in bench pressing. If your triceps are the weaker muscle group, target them first.
  • If your primary pressing muscles are too sore from bench pressing excessively, you can choose accessory exercises that target more indirect groups like rear delt flyes, lateral raises, upper back work, etc.
  • If you miss your reps on any particular set, reduce your entered 1 RM by 2.5-5%. This new training max will apply to the rest of the training cycle.

Final Words

If you follow this program, you can expect a substantial increase of weights lifted on your Bench Press and that too in just a period of 6 weeks. Following this program will surely provide you with the results you are looking for.


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