James Harden’s Workout Routine

James Edward Harden Jr. popularly known as James Harden is an American professional basketball player. Harden plays for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The on-court game-playing skills of James Harden are simply extraordinary. He is known by his alias “the Beard” amongst his numerous fans worldwide.

Apart from being one of the most top-notch players in the league, Harden has also been considered as the most solid shooting guard and the most productive scorer in the NBA. James Harden is an eight-time NBA All-Star and he has also been the seven times recipient of the All-NBA Team credits which includes six first-team choices.

Harden has been a part of the United States national group that acquired gold medals at both the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2014 FIBA World Cup. In the year 2018, James Harden even got nominated as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

James Harden also sports a fit and athletic physique that is admired by many. Most of his fans have always been curious to know about the secrets of his workout routine. Well, if you are one of those, this post is going to be for you. Here we will be discussing in detail James Harden’s workout routine which keeps his physique immensely athletic year-round. So let’s get straight into it.

James Harden Workout Overview

James Harden Workout
James Harden in an Instagram Photo (James Harden / Instagram)

James Harden has always been consistent with following his workout program. Even in the times of the recent pandemic, he was continuing with his training sessions. He even said,

“I have a treadmill, I have jump rooms, I have weights, I have a pretty nice-sized backyard where I do a lot of sprints and things like that.”

This gives us a clear idea that he didn’t miss even a single workout session and worked consistently towards bettering out himself.

James Harden perfectly utilized the lockdown period. He practiced numerous shooting drills to perform supremely well when the NBA resumes. He also incorporated a decent amount of cardio in his workout routine to work on his stamina and endurance. It also made sure that he doesn’t put on excess fat on his frame.

“I’ve been doing a lot of cardio. I’ve got treadmills in my houses, weights, and all that good stuff. It really hasn’t affected me like it’s affected a lot of other players.”

James Harden also garnered massive attention from his fans and followers for his weight loss. He lost 20 pounds off his frame during the lockdowns. For that purpose, he incorporated high-intensity exercises and cardio drills into his workout routine.

James Harden has always been so passionate about his workouts that at times he even trains twice or thrice a day. He keeps on trying out different training routines to test his limits and to work on different aspects of his physique.

While going through exercises that are focused on weight loss, James Harden relies on maintaining body equilibrium, balance, and body restraint. His exercise routine also incorporates yoga and pool workouts for that purpose.

James Harden’s coach Paul Fabritz says that Harden plays 82-plus games annually. This requires him to be immensely resilient, durable, and healthy. Hence, his training program is not only focused on keeping him healthy but also works on his explosiveness. It is structured in a manner to better his movements on the court.

James Harden Workout Schedule

James Harden's Workout
James Harden in a Facebook Photo (James Harden / Facebook)

To perform his very best every single time on the basketball court, James Harden follows a well-structured workout routine. His exercise routine comprises a plethora of exercises that work on improving his overall athleticism. That’s pretty obvious too as basketball is a sport that not only requires you to be in top shape but also demands you to exhibit a great deal of athleticism.

Hence, James Harden’s workout routine comprises 6 days of training and then he takes one day off to recover and recuperate from his intense training sessions.

James Harden’s training includes the following:-

  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Mobility Drills
  • Core Activation and Full Body Stability
  • High-Intensity Workout
  • Recovery

James Harden Workout Routine

James Harden always ensures to start his training with a well-rounded warm-up routine. His warm-up routine prepares his body to take up the stress of his main workouts.

According to Harden’s coach Fabritz, his warm-up routine is targeted towards promoting the following:-

  • Increasing body heat
  • Stretching out the muscles
  • Getting all the muscles activated for the main workout
  • Warming up the nervous system.

Once, Harden is done with his warm-up routine, he jumps towards performing his main workouts.

The following table will give you a descriptive overview of James Harden’s workout routine that he follows 6 days a week. It also includes the warm-up exercises that he performs before his main workouts. Let’s get through it.

James Harden Workout Routine

James Harden Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Dynamic Warm-Up

(Each move is performed for 2 rounds from the last line to the midcourt)

High Skips

Over-Unders (Carioca)

Walking Hamstring Stretch

Quad Stretch with Lean

Frankenstein Kicks

Adductor Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Mobility Drills

(Perform each move for 2 rounds from the end line to the midcourt)

High Skip into Deep Squat

Quickline into Stick

Core Activation into Full-Body Stability

Eurostep Stability Drill

4 x 6 on each side

Da Vinci Plank

3 x 30 seconds holds on each side

High-Intensity Work

Weighted Jumps

4 x (3-5)

One-Arm Dumbbell Press

4 x (8-12) per side

Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat

4 x (6-8) per side

Inverted Rows

4 x (8-12)


Active Hamstring Stretch

10 reps per side

Samson Stretch

(3-5) reps per side

90-90 Get-Ups

(3-5) reps per side

Kneeling Ankle Mobility

(8-12) reps per side

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  • When James Harden is training with weights, he focuses to work on maintaining his body balance, stability, and control.
  • James Harden’s workout routine also incorporates pool workouts and yoga to work on his stabilization.

Final Words

We expect that you would have learned a lot from James Harden’s workout plan. The way he has worked towards bettering himself is simply unparalleled.

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If you also want to transform your physique or get in top-class athletic conditioning, James Harden’s workout plan can certainly inspire you. Just ensure to make certain tweaks to it based on your specific requirements, his workout plan will surely guide you a lot.