Jeremy Buendia’s Diet Plan & Supplements

Jeremy Buendia has never failed to amaze millions of his followers and fitness enthusiasts alike with his incredible physique. People around the globe are being inspired by the achievements he made despite the setbacks he had in life.

Weighing 180 pounds, Buendia is a muscular beast with an aesthetic look. His perfectly maintained physique is the obvious result of a well-planned diet and rigorous workout. Those four consecutive Mr. Olympia physique victories were nothing but the deserved paycheck for his years of grinding.

Jeremy Buendia’s diet had a great role in making him what he is. This article is an attempt to explore the magical diet plan followed by this undisputed physique king.

Jeremy Buendia’s Diet Plan

Jeremy Buendia Diet
Jeremy Buendia in an Instagram Photo (Jeremy Buendia / Instagram)
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Buendia was a footballer in his early teens, until he had a severe injury. After that injury, he was looking for a sport that fits him, and that is how he fell in love with bodybuilding. Since then, in addition to a smart workout routine, Buendia has been following a very strict diet plan.

As a muscular man, Jeremy focuses on maintaining a regular protein intake. But at the same time, he also takes proper care to avoid the excess intake of fat as he was focusing on cutting. His diet plan is perfect and suits his short but rigorous exercise sections.

Here is the strict meal plan of Jeremy Buendia that is helping him maintain his unmatchable physique.

Jeremy Buendia’s Meal Plan

Meal 1

1 cup of liquid egg white, half a cup of oatmeal

Meal 2

35 grams of whey isolate, 1 fruit (usually an orange or an apple), Almonds(20-25)

Meal 3

225 grams of Tilapia fish/ chicken breast, 200 Grams sweet potato,

Meal 4

225 grams of Filet Mignon / Lean ground beef, 200 Grams of Asparagus

Meal 5 (pre-workout meal)

225 grams of Tilapia or chicken breast, 200 grams of Asparagus

Meal 6 (post workout meal)

50 grams of whey isolate, oatmeal (half cup), honey (one tablespoon)

  • As evident from the diet chart, Buendia prefers light meals at frequent intervals.
  • Although Jeremy aims at high protein intake, he prefers consuming a lower quantity of chicken breast or meat.
  • He finds chicken breast slow to assimilate to the system and therefore consumes whey protein frequently.

What to Eat

If you are planning to follow Jeremy Buendia’s diet plan, you will certainly have to make sacrifices. But if you truly wish to be a bodybuilder and have a well-cut, aesthetic body, Buendia’s diet is perhaps the best choice for you.

So, here are the types of food you should eat, if you want to be like the physique king.

  • Lean meat- chicken breast, lean beef, protein rich egg whites, 
  • Low calorie veggies like asparagus
  • Sweet potato for clean carbohydrate intake
  • Oatmeal
  • Nutritious, fiber-rich fruits like apple and orange.
  • Dry fruits like almonds
  • Honey to aid in fat loss

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What to Avoid

Jeremy Buendia follows a very strict nutrition plan. Therefore, you should avoid most types of foods in order to have an exotic physique like his. Being a professional bodybuilder with clear goals, Buendia knows what to eat and what not to.

So, if you are dreaming of having a physique like Buendia’s, here are the food and beverage items that you should always avoid.

  • Junk food, as usual
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Food with artificial sugar
  • Energy drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Foods in excess of carbohydrates, like white rice
  • Fried food, not even fried fish or chicken
  • Processed food items

Jeremy Buendia’s Supplements

Jeremy Buendia has recently made it clear that he prefers consuming natural food to relying on supplements. However, he does consume certain supplements that can aid in cutting.

Here are 3 major supplements that help him in staying in shape.

  • Whey protein: Buendia has never been a fan of consuming excess food to meet nutritional goals. Therefore, to compensate for this, he consumes whey protein on a regular He also makes it clear that whey protein can assimilate to the body much faster than chicken breast or lean meat
  • Fat burner: As Buendia is primarily focusing on cutting, he takes suitable precautions to ensure that his body is not consuming excess fat. To burn down fat, he consumes fat burner.
  • BCAA: proper recovery is crucial after Buendia’s short but rigorous exercise sections. To facilitate faster recovery of trained muscles, Buendia consumes BCAA after workout sections. BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids, known for enhancing metabolism.

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Summing Up

One thing evident from Jeremy Buendia’s diet plan is his willingness to make sacrifices. Buendia’s diet is a clear lesson that we need to make big sacrifices in order to achieve something greater in life.

He carefully picks food items that suit his cutting workouts. Jeremy has made it clear that his focus is completely on maintaining his current physique, and not on gaining more muscles. That is why this smart bodybuilder consumes just enough food for that.

Jeremy Buendia’s diet plan is strict, but not expensive. Most food items chosen by him are easily available and super affordable. Therefore, if you truly dream of a stunning physique like his, you can start right now with this effective diet plan.

Because when it comes to bodybuilding, the diet plan is as important as workout, if not more.