Jeff Bezos’ Daily Routine, Workout & Diet

The great American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos is the co-founder and longest-serving CEO of Amazon. Whether it is his business life or fitness life, Jeff Bezos has always been the alpha of both.

It is believed that the 58-Year-old businessman has a net worth of around US$177 billion, making him the second richest man in the world.

Jeff is not only a business and innovation enthusiast but also a fitness enthusiast; he often pulls off his weight training and cardio exercises and likes to be in perfect shape.

At the age of 57, the man is in exceptional shape with big muscles, broad shoulders and arms that can give a bodybuilder a run for their money, and a physique that catches many celebrities and youth’s attention.

Big business names like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg admire Jeff for his commitment to every chapter of his life.

So how does he do that? How does he keep himself calm, composed, and resilient to create bigger things and invent crazy technologies?

So today, we will learn about Jeff Bezos’s daily routine, mindset, and lifestyle to stay productive, growing, and healthy in life.

Jeff Bezos’ Daily Routine

Jeff Bezos' Daily Routine
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Jeff Bezos likes the concept of ‘Puttering time’ to be more broad-minded and creative in daily life.

Jeff is a family man; he likes to rest and relax to work efficiently and better. However, he believes that your brain should have a proper balance between rest and work to perform better and be open to new ideas.

Jeff Bezos’ daily routine generally starts with him waking up early and carrying on all his morning rituals to start a productive day, and going to bed early at night. Thus, giving his brain and body proper time to ensure discipline and success.


Jeff Bezos is a morning person who wakes up at 6.30 am carry on his morning rituals with a workout session, reading a newspaper, and having coffee as an energy booster.

As mentioned, Jeff is a family man and often loves to spend time with his children and wife; he has breakfast with them and then shifts focus to his work and carry on his meeting and presentations.


Jeff Bezos is a responsible person and walks with the principles of dignity, awareness, and hard work.

For most of the afternoon, he is busy with meetings and likes to communicate with his managers and workers to drive the company in the right direction and keep the sense of unity alive.


Jeff Bezos likes to finish the work early in the evenings, and any leftover work gets pushed to the following day.

Jeff is a food lover, often loves to enjoy healthy and exotic menus in the evening, and heads home.

Jeff Bezos Sleep Schedule

The Executive Chairman of Amazon is very aware of his sleep schedule and admits it to be the key to boosting productivity and the source of welcoming new ideas.

In an interview, Jeff mentions that making a few critical decisions is more crucial than making many decisions.

He refers to his statement and says, a shortage of sleep can provide you with more productive hours, but those extra productive hours can result in an illusion.

A day in the life of Jeff Bezos strictly has three crucial factors- rest, sleep, and relaxation as they are necessary for building a solid mind which will help him undertake impactful and creative decisions in life.

How many hours does Jeff Bezos sleep in a day?

Bezos feels that discipline and calmness are a man’s essentials to build bigger and achieve greater.

The Entrepreneur says 8 hours of sleep results in immense positivity for me. Health is Wealth, and sleep is a priority that he is more attentive and aware of.

What time does Jeff Bezos go to bed?

After a good productive day, Jeff returns home early in the evening and enjoys time with his children and wife. Jeff’s is a testament that an early bird takes the worm, and to wake early, he makes sure to sleep early.

After having a family dinner together, Jeff goes to bed early, around 10.30, and gets ready to start another fruitful day.

What time does Jeff Bezos wake up?

Jeff Bezos is an early morning person who ensures a proper balance between social and private life.

He is awake by 6.30 and prepares himself to start another better and more productive day.

Jeff Bezos’ Work Schedule

Jeff Bezos' Work Schedule
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The second wealthiest man on the planet prioritizes smart work as his biggest asset to his accomplishment. That is why Jeff Bezos’ work schedule focuses on focusing on the quality of work over quantity.

He doesn’t like to take too much pressure or work much harder; he follows a typical work routine and carries on all his work calmly and creatively.

How many hours a day does Jeff Bezos work

Jeff Bezos starts his day at 6.30 and gets attentive to his work precisely at 10 am.

He generally works 7 hours a day, finishing all the work till 5 pm, having some good meals and leaving for home.

