Jimmy Fallon Diet Plan

If laughter is the best medicine, then Jimmy Fallon is the doctor. The American comedian has brought smiles to many people’s faces. Almost all of us are hit by one disease in our lifetime, and that is depression. Laughter is the only solution, and someone who is an expert at making people laugh is loved and admired by everyone.

This talented comedian has not only entertained people with his comedy but also with his expertise in music, acting, and scriptwriting.

Females love guys with a great sense of humor, and if that guy is hot and charming, then it’s a cherry on the cake. Like, look at Jimmy, how handsome, charming he is! What a great figure! Now you are intrigued by what goes into making the man he is, right?

You are thinking about what this prince charming eats in a day, his meal plan, and even what tips he has for his fans! Well, here is Jimmy Fallon’s Diet plan, with some extra advice and tips for you all.

Jimmy Fallon’s Diet Plan

Jimmy Fallon diet plan
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Jimmy Fallon is very focused on staying in shape. He wants all his fans to adore him and get inspired by him. Despite being a television personality, who is very much well known in Hollywood circles, he keeps his life very much private. And for that, we don’t have a clear clarity about his diet chart and nutrition plans. But, Jimmy Fallon is very fond of healthy foods. His healthy eating habit is well reflected in his lean and perfect body.

He avoids eating excess food and mainly stays on salads and juices. In addition to that, he includes a lot of green foods in his diet. Along with that, he is very health-conscious, and also goes against the norm and considers healthy snacking between meals is beneficial.

In fact, while at home during the global epidemic, he stated that he realized the importance of staying healthy while being isolated at home. The eating habit of the young man is very nutritious that a great body could easily be achieved following his diet for a few months only.

Jimmy Fallon Meal Plan

Meal 1 ( Breakfast)

Juice, Eggs

Meal 2 (Snack)

Protein Shake, Vitamins

Meal 3 (Lunch)


Meal 4 ( Dinner)

Juice, Salad

Jimmy Fallon’s tip to his fans

Jimmy Fallon meal plan
Image: DFree/bigstockphoto.com

Jimmy Fallon calls his diet plan a “normal eating habit” and not a diet plan. He considers the word diet to be a depressing word because who does not want to eat what he wants! A diet poses a kind of restriction.

He tells his fans that they should never go against their will and should always opt for something which makes them happy. One should enjoy the process of transformation. He enjoys his food and never complains about it.

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What does Jimmy Fallon eat?

This young and dashing comedian mainly eats protein-based foods as proteins are satiating and come in many tasty varieties. Jimmy finds his perfect balance around 2000 to 3000 calories per day.

Jimmy Fallon loves eating the following foods:-

  • Juice, Eggs
  • Protein-based food
  • Salad
  • Green veggies
  • Protein shakes
  • Fish Oil

What food does Jimmy Fallon avoid?

Jimmy Fallon generally avoids fried junk foods. He does not even like them as well. The comedian is so in love with his green protein-based foods that he does not even seek something else.

The foods that Jimmy Fallon avoids are:-

  • Junk food.
  • Food containing unhealthy fats
  • Food rich in sodium

Jimmy Fallon Supplements

Jimmy Fallon does not prefer the commercial supplements that most TV stars and athletes consume. He feels that those are very unhealthy at a certain level. Thus, the comedian opts for natural and organic food products rich in nutrients and fibers.

Here is the list of Jimmy Fallon’s supplements that he includes in his meal plan, which we think you could try out:-

Fish Oil

In his show, he mentions the consumption and health benefits of fish oil. We all know fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely good for the body.

If you are not consuming enough healthy fats, a fish oil supplement may be able to assist you in the healthy functioning of your body.


Vitamins and minerals are the important nutrients that the body requires for day-to-day functioning. They serve a variety of functions in our body, and each human needs all the vitamins in a specified amount to help maintain and recover the body.

They are also necessary for the production of enzymes and keeping a proper hormonal balance.

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As you came all this way

Most of the time TV stars are very conscious about their bodies and generally avoid meals just to appear lean. Jimmy does not adhere to this and consumes all of his meals.

Maybe he keeps control of his calories with his meal portions. And we think this is also a major secret to his amazing physique

The diet plan of Jimmy might not be very tempting, but you surely want a body like him, right? Then, just try something new out of your comfort zone as Jimmy does in his professional life.

Along with comedy, he had tested his skills on various other platforms. Be like Jimmy, wake up early every morning, work out, eat healthy foods and that dashing body is just a few months away.