Jake Paul Workout Routine

Jake Paul is a famous American YouTuber, musician, actor, and boxer. He gained massive popularity through his vine videos. However, he further increased his fan base with his aesthetic physique and boxing skills. His brutal power moves in the boxing ring are unparalleled.

At present, the sole focus of Jake Paul is to become a champion boxer. He is a fanatic about boxing. He has even claimed that his boxing prowess is better than that of his brother Logan Paul.

Well, we are nobody to comment on that. But we can surely give you descriptive information about Jake Paul’s workout routine. He fights like a machine in the ring and his workout program has enabled him to do so. Let’s have a look at Jake Paul’s workout routine that has made him a sensation in the world of boxing.

Jake Paul Workout Principles

Jake Paul Workout
Jake Paul in an Instagram Photo (Jake Paul / Instagram)
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Jake Paul has an amazing level of fitness. Right from his school days, he has been into playing some kind of sports and performing some fitness activities. He was an athlete during his school days and then he went on to try his hands on wrestling. Before getting started with boxing, he used to wrestle and work out in a gym.

No doubt, Paul had decent levels of fitness long before he went on to try his hands in the sport of boxing. His athletic capabilities worked in his favor and he was able to learn boxing techniques quite easily.

However, to become a boxing champion, only learning boxing tips and techniques has never been enough. One also has to work on different aspects of his physique to excel in the ring. So whether it’s your core strength, stamina, cardiovascular health, or punching power, everything has to be on point. Jake Paul left no stone unturned and modified his workout program in a manner that included exercises that targeted different aspects of his physique. We will be discussing those exercises in the following section.

Jake Paul Workout Routine

Jake Paul Workout Routine
Jake Paul in an Instagram Photo (Jake Paul / Instagram)

Jake Paul trains like a beast and that gets exhibited in the boxing ring. His workout program is structured in a manner that works on various aspects of his physique. Jake Paul’s workout routine comprises cardiovascular exercises, traditional weight lifting, core work, and boxing/sparring. Let’s discuss each in detail:-


Cardiovascular exercises work on improving endurance levels. Paul incorporates numerous cardiovascular exercises into his workout routine. However, skipping ropes happens to be Jake Paul’s favorite cardio exercise. He performs skipping for 15-20 minutes before his workout session which also provides him with a great warm-up.


Jake Paul performs weightlifting exercises to work on his explosive power. Earlier he used to follow a typical bodybuilding-style workout routine. But after getting into boxing, he modified his workout routine accordingly so that it suits his requirements as a boxer.

Core Exercises

Taking a lot of punches in the midsection is an inevitable part of boxing. To survive those punches, you need to have a strong core. Hence, Jake Paul includes various core exercises in his training program, which keep his core muscles firm. We will tell you about those exercises soon.


Jake Paul Boxing
Jake Paul in an Instagram Photo (Jake Paul / Instagram)

This has to be the most important segment of Jake Paul’s workout routine. His boxing sessions include sparring, heavy bag and speed bag drills, footwork drills, learning new combos, etc. He performs his boxing workout routine five days a week.

Jake Paul Workout Plan

The following table will give you a more descriptive idea about Jake Paul’s workout routine.

Jake Paul Workout Plan

Jake Paul Workout Plan





3-7 mile jog, stretching, and ice bath


20 rounds of shadow boxing, heavy bag, speed bag, and noodle drills, core and neck exercises, stretching, and ice bath


Sparring (4-10 rounds)


Wind Sprints on a football field, ice baths, massaging, stretching, cupping, and cryotherapy



Strength and conditioning circuit


10-20 rounds of mitts and heavy bag drills



Light boxing session





Intense yoga session

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Jake Paul’s boxing moves exhibit a great deal of finess. To further better out his performance inside the boxing ring, he ensures to stick to the following points:-

Core strength matters

A decent level of core strength can drastically improve the performance of an athlete. Boxers are no different in this regard. To strengthen his core muscles, Jake Paul performs a plethora of core exercises. Every single day he targets his core for about 20-30 minutes.

  • His core workout includes crunches, flutter kicks, scissor kicks, ball throws, crunches with a medicine ball, hanging leg raises, and lying leg raises.

Never skip cardio

You would be lying if you say that you don’t get impressed with Jake Paul’s conditioning. His cardio routine happens to be the secret behind such conditioning. It also works in improving his stamina. To keep his cardiovascular capabilities on point, Paul includes exercises like jumping rope, sprinting, and running into his workout routine. He is also a big fan of using the Versa climber.

Consistency is the key

Jake Paul has always been consistent with his workouts. He seldom skips a workout. He claims that fitness is quite essential to his brand and hence it becomes imperative for him to train on a regular basis.

Keep switching up your workouts

Following the same workout routine time and again can be extremely boring. It makes your body used to it and further slows down its growth. Before getting started with boxing, Jake Paul used to follow a standard bodybuilding style workout routine.

However, his current workout plan includes exercises like dumbbell thrusters, deep squats, and bench presses (different variations). These exercises work on improving his explosive power that further improves his boxing performance.

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The Bottom Line

We expect that by now you would have got geared up to workout like Jake Paul.

But there is a word of caution before you get started with his training program. You must be clear about your body type and fitness goals.

Trying out Jake Paul’s training routine can easily wear you out. Hence, it becomes imperative that you take the supervision of an experienced coach if you intend to perform it.