Jonathan Majors’ Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jonathan Majors is an American actor who gained prominence and popularity after starring in The Last Black Man. Now, he is coming back on the big screen as Damian “Dame” Anderson, the antagonist in Creed III.

Apart from his acting prowess, Jonathan also sports a great physique. It exudes strength, size, and aesthetics. And if you have seen the trailer of Creed III (which you surely have) you would agree with us.

Jonathan has displayed his perfectly developed physique in many movies. And your presence over here makes us assume that you are willing to know about his fitness regime.

So stay with us as we give you a detailed overview of Jonathan Majors’ workout routine and diet plan.

Let’s get started.

Jonathan Majors' Workout Routine and Diet Plan
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Jonathan Majors’ Workout Principles

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Jonathan is indeed one of the most dedicated actors in Hollywood. He has transformed his body multiple times in accordance with the kind of role he is playing.

You will be surprised to know that in a period of just 18 months, he went on to gain 10 pounds to play Kang, 5 pounds to play Dame, and 6 pounds to play Killian. Gaining so much lean muscle mass in just 18 months is quite challenging. But Jonathan’s dedication makes it possible for him to achieve such feats.

So let’s find out more about his workout routine where lies the secrets of his mind-blowing physical transformations.

Jonathan Majors’ Workout Routine

Jonathan Majors’ workout routine primarily revolves around the concepts of good old-school weight training. It has assisted him in putting on decent muscle mass on his 5 feet 11 inches tall body.

When Jonathan was prepping for the role of Killian Maddox, he was required to build a physique like that of a bodybuilder. And to serve that purpose, he followed a bodybuilding style workout routine.

You can easily get an idea about his dedication from the fact that for building such a physique he trained for two hours twice a day and went through a third training session after wrap. He trained under the supervision of Mark “Rhino” Smith who happens to be a former bodybuilder.

Going through such a strenuous training routine eventually made Jonathan strong enough to bench press around 340 lbs. He also packed on a decent amount of muscle mass on his frame which made him appear muscular and aesthetic.

Jonathan’s back and abs are undoubtedly the most noticeable muscle groups in his body. So let’s find out what all exercises he performs to perfectly develop them:-

  • Straight-arm rope pulldowns- 3 sets of 10-12 reps (to pre-exhaust his lats)
  • Neutral-grip pull-ups- 3 sets of 10-12 reps trisetted with-
  • Hanging leg raises- 3 sets of 10 reps trisetted with–
  • Hanging side knee raises- 3 sets of 8 reps on each side
  • One-arm dumbbell rows- 3 sets of 12 reps supersetted with–
  • Dumbbell shrugs- 3 sets of 12 reps

Challenging Workouts

Jonathan always made it a point to keep his exercise routine as challenging as possible. And that’s what helped him in pushing his body to the limits thus enabling his body to derive massive strength and size gains.

Using Intensity Techniques

Jonathan relied on certain intensity techniques to make his workout routine more effective. Pre-exhaust sets, super sets, tri-sets, and giant sets have always been his favorite.

Performing them not only pushes his body to train intensely but also makes his workout routine more time efficient.

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Jonathan Majors’ Diet Plan

Jonathan Majors' Diet Plan
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Even though Jonathan went on to gain 21 pounds in just 18 months, he made sure to keep his body as lean as possible. That means the gains that he derived came only from an increase in his muscle mass.

He kept his body fat percentage in single digits. But to serve that purpose, he had to follow an extremely strict and nutritious diet plan.

Jonathan Majors’ diet plan required him to consume 6100 calories a day. This number (in terms of caloric intake) might be huge for most of us but it’s not a big deal for someone who is training to look like a bodybuilder.

Jonathan ate such massive amounts of calories by having 6-7 meals a day. Each of his meals had around 871-1017 calories. He followed such a diet plan for 4 months and it fetched his body massive size gains.

Jonathan’s diet plan consisted of plenty of lean proteins such as turkey, bison, elk, and chicken. He also fueled his body with sources of complex carbohydrates such as rice, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes.

After putting on a decent size on his frame, Jonathan cut his caloric intake drastically to look more ripped, defined, and aesthetic.

There hasn’t been much info about Jonathan Majors’ meal plan. But looking at his physical development and conditioning we can certainly give you a sample meal plan that will be more or less like his exact meal plan. Let’s have a look at it:-

Meal 1- Breakfast

  • 1 cup of brown rice
  • 300 grams of ground turkey
  • 100 grams of steamed green beans

Meal 2- Post-workout snack

  • Whey protein shake
  • 1 Banana

Meal 3- Lunch

  • 100 grams of leafy greens
  • 150 grams of grilled chicken breast
  • 10 mL olive oil

Meal 4- Evening snack

  • A handful of mixed berries
  • 100 grams of Greek yogurt

Meal 5- Dinner

  • Steamed asparagus
  • 200 grams of grilled bison
  • 20 grams butter

Secret of Ripped Abs

You must have heard the adage that says “abs are made in the kitchen.” And this holds true for Jonathan as well. To carve up his abdominals apart from training his abs intensely, he also ate extremely clean and nutritious meals.

On being asked the secret of his ripped abs, he answered,

“Eat a lot, pray a lot, sweat a lot, lift a lot, stretch a lot, sleep a lot.”

Jonathan Majors’ Supplements

When you need to build a perfectly developed physique, you also have to ensure that your nutrition plan is as perfect and complete as it can be. And for that reason the use of supplements becomes imperative.

There hasn’t been much info about Jonathan Majors’ supplements. But you can consider taking these supplements:-

  • Whey protein
  • BCAA (optional)
  • Multivitamins

Supplements like whey protein and BCAA are extremely rich in their amino acid profile. Their consumption boosts muscle recovery and facilitates muscle growth as well.

Consuming a multivitamin supplement on the other hand enables one to fetch the body essential micronutrients that are otherwise quite challenging to be derived just from relying on whole food items.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know so much about Jonathan Majors’ workout routine and diet plan, it’s time for you to get started with your own fitness journey. After all, reading this post would have surely inspired you to do so. Isn’t it?

But we would like to advise you to not replicate his exact workout routine and diet plan. It won’t serve your best interests. Instead, consider making certain modifications to it based on your training goals and experience.

You can also consider taking the assistance of an experienced trainer in that matter. If you follow your fitness regime with discipline, you will certainly reap results gradually.