Jason Statham Diet Plan

If you are an action movie fan, you would have surely aspired to attain a physique like that of Jason Statham at some point in your life. His appealing physique and his athletic prowess make him one of the most admired action stars of all time.

Apart from following a strict training regime, Statham also follows a strict diet plan. This allows him to maintain his muscular and athletic physique even in his 50s.

So if you want to know the secrets of his diet plan, this post is going to serve you well. Here, we will spill the beans on Jason Statham’s diet plan that keeps his physique in a tip-top condition 24x7x365. Let’s get through it.

Jason Statham Diet Plan

Jason Statham diet plan
Image: Paul Mckinnon/Dreamstime.com
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Every diet plan is targeted towards the attainment of certain fitness-oriented goals and Jason Statham’s diet plan is no different. His diet plan focuses on feeding his body with all the essential nutrients that can facilitate building and preserving lean muscle mass. It also targets fat loss and keeps Statham’s physique in a fighting fit condition round the year, quite literally.

To maintain his muscular and shredded physique, the Crank star consumes about 2000 calories daily. He eats plenty of healthy and nutritious food items throughout the day at regular intervals. He likes to snack on peanut butter and nuts. 

By looking at Statham’s muscular physique, anyone can be pretty sure that consuming adequate protein must be a crucial part of his diet plan. That’s true but he also ensures to consume adequate amounts of carbs and vitamins. For that purpose, he relies on eating brown rice, steamed vegetables, and miso soup.

In an interview, Jason’s trainer, Logan Hood had revealed about Jason Statham’s meal plan.

He said that when Jason is required to perform in physically demanding movies, he eats up to six meals a day at regular intervals of 2-3 hours. This allows him to keep his blood sugar levels stabilized. It also contributes towards keeping his metabolism in check.

The following table will give you a more detailed idea about Jason Statham’s meal plan:-

Jason Statham’s Meal Plan

Meal 1- Breakfast

4 whole egg omelets, 100 grams of oats, seasonal fruits

Meal 2- Lunch

150-200 grams of boiled chicken breast, 100 grams of rice, steamed vegetables

Meal 3- Snack

A bowl of nuts and seasonal fruits

Meal 4- Dinner

200 grams of lean beef, salad, miso soup

Eat clean

Apart from following a strict training routine, Statham also ensures to eat clean to maintain his muscular and ripped physique. You would seldom find him out of shape.

This tells a lot about his clean eating habits. Throughout his day, he consumes plenty of food items that not only fulfill his daily caloric requirements but also fuel his body with all the macronutrients.

Consume sugar during the day

By looking at the ripped abdominals of Jason Statham, anyone can assume that he must be consuming no sugar at all. But that is certainly not the case. He consumes sugar and starchy food items during the day but eliminates them from his diet after sunset.

Drinking plenty of water

In order to keep his body hydrated, Statham drinks at least three liters of water daily. Keeping yourself hydrated offers a plethora of benefits. It aids in the digestion of food, elimination of waste and toxins, and balances electrolytes in the body.

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What food does Jason Statham eat?

Maintaining a lean and muscular physique year-round is not something that can be done only through sweating out in the gym. Your food choices also contribute a lot towards it.

Jason Statham has always been cautious about the food items that he feeds his body. He ensures to consume healthy and nutritious food items. Some of the most common food items that you can easily find in his diet chart are as follows:-

  • Whole eggs
  • Rice
  • Chicken breast
  • Oats
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Lean beef
  • Salad

What food does Jason Statham avoid?

Jason Statham has always been disciplined about his eating habits. Hence, he always ensures to not consume any food item that can have an adverse impact on his athletic performance. The following items are an absolute ‘no-no’ in his nutrition plan:-

  • Junk foods
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Additives
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Fried foods
  • Chemical ingredients

Jason Statham Supplements

To ensure that his body meets its daily nutritional requirements, Statham includes certain supplements in his diet plan to make it more wholesome and nutritious. Jason Statham supplements stack include the following:-

Protein powder

Jason Statham relies on consuming protein shakes to fuel his muscles with a quick supply of amino acids. Consuming protein shakes also aids him to fulfill his everyday protein intake requirements.

Apart from having a protein shake post his workout, he also likes to have one just before hitting the sack. This allows him to keep his body in an anabolic state even while sleeping.


Creatine is one of the most well-researched supplements which aids in enhancing strength and overall athletic performance.

For someone like Statham who trains like a freak and performs all his action sequences himself, keeping one’s physique in top athletic condition becomes imperative.

Supplementing one’s diet plan with creatine serves that purpose pretty well.

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Final Words

So if you too want to build a physique that resembles the physique of an action-hero, you would have to be disciplined about your food habits just like Jason Statham.

You may find it a bit monotonous at times but if you stick to it, you would very soon experience the benefits that a healthy and clean diet can provide to your body.

This will allow you to build a muscular and athletic physique that would not only look appealing but will also boost your overall athletic performance drastically.