How many hours a week does Jeff Bezos work?

According to Jeff’s routine, revealed in his book Invent and Wander, he usually works around 50 – 60 hours a week, depending upon the quantity of work.

Some days, he needs to plan things more and settle some factors that make him work 60-70 hours a week. Being an executive on a multi-billion dollar company and a propagator of the commercialization of space travel, Bezos believes that he should make 3 decisions a day that will bore his companies the maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

As opposed to taking 100s of decisions each day where some might be winners and some losers, Bezos always prefers quality over quantity when it comes to his business decisions.

Jeff Bezos Workout Routine

The revolutionary Bezos is a fitness enthusiast, and at the age of 58, he is fit, muscular, and healthy.

It is common knowledge that people lose muscles as they age, but Jeff Bezo’s is a different story altogether. Notable and wealthy people are mostly in poor shape. But Jeff is familiar with working hard to reap results.

Bezos’ celebrity trainer

Like other Hollywood celebrities, Jeff Bezos has roped in celebrity trainer Wesley Okerson. Wesley is renowned in Hollywood circles and some of his famous clients include Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Gerad Butler, and many others.

Wesley is the master of Low Impact Training (LIT), a method where he focuses on building up strength and stamina with extensive use of rowing machines and fitness bands. His method is different from other trainers who focus more on bulky weights and jumps.

LIT is an intense form of exercise that has higher upsides and no downside risks of injuring the joints. This way users can recover faster and works well with everyone irrespective of their age.

Secrets of having an Alpha body

Jeff Bezos’s exercise routine begins with stretching, which helps get a good flow of blood throughout his body. The same routine of stretching follows after he is done with his workout. This helps him recover faster and keeps him free of injury.

It is clear that Jeff Bezos’ training routine works as in his recent pictures, we can clearly see that he has jacked up since the days he started building Amazon.

Jeff Bezos’ Diet Plan

Jeff Bezos’ diet plan is rigorous, focusing on keeping his overall body healthy and nourished. He tries to remove every bit of processed food and cheat meals from his diet. He is a person who welcomes nourishing and health-pleasing foods.

In 7 hours of daily work, Jeff Bezos’ meal plan is designed so that he consumes all the essential vitamins and nutrients to be fit, finesses, and adequately maintained.

He likes to eat a king’s size breakfast in the morning and have some light foods in the afternoon; someday, he enjoys tasty exotic foods with his business colleagues in the evening and then goes to have his next meal, dinner with his family.


  • Mediterranean meals
  • Green Garlic Yogurt
  • Bacon
  • Poached egg


  • Thai Foods
  • Aromatic Herbs to cool down and detoxify his body


  • Chicken
  • Goat
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables

Like everyone else, Jeff Bezos’ meal plan sometimes has a pizza. This is evident from his two-pizza rule. Where he makes sure, every meeting does not have more people than two pizzas cannot suffice.

Jeff Bezos’ Habits

Jeff Bezos is a man with integrity and self-discipline, and unlike others, he often seeks to drink, party, and loves to have whiskey with friends in the farmhouse.

He likes to drink occasionally and focuses more on exploring and eating exotic and tasty foods.

Jeff Bezos also tried multiple animals foods. A few years back, he was pictured having iguana and often has octopus and goat in his regular diet.

Jeff maintains discipline with work and lifestyle; he won’t ignore anything related to these two.

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The Bottom Line

So, it’s a wrap-up from looking at the daily routine of the 2nd wealthiest guy in the world. The way Jeff carries on his daily routine and workouts inspires generations worldwide. There are so many things we can learn from his daily routine and how he perceives life.

Undeniably, the 58-year-old American Businessman is intelligent, versatile, inspirational, a fitness enthusiast, and motivational with a success story and life concept.

This revolutionary man takes the mindset forward and makes a statement that age doesn’t define you. It is just a number, and all that matters is your charisma and attitude towards life.

Bezos also intends to see a different world of reality by exploring outer space and making life possible beyond imagination.

Hence, we are grateful to him for taking a step forward, being aware of humanity’s problems, and working efficiently to better people’s lives and uplift generations. We hope we can get you guys motivated and excited with this article you will use to embark on a journey of greatness.