Jimin Workout Routine

The famous K-pop group Bangtan Boys aka “BTS” has garnered much attention and love from their fans spread across the world.

Their music is refreshing and they can easily make you start tapping your feet to their beats. One of the most loved members of the BTS group is Jimin. Apart from his mesmerizing looks, he is a pretty talented rapper and vocalist as well.

Most of the BTS fans claim that Jimin is undoubtedly the most handsome guy in the group. His ripped and defined abs compliment his lean physique which makes him nothing less than a crowd puller.

So if you also want to have a lean and defined physique just like Jimin, we are here to guide you through.

In this celebrity workout guide, we will be presenting before you an exercise routine that has been inspired by Jimin’s training program. Following it will not only provide you with a ripped physique but will also make you athletic like never before.

Program Review

Jimin Workout Routine

Seeing the overall fitness and agility levels of Jimin and his group members, one can be pretty sure that they do pay attention to their fitness & training programs.

Even though dancing happens to be the most prominent part of their workout routine, they also choose to perform certain bodyweight movements to work on their overall athleticism that shows up in the finesse of their dance moves.

You might be assuming that Jimin along with his other group members could be skipping their workouts owing to their busy schedule that demands numerous performances and appearances around the globe. But this is certainly not true. They are not skipping even a single workout session. Yes….you read that absolutely right.

Jimin along with his band members do not break a sweat by going through intense weight training sessions in a gym.

So if you intend to get a body like Jimin, you don’t need to indulge yourself in hardcore lifting sessions. We know that reading this might have provided you with great relief.

The next section of this post is inspired by Jimin’s workout routine. Following it can surely get you the body of the most loved BTS star. Let’s get through it.

Jimin Bodyweight Full Body Exercise Routine

Apart from performing flawlessly in music videos and live shows, Jimin also goes through a workout plan that keeps him fit as well as in great shape. Even though Jimin is not too much into heavy lifting, he makes sure to perform some basic exercises which help in keeping himself fit and active.

These exercises also provide him with the muscle definition for which he is quite popular amongst his female fan base.

The workout routine that we are going to present before you is inspired by BTS Jimin. It can provide your body with a decent workout and that too without requiring you to become a gym junkie.


Cardio happens to be an important part of Jimin’s exercise routine which keeps him in great shape. Talking specifically about Jimin and his group members, the major chunk of their cardio includes dancing. To perform effortlessly, these guys go through their dance practice routine that extends to around two hours.

If you are familiar with dancing, you can simply do the same. However, if you are not too much into dancing, you can choose to go with some other form of cardio that might include running, skipping, or even cycling.

You can perform your cardio workout for around one to one-and-a-half hours five days a week. Just make sure that you don’t take long rest intervals while performing your cardio workouts.

Bodyweight Exercises

Apart from the cardio workouts that primarily include dancing, Jimin and his group members also perform some basic bodyweight movements that provide them with a great body balance, core stability, and strength.

You can include the following bodyweight movements in your workout program:-

Jimin Bodyweight Workout Routine

  • Push-ups
  • High Knee March
  • Pike Push-ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climber
  • Spot Jogs
  • Free Squats

You will be performing 3 sets of 20 reps each of the above-mentioned exercises taking no more than a minute of rest in-between the sets. You also need to make sure to execute a full range of motion on those exercises.

Jimin Ab Workout Routine

Well, this is the section you must be the most curious about. Isn’t it? Undoubtedly, Jimin’s abs are the most highlighted part of his physique.

His washboard abs are enough to make women go gaga over him along with making their men either envious or motivated to hit the gym hard. Jimin’s abs are defined, ripped, and enhance the overall appeal of his persona.

First, get the levels of your workout hormones up by listening to some of BTS’s popular pump-up music tracks. Afterward, you can get started with the main workout.

Jimin Ab Workout Routine

BTS Jimin Ab Workout Routine


Reps/Time duration

Leg Raises

10 reps


20 reps

Flutter kicks

20 reps

Bicycle Crunches

10 reps per leg


10 reps

Side Plank Holds

30-60 seconds hold on each side

Regular Plank Holds

30-60 seconds hold

While performing the first four exercises of this ab workout routine, you need to make sure that your form is absolutely perfect. You also need to focus on the quality of these movements rather than the quantity.

The next three movements of this ab workout routine are more focused on isometric holds that engage your core to a great extent along with providing a great workout to your abdominals.

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Final Words

And that’s all. This exercise routine is simple yet effective. All you need to do is to stick to it and it will surely provide you with a pretty decent physique that will exude athleticism as well as muscle definition